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Age of Mythology




AOM Defensive MOD | 311.78 KB

strongness, costs and buildtimes for towers and walls. It makes them much stronger but in the same time the strong ones need longer to be build and repaired and it costs you more resources. In addition the costs for upgrading walls and towers are raised too. Costs and buildtimes now vary between the several types of one of these buildings and their upgrades. In the original game it does not depends if you build a Watch or Guard tower for exmaple, the cost and buildtime was everytime the same. Another thing in the original Game, to build "Wood Walls" without the need of wood, what is a little bit curious in my eyes, is changed with this MOD too.




Norse Ice Age Modpack (Reviewed) | 526.23 KB

compatiable with online play, however if the people you play with do not have this Mod Pack they will be viewing the units normally but you will be viewing icy style. As you can see from the screenshots, I have taken care into making sure that these units are of the highest detail for your enjoyment. Here is a list of what units have been changed in this Mod Pack: Ajax Older (Now with Blue spear and sheild) Battle Boar Fire Giants Most Norse Buildings(Now with Iced Rooftops) Kraken Jormund Brood Mountain Giant Nidhogg ~Inferno_char~ Review This modpack which is used to modify norse units and buildings has a great amount of detail to it and by looking at them you can tell that inferno_char has spent a great amount of time and work on it. The units look great. The new icy style battle boars have a shine to them and the fire giants have completely changed from fire, to ice as it now instead of fire around it ice. The detail used in each unit is roughly the same so the quality of the units is always quite high. The building's rooftops have also been changed to ice but however, when you rise to the mythic age the ice from the rooftops dissappear. This fault is not the same for the units though which are good. This modpack is really worth downloading and i guarantee that you will get quite alot of fun from it. If the slight fault with the buildings was fixed then it would be better. Reviewer: coolcronin




New Editor Objects | 57.58 KB

Ojects/////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ________________________________________________________________ ////////////////////By CheeZy monkey/////////////////////////// _____________________________________________________________ 63 new objects for the scenario editor. Wowza :) General Info: (READ THIS, IT"S IMPORTANT) This is a small (yes, small) mod that adds 63 new objects to AOM through Anim modding. ---This patch is compatible with online play and with other scenarios who don't have this mod installed.--- If you make a scenario using these objects and distribute it to someone who doesn't have this mod installed, then they'll see either cinematic trees, cinematic rocks, cinematic scorches, or nothing instead of the modded units. -------------------------------------------------------- Reviewed by Shimano55 These are VERY cool least I liked them a lot........ I'm pretty sure that you need the New Editor for AoM...but read the Readme on the file. There's not much else to say about these objects except that they are very life-like, well made, and yoiu should download them ASAP. Good Job Cheezy. -----------------------------------------------------




Fire and Ice Dragons | 819.92 KB




Trigger selection Mod | 6.68 KB

so look below.




Link and Dark Link Modpack (Reviewed) | 364.45 KB

units look and work great. The Link looks exactally like he did in Ocarina of Time. The Dark Link, while well made, looks nothing like the Shadow Link in Ocarina, however. They are both still great units and should be downloaded by Zelda fans and everyone else alike. --Reviewed by Zeus174




Promo Monkey Modpack | 1.44 KB

Snowman, a Santa monkey, a monkey roasting a banana, a scared monkey or a monkey with a axe ready to chop wood. But these animations only stay when the monkey is idle since there are no other animations for the Promo monkey than idle ones.




Metriod Series | 1015.85 KB




Zyphria Unit ModPack | 248.66 KB

accuracy. -Fires a NEW PROJECTILE, which I modelled myself in GMAX. -Fires two more projectiles than normal, 5 discs normally and 7 in the special attack. -For all the other features you'll just have to try it out! New in version 2: -Green wings -Attack doubled but number of projectiles cut in half, so aesthetically better but no real change in attack -Greater accuracy -Comes with an aquatic Zyphria unit and a terrestrial one - two units for the editor! New in version 3: -Attack slightly improved -Doesn't walk underwater but 'swims' instead -Historic details in detailed help -Updated Readme |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Contact Info|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Email: AIM: AOM CoolSk8r32 AIM (2): Cool Skater 069 MSN: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||




AoM Defense MOD | 342.89 KB

especially the really strong ones, is changed too.