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FakeFactory's Cinematic Mod 6 - Christmas Present


This is part 3 of 4! Make sure you get part 1, 2 and 4 as well. As you need all 4 files! This sure is a great surprise, as FakeFactory just has given us an early Christmas present! This Full Version
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is his "thank u" for all the supporters in the community. After he thought about delaying the release till Christmas, he decided to release the pack now without any delay. As always, you'll see the important stuff below and the rest in the readme below the description. First, something important that he mentioned: [quote]During developing of the previous version, i stated my intention of withdrawing from the modding business. I did that. One month. I love the modding to much to give up, but i want to hold my word: CM5 is dead. But now CM6 is here. I've learned my lesson and so let me say these very clear words: This mod is the result of my own very personal taste. If you don't like the mod, delete it. But please ... STFU ... and let other people decide for them self.[/quote] ^ Now that is even a more surprise! FakeFactory is back! And for those who keeps whining, go away please. [*][b] Purpose of this mod:[/b] - Raise the quite outdated graphical appearance to a state-of-the-art level - Give the HL2 trilogy a more stressed, darker and minatory look - Complement the atmosphere with a emotional cinematic music soundtrack, that fits the action on the screen - Replace the low-resolution textures with high resolution counterparts and more detailed environments (hires melones!) - Complement the storyline with the unused content from the original games - Refresh the look and feel with optional new HD models - Add more replay-value [*][b] Changes Since CM 4/5:[/b] - More Alyx variations - Reworked sounds and music - Almost all textures reworked or updated - Added Hires-Detail-Overlays - Fixed two potential crash-bugs - One pack for all episodes [b]32 BIT WARNING:[/b] This mod was developed and tested on 64 Bit Windows. It is NOT supported on 32 Bit Windows, because of the limited Userspace with 32 Bit systems. You can try it on 32 Bit, but prepare for crashes. On some 32 Bit systems it is possible to overcome this limitation with some boot.ini switches for raising the userspace limit. I'm not going into detail here, because those tweaks are dangerous and should only be done by people, who are knowing exactly, what they do. [b]TECHNICAL INFO:[/b] This mod's binaries are modified for memory allocation beyond 2GB. To prevent STEAM from overwriting this binaries with its own copies on each start, the mod ist using a little launcher, that reroutes STEAM's original binaries to >NIL.... Start this mod only with the shortcuts in your start menu (that were created during installation)! FakeFactory thanks you all, and also wishes you a: [img][/img]

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