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Elite Sides Mod II | 209.51 MB

least. Back in the day it was the [i]only[/i] Sides mod I would ever download and boy was it fun. Well now Delta Dash has conjured up [b]Elite Sides Mod II[/b] for Battlefront 2! Hoorah! I'll start off by saying that the file size is rather large. However that's expected since this [i]is[/i] a Sides mod. If your hard drive is a little low on memory it'd be best if you tried to free up some space if you're willing to give this mod a shot. Needless to say don't something silly like uninstall Battlefront 2. ;) For anyone who doesn't know, the Elite Sides Mods customize all of the units to become more "elite" soldiers of war. The weapons are a bit more advanced, the gadgets are cooler, and everything is basically pumped up on "Battlefront" steroids. Here's a list of all the specific changes that come with this mod. [quote]Changes: Classes: Republic Clone Trooper-DC-15A Blaster Rifle -DC-15S Blaster Carbine -(2)V-1 Thermal Detonators -(2)Detonation Packs Galactic Marine -PLX-1 Missile Launcher -DC-15S Blaster Carbine -(2)V-1 Thermal Detonators -(2)HX2 Antipersonnel Mines Republic Commando -DC-17m Blaster Rifle -DC-17m Sniper Rifle Attachment -DC-17m Anti-Armor Attachment -DC-15s Blaster Pistol -(2)Stealth Shadow Trooper -DC-19 Stealth Carbine -Disguise Kit -F-187 Fusion Cutter -(2)H/A Dispenser -(2)Autoturrets Arc Trooper -Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon -PLX-1 Missile Launcher -(2)EMP Wave -(2)Recon Droid Jet Trooper -DC-15A Blaster Rifle -CR-1 Blaster Cannon -(2)V-1 Thermal Detonators -(2)ZX Miniature Flame Projector CIS B-2 Super Battle Droid -Intigrated Blaster Cannon -(2)Intigrated Mini-Rocket Launcher B-1 Battle Droid -E-5 Rifle -E-60R Missile Launcher -(2)Deployable Turrets -(2)Class-E Thermal Detonators Bounty Hunter -DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle -SC Blaster Rifle -(2)Toxic Gas -(2)Recon Droid Geonosian Pilot -Geonosian Sonic Blaster -F-187 Fusion Cutter -Radiation Grenade Launcher -(2)Health and Ammo Dispenser Magnaguard -Bulldog Rocket Launching Rifle -Magnastaff Droideka -Repeaters -(2) Shield -CIS Marine (in space) has a new skin Rebel Alliance Spec Ops. Ranger -A280 Longblaster Rifle -DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol -(2)Class-E Thermal Detonators -(2)Detonation Packs Spec Ops. Vanguard -HH-15 Concussion Missile Launcher -DH-17 Blaster Pistol -(2)Class-E Thermal Detonators -(2)HX2 Antipersonnel Mines Spec Ops. Infiltrator -DLT-19 Sniper Rifle -Bothan Incinerator -(2)Stealth -(2)Deployable Turrets Rebel Smuggler -CR-1 Blaster Cannon -F-187 Fusion Cutter -(2)Health and Ammo Dispenser -(2)Recon Droid Bothan Spy -DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle -Disguise Kit -(2)TB-47 Time Bomb -(2)Bacta Cloud Wookie Warrior -Bowcaster Rifle -Melee Attack -Rebel Marine (in space) has a new skin Imperials Stormtrooper -E-11 Blaster Rifle -Mini-mag PTL Missile Launcher -(2)Baradium-Core Code Key Thermal Detonators -(2)HX2 Antipersonnel Mines Stormtrooper Sergeant -T-21 Light Repeating Blaster Rifle -E-11 Blaster Rifle -(2)Baradium-Core Code Key Thermal Detonators -(2)Detonation Packs Storm Commando -DLT-20a Sniper Rifle -E-11 Blaster Rifle -(2)Baradium-Core Code Key Thermal Detonators -(2)Stealth Imperial Engineer -DN Plasma Bolt Caster -F-187 Fusion Cutter -(2)Health and Ammo Dispenser -(2)Deployable Turrets Imperial Officer -V-6d Mortar Launcher -Q-2s5 Hold-Out Blaster -(2)Rally -(2)Recon Droid Dark Trooper -CR-1 Blaster Cannon -T-21 Light Repeating Blaster Rifle -(2)Baradium-Core Code Key Thermal Detonators Weapons: DC-15A Rifle: a slow-firing rifle, this rifle packs a punch. Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon (Chaingun): has 1000 ammo/clip, fires 166 rounds per second, and has a slightly lower damage. Have fun. A280 Rifle: see DC-15A All Pistols: now have ammo instead of overheat Lightsabers: No longer knock people down, but do more damage. Deflect Mode slowly regenerates stamina while gettings shot (and deflecting said shots) causes a minor stamina loss (beware of fast-firing guns) DN Plasma Bolt Caster: Can hit 10 targets close together, does slightly more damage SBD Blaster Cannon: Shoots 2 shots at a time, slightly apart from each other. Bowcaster: shoots 1 shot by default, shorter shot delay, as it charges it shoots more shots (SWBF 1 style) Vehicles: The Republic Gunship has a new skin (arc Gunship).[/quote] Now you understand why the file size is so darn huge, eh? Trust me, it's worth it. Naturally there are a few bugs. The mod obviously doesn't function with any user-made maps that contain custom units so don't try and play this mod on maps such as the ones in the Conversion Pack or Majin's ROTE maps. The Geonosian Engineer seems to be missing his wing texture. It's not a big deal, just something I noticed. That's about [i]all[/i] that I noticed, actually. [b]Important! [/b] Remember to make backups of all the files that the mod replaces. My recommendation would be to simply rename them so that you won't have to make unecessary copies which can take a while depending on how fast your computer is. The Elite Sides Mod II puts a unique spin onto the game and makes it so much more interesting. Once again it's fun to play shipped maps like the Tantive IV and Kamino thanks to the new units. My favorite weapon so far is the T21 and the disruptor rifle. I have yet to explore everything the mod has to offer but I can say without hesitance that this mod is pure fun. If you're looking for something new or something to spice up your game then this is the answer. Not much more can be said about that. Great work Delta! If there were any suggestions I could make it would be to vary the units a bit more per map as you did in the latest Battlefront installment. Also it'd be cool to see some more new skins. Again, great work Delta! -[GT]EraOfDesann PS: It should be noted that this is [i]not[/i] the final version!




