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Catastrophe Cavern


[quote] After the aged Librarian Kurn's untimely death, an exhaustive search of his archives revealed a discovery, know only to him, that he had intensionally concealed. Prolonged seismic resonance
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after a series of nuclear detonations on the desolate planet of Gyther had indicated a vast subterranean cavern. Kurn revisited the planet and conducted a number of apparently inconclusive experiments, after which he abruptly terminated the investigation. But deciphering his journal showed that the studies had actually revealed the deep the underground caverns to be filled with priceless viadid crystals. As the irreproducible jewels became scarce throughout the explored galaxy the Imperial Techpriests had to substitute inferior gems in all but the most powerful cannons. It was hard to imagine why the notably wise and loyal scholar would have kept hidden such an important discovery, but Inquisitor Janis, who oversaw the investigation, was quick to condemn Kurn and ordered the execution of all his students at the academy. The information was supposed to remain classified until the crystals could be safely extracted, but it is rumored that one of Janis' close associates sold the whereabouts to warring powers and a virtual race for the jewels ensued! Reluctant alliances formed between otherwise rival factions to ensure that their mortal enemies would not get their hands on the jewels first. Now an orbiting radio-particulator is positioned to translocate your troops into the depths of the cavern. You must secure it for the mining crews and equipment, however a cluster of unidentifiable starships is detected on the far side of the planet! Obviously other races have arrived at the same time, and will fight to keep the crystals to themselves. A bitter war will be fought in the depths of these mysterious caverns, with only one side victorious. You notice the whispers among your troops of fabled ghostly guardians watching over their treasures, but nothing must be allowed to daunt you. This is your chance for wealth and glory beyond your wildest dreams, to prove your worth and show your enemies no mercy! Gameplay: Taking Relics and Critical Locations gives you extra squads and vehicles. Taking and holding all of the Critical Locations gives your team power beyond your imagination! Beware - the end does not always justify the means... Have fun gaming! Catastrophe Caverns is a 4 vs. 4 game that uses EZScar to give "gifts" when points are taken. It is a large map with tunnels that can help speed the process of getting troops across the map. [/quote] -colonialhockey10

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