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Star Wars: Battlefront

Naboo: Province


This is a map for the original Star Wars Battlefront that takes place on a remote area of Naboo next to a nearby city. It's a blended map that combines the Naboo: Theed and Naboo: Plains maps. This map features Tanks, Kaadu, and STAPs for vehicles
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Welcome and thank you for downloading "NABOO: PROVINCE" version 2.0! This is a custom mod map for Star Wars Battlefront 1. --Installation:--- 1. Download the file. 2. Go to your downloads folder and extract the files with Nb1_V2 and put them into your Lucasarts/Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn file. 3. Play! =====WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION TWO?===== 1. Count Dooku has been arrested for illegal possession of a Time Machine, and no longer assists the CIS in this map. 2. The Gungans have been eviscerated from the Coalition forces due to being absolutely useless. 3. The Coalition has been renamed to Royal Guards, and Freedom Fighters are now just "Royal Guard." 4. The RNSF has finished the training regimen for two new classes. 5. The Rest Area has been updated so you can no longer just jump over the shrubbery to get to the command post. 6. Additional aesthetic appeal has been added to both sides of the city. 7. Slightly adjusted AI pathing. 8. A third, unintended enterance to the city has been sealed off. 9. The RNSF has upgraded and diversified their weapon loadouts. 10. Other general, quality of life improvements. ---STORY:--- Clone Wars: Naboo has been fully subjugated by the Trade Federation. Theed has been conquered without resistance, although the queen is now on the run. With the capital firmly in their control, the Trade Federation turns its attention to the other settlements of Naboo. At one such city, as the approaching Federation armies near, the local government turns over control of the city to the Federation without a fight. The RNSF contingent at this city is outraged, and immediately insistutes martial law. Fighting has broken out in the streets. The Federation has all but secured the north half of the city, but a handful of determined defenders continues to hold the north side of the canal that splits the town. The RNSF has secured the entire southern half, as well as establishing a toehold at an outlying command post. The federation has secured a station someways up the river, hoping to perhaps blockade the southern half and cut off the reinforcements for the north shore. They have also taken up position upon a hill just south of the city. Battle lines have been drawn, and both sides are dug in as the battle ensues. Galactic Civil War: With the assassination of the newly elected queen of Naboo by the Empire, the Imperial forces have all but wiped out the military capabilities of the planet. Oppressed by the Imperial governors and unforgiving military moffs and officers, the RNSF at an outlying settlement have once again taken up arms to retain their independence, remembering all too well the occupation during the Clone Wars. Unwilling to be ground under the shined-boots of the Empire, resistance is forming. Their numbers however are not what they once were; they cannot risk taking the fight to the Empire alone or they will be stamped out almost immediately. As such, they send for help. The Rebel Alliance has answered. Smuggling a massive force into the city, rebel fighters supplement the bulk of the growing militia. Using the same tactics as practiced during the previous occupation, the alliance and the RNSF have secured a large portion of the city. The sudden outbreak of violence has stunned the Imperial overlords, and an eerily similar battle reminiscent to that of the last war begins. ----Credits:---- All work contained within this file are stock assets provided by Lucasarts and Pandemic. I have used no custom content from any other modder. Thanks go to: Led, Commander Awesome, Phobos and Anyder for helping me get the new features in this map working. Couldn't have done it without you guys! -------Use of this Content------- Use of anything contained in this file is welcome to be adjusted or otherwise altered by anyone who wants to, so long as I receive credit for any said works. --------Known Issues-------- 1. Binoculars are missing textures and are just black. No idea how to get that to work. 2. STAP's are missing their sounds. Can't get those to work either. 3. The Royal Guards are lacking real names in the Character Selection pane. Again, no idea how to fix this.

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