Jet Trooper Mod

mf_jettroopermod_1.1.rar | 36.47 MB

sooner. So, I apologize. Though this mod's name might lead you to believe that it only affects jet troopers, it actually changes the whole Republic side to a combination of the 305th Star Corps and Fionwë's own creations. It's very refreshing to see some new clone skins instead of the boring (and inaccurate) 501st troopers. The skins all look nice; particularly the 305th trooper and the Commander Cody lookalike. Not only do these guys come with new skins but many of them have new weapons. I didn't have time to toy around with all of them but the ones I did experiment with were pretty cool. Remember that these are from the same person who made [url=;81707]the most incredible unit ever[/url]. The weapons I remember the most are the commander's chain gun, the award rifle (which a few different units carry), the sniper's camouflage, and the super-strong EMP launcher. And to top it all off the jet troopers have unlimited fuel so you can fly around entire maps and shoot enemies from above. It's pretty cool but if you're not into uber-awesome units then this might not be for you. Usually I don't like side mods but I can definitely live with this. Give it a try -- you won't regret it. :thumbsup: -[GT]EraOfDesann PS: This mod [i]does[/i] replace the [b]rep.lvl and repshell.lvl[/b] in your Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/Data/LVL_PC/SIDE folder so [b]be absolutely sure that you make copies[/b] of those before you replace them! Otherwise if you ever want to uninstall the mod then you'll have to reinstall the entire game!





tecmod_1.7z.rar | 81.82 MB




Mandalorian Sides

mandalorians_lvls_v1.rar | 6.91 MB

reskinedz jnagoz&bobaz\' thing when I first opened this, but I was (very) pleasantly surprised. wazmol69 has created a side that\'s unaccountably fun to play as. All the unit classes differ by only a single weapon, the rest of their arsenals are identical, but there\'s enough variety to care about switching around. Everything has unlimited ammo, which [i]usually[/i] annoys me, but it fits this mod well. There\'s a few minor things that really add to the gameplay; the flamethrower only goes for as long as you hold it, shotgun is more powerful but takes longer to cool. Downsides: there is going to be [i]lots[/i] of people with no clue how to get this to work. You have to be able to move different files to different places, have [url=\"\"]WinRar[/url]/[url=\"\"]7-zip[/url], and learn to [i]back up original files[/i]. [b]See the readme on how to install![/b] Only one of the classes can fly, even though all of them have jetpacks, but that\'s a small aesthetic thing. I usually don\'t like \'I\'m uberz-trooperz\' mods, but these guys are fun to play as. Seriously. .Rikino




