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Warleader - Master of the Realm - Duskwood


Warleader - Master of the Realm [u][b]Gameplay[/b][/u] This mod is a strategy game, focused on heroes and grand strategy and with less micromanagement required. Players only control their heroes.
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They can buy regular units and assign them to their heroes. The armies move and fight with the heroes automatically. There are a few army control options for players, like different combat stances and a focus fire command. Also, the special abilities of some units can be controlled, but they are designed not to require heavy micro. [b][u]Winning[/u][/b] Players do not build structures, they must capture the buildings that exist on the map. Buildings are captured by attacking them and they will belong to the attacker when they are destroyed They provide great benefits to the owner and are the key to winning the game. In the beginning, the buildings are neutral hostile and guarded by creeps which players must kill in order to expand. Currently available buildings are: Farms (revive heroes, provide food for larger armies), Factories (recruit units), Castles (strong buildings that guard strategic points), Mercenary Camps (can spawn neutral hostiles in enemy territory), Observatory (reveal map for a brief duration). The winner of the game is the first player that controls all 4 castles on the map. [b][u]Terrain[/u][/b] Currently this map is a (heavily) edited version of Blizzard\'s original Duskwood map. It covers the need for a large map with simple and at the same time strategically generous terrain. [b][u]Races[/u][/b] Players choose their race from race selection before the game starts. Currently, 4 races are in the game. Each race has 3 buildings, 3 units and 2 heroes. The units and the heroes are all done from scratch, with abilities designed to complement and help each other within the Warleader gameplay. Players start with their race\'s primary factory and must capture additional higher-tech factories on the map. You can find more details on currently implemented races below. [b][u]Race Details:[/u][/b] [b]Humans: The Legions of Stormwind[/b] Heroes: Legion Commander, Legion Arcanist Units: Legionnaire (primary), Legion Cavalry (shock cavalry), Legion Siege Engine (ranged and building killer) Structures: Legion Barracks (Legionnaires, Commander, Arcanist), Legion Siege Workshop (Legionnaires, Siege Engines), Legion Stables (Legionnaires, Cavalry) [b]Orcs: The New Horde[/b] Heroes: Horde Blademaster, Horde Loremaster Units: Warrior (primary), Raider (fast attack), Shaman (support and revive friendlies) Structures: Horde Barracks (Warriors, Blademaster, Loremaster), Beastiary (Warriors, Raiders), Spirit Lodge (Warriors, Shamans) [b]Elves: The High Guard[/b] Heroes: Elven General, Elven Spellweaver Units: Archer (primary), Guardian (heavy infantry), Champion (heavy cavalry) Structures: High Guard Outpost (Archers, General, Spellweaver), Warforge (Archers, Guardians), Academy (Archers, Champions) [b]Undead: The Shadow Council[/b] Heroes: Demon Stalker, Demon Councillor Units: Shadow Guard (primary, stealth attacker), Shadow Corruptor (heavy ranged attacker), Shadow Cultist (heals friendlies, summons a demon on death) Structures: Shadow Gateway (Shadow Guards, Demon Stalker, Demon Councillor), Hellforge (Shadow Guards, Corruptors), Temple (Shadow Guards, Cultists)

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