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Luke\'s Son (Version 2, Part 2)


(Part 2 of 2) So, I have to admit that I didn\'t test this mod completely. So feel free to yell at me for judging this mod unfairly. I\'m sorry, but I just didn\'t have the time, nor the desire to
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download half a dozen skins just to play this mod. So, I played it without the required downloads. Everything I have to say about this mod could be summed up in one word: blah. However, I\'m not allowed to do one-word reviews. Sooooooo ... on with the ... um ... longer version of \"blah\". In spite of what the author says in his readme and I\'ll quote: [quote] You do not need to download the Mjade skin and the ANH luke skin.[/quote] What I found were a lot of image and shader errors for both. I\'m not really sure who the author intended to replace who with. This is called Luke\'s Son, but who is Luke\'s son? Is that who replaces Kyle? And so what if he does? There is no real storyline here. Nothing in the game has been changed. So why tease us with a title like Luke\'s Son and this tidbit of a story: [quote] Luke\'s son, Grif, is given a mission. Little does he know, that the mission is actually a simulation of Jedi Knight II. He joins Kyle, and boards the ship.[/quote] So he\'s WITH Kyle? Or he is Kyle? Meh. If you\'re curious still, then you go download the skins and these pk3\'s and tell me here if I\'m wrong about this mod. The only things that have been changed for this SP mod are the characters. And even then, the author makes YOU do all the work by downloading the appropriate skins. There are better replacement SP mods out there for those who are interested. Oh, one thing I did learn when I played this mod is that it is quite a challenge playing with an invisible Kyle! Or trying to saber an invisible Desann. HA! Better luck next time, gameking300. (And why this mod is in two seperate pk3\'s, I\'ll never know.) Oh, and here\'s the original review of the first version, by Maddog: [quote] gameking300 brings us a little SP mod entitled Luke\'s Son. Luke\'s Son replaces Kyle with the Alphan_Jijua’s A New Hope Luke Skin. This is only the first version and the author mentions a few minor problems, nothing that takes away from the gaming experience. This mod is called Luke\'s Son maybe he should’ve called it Luke’s Clone. The author in his second version might want to add some changes to the skin so they won’t look like clones. Not bad but I have seen better, right now I am kneeling in front of my PC praying for drastic changes in the second version. [/quote] ~AmosMagee

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