New Naboo Troopers

new_naboo_troopers_2.0.rar | 50.7 MB

fuzzey bunzies on \'em and whooped them. (Fuzzey Bunzies is pwning dose n00bs). Great mod. Yes, all of my reviews are about this short. No install instructions were included, so here is how: put the NNT Folder in Gamedata/addon folder. (simple) -TheDestroyer




Episode III Fights | 870.37 KB

CW = Grievous vs Obi-Wan Mustafar GCW = Anakin vs Obi-Wan Now you have all the battles you need, enjoy :D.




501st Legion Fix

501st_legion_fix.7z | 25.41 MB

throws the balance to whack, and this is pretty true here. The riflemen, engineers, and jet troopers remain pretty similar (although the first and last get extra grenades and the engineer gets mines), and they're not too badly out of balance (but all that extra ordnance is a little iffy). However, the sniper, heavy, and commander are where the balance really leaves. The sniper's rifle has been changed, inexplicably, to fire a lot more rounds a lot faster than a normal sniper rifle, and without reducing the power at all. This, frankly, does not make a whole lot of sense to me. Likewise, the heavy trooper's rockets have been replaced with a powered-up chaingun (with no warmup time) which is far more overpowered than the rockets ever were. The clone commander is powered-up, too (to be fair, that officer unit was a little weak compared to the others, but this took it a little too far). He's got auto-turrets and a rifle in place of his chaingun - which would be fine, except the rifle is a lot more powerful than everything else. The visuals have been changed, too, so that everything looks more like a unified 501st - which would be great, except that the 1.2/1.3 patch does all this already, and the 1.2/1.3 does it [i]better[/i], and the 1.2/1.3 doesn't break online compatibility, which this will. I'm all for new stuff, but a lot of this side mod feels like it's doing something that's already been done, and it's not doing it as well. Of course, if you want the changes that've been made with the units (and you can stomach the imbalance), then go ahead and give it a try. -Mav




Imperial 501st Clone Legion

imperial_501st_clone_legion_final.7z | 21.62 MB

similar to its previous versions; judging by the readme, little in the way of bugfixing was done (or was necessary) - most of the changes stem from the change of the "special" unit for the Imperials. Like any side mod, this will disable online play and may cause compatibility issues with certain modmaps that use default sides. Like any side mod for just one side, it will also make playing with default sides feel a little strange, since one is modified and one is not. Fortunately, there don't seem to be any real balance issues, which is often a problem in single-side mods. The notable change is the change of the Empire's dark trooper (it appeared to be a jet trooper before) to a storm commando. The unit feels somewhat overpowered when compared to the stock unit it's paired up against (Bothan spy), since it has a shield and a strong primary weapon - in addition to carrying health&ammo. If it were me, I would probably have left out the shield (or the health dispenser), but it's not tremendously overpowered and it can be looked past. I think the reskin for this unit leaves a little to be desired - it looks like a color inversion instead of actual darker armor - but overall it's not a bad addition. In any case, it should suffice to say that if you enjoyed past versions of this mod, you'll enjoy this version. Give it a try if it looks interesting. -Mav




91st Legion Mod

91st_recon_corps_mod.7z | 26.27 MB

Patch, makes only visual changes, meaning you'll still be able to play online with the new skins/ models. Read the readme to find out exactly what's been changed. Sound good to you? Give it a download if it does. Don't forget to back up your original Republic side files before installing. -Xavious




Marine Mod | 269.56 KB

their sniper while the Empire and Republic lose their heavy. That was kind of an odd choice in terms of gameplay balance. It doesn\'t quite balance out the same anymore. In any case, as with any mod that replaces stock files, this may break some mods and will break online compatibility, so be sure to back up any files before you replace them. Please see the readme for further instructions. -Mav




red clone trooper mod

red_clone_