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Age of Mythology




The Fall of Atlantis (Reviewed) | 706.25 KB

cinematics, which I enjoy very much, good trigger work, and fun gameplay. The only con I have with this is that some areas are rather undetailed and plain, but this doesn't interrupt gameplay much as the main areas are bettter detailed..To top it all off, he included a auto-installer, which I believe is the reason for the update. This is great work Shimano, and I recommend it to all downloaders. ...waveslave...




Gladiator (Reviewed) | 18.55 MB

music, speech, an EXCELLENT mod, hard work, and bonus levels, this campaign is sure to be great. It has been remodeled and re-made twice, I believe, and has fixed just about everything. But I must warn you, however cool this sounds, the filesize is 18.55 MB, so take care before downloading! Sorry to those of you with Dial-up! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reviewed By: Auron_2 ~ The campaign seems enjoyable. The awesome sounds, dialogs, and story were simply amaizing. the way story plays during the scenarios might had needed a better way to make the player understand the story. there seems to be soemthing wrong with the installer. The installer does not install the sounds, icons of King Jared unit. When king jareds new unit is in cinematic mode, it changes to the unit model from it was made. i suppose this might had been a problem with the auto installer. I personally felt that the campaign could have been shorter. There were some short scenarios, such as cinematics where the author could have easily put 2 scenarios in 1. the campaign in general is challenging. I, myself have to play a couple of time through some scenarios in order to win. however, most of these scenarios dont last longer than 15 minutes. After the first scenario, the campaign gets very repetitive. Go to colliseums and kill, over and over. during most of these scenarios, i found some errors, such as Setting "set Obscured units . during some parts of some cinematics, the outlines of some units really messed up the quality of the cinematic. also, during some cinematics, render sky was showed half way only. the only thing i could suggest is making differnt views that prevent this from happening. during a cinematic, never show the borders of the map. also, take out the fog of war during cinematics. in starting cinematics, or places, use the "camera start" object. the first scenario is really enternaining and original. It really gives you that feeling of you being in the middle of a battle. however, there were some certain things that should have been improved. the dialogs were too low, and most enemies just standed there waiting for player 1 to attack. the objective is to kill the leader of the enemy, but the problem is, who is the leader? there were about 100 enemy units and it took me a while to figure out who was the leader i had to kill. i wouls suggest adding some sort of hint on this part. also, stronger and active enemies that will attack the player by themselfs more often. the map design in general was sometimes very impressive. however, i felt that in some parts the map design could have been better, such as the colliseums, or the fields. like i said above, the campaign is really short. i would suggest adding more objectives or longer objectives in some scenarios. also, in some scenarios i felt that more activity for the computer was needed the scenario of the water reeds field. people are just standing there. the scenario might have some minor bugs, but its still fun to play:-). 8/10




Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring | 42.6 MB

Present.... [img][/img] THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING For over 2 years, the Legends of the Third Age team have been working to re-create the first installment of Tolkien's classic Lord of the Rings trilogy in AoM. In this long-awaited campaign, the player follows the adventures of the nine members of the Fellowship in their quest to destroy the One Ring. The scenarios are made to the highest quality by some of the best designers in the community, and will lead the player from the sweeping rural hills of the Shire to the deepest depths of Moria to the wooded ruins of Amon Hen. Complex map design and amazing eye candy will keep gamers coming back simply to watch the brilliantly created cinematics. Even more fantastic is the completely original soundtrack created by a true genius at his craft. From Rivendell to Mordor, Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring brings Middle-Earth alive like never before. Aside from the excellent scenarios, The Fellowship of the Ring boasts what may be the largest and most expansive modpack in Age of Mythology history. Each weapon is authentic, and gamers will feel the fires of the Balrog and hear the crack of Gimli's axe. Each face of each hero is authentic and detailed, as is every structure in the many exotic Middle-Earth locales. The mods were made by legends in the Age of Mythology community, and the quality does show. The Fellowship of the Ring has features such as: - The world of J.R.R tolkein created in AoM for the first time! - 13 beautiful maps, pain-stakingly made to the finest quality by some of the best Age of Mythology mappers out there. - The largest and most detailed modpack ever created in AoM! - Original and never before seen game play. - Extensive and professional sound track. Credits: Project Founder: Coolsk8r Project Lead: EazY_Ben Lead Scenario Designer: Guardian Of Isis Lead Modder: Dnas Public Relations: Zeus174 Designers: - Guardian Of Isis - Deianeira (BlueDragon27) - EazY_Ben (EaZy) - Blackhunter - Razzia - Myst Modders: - FlipBizcut (1979-2005) - Dnas - Coolsk8r - Antisback - Waveslave610 - Stephen Caines - Guardian Of Isis - King Jared - Sjouke - Daemon Crudelis - Dude12345 Playtesters: - casper15 - DeadHead - Oscar - Guardian of Isis - Deianeira (BlueDragon27) - EazY_Ben (EaZy) - RiderOfEternity This project is dedicated to the late, great Flipbizcut (1979-2005). For more screenshots visit: UPDATE: The patch for this file is available here -;66303




The Ring of The Nibelungen Act #1 - The Rhinegold | 10.63 MB

the custom overlays have their own folder.[/QUOTE]




The Guardians | 4.37 MB

survival of all.




The Ring of The Nibelungen Act #1 - The Rhinegold | 10.61 MB

and gods... forever. In the end he even can cause the downfall of the Light Alba himself... Alberich, the Nibelungen (a nightdwarf), steals the magical Rhinegold from the daughters of the Rhine. With the powers this treasure holds he is finally able to fullfill his long last dream; to become the ruler of Nibelheim and the entire world. As Alberich and his legions start their tour of death and destruction he is not aware that he will play a key role in a deal between Wotan, the supreme leader of the gods, and the mighty Titans.... The campaign will take you from the dark underground world of Nibelheim along the various races which live by the Rhine up into the realm of the gods themselves....... and back. You take controle of Alberich, his Generals and his legions as they proceed to meet their destiny.... ------------- Features: ------------- |- 8 playable and 10 full cinematic scenarios |- Detailed maps with personalised location features |- Mixed gameplay (rpg / ff/ b&d) |- Soundscore is based on leitmotifs just as the original opera |- Rpg scenarios contain simple interaction like bying stuff |- Rpg scenarios contain simple puzzles |- Introducing a hero shapeshifting ability controled by the player |- All playable scenarios contain cinematics |- Some high detailed cinematics |- Nice storyline with imbedded links to the next 3 acts. (See the ingame highlight menu for the full story and/or background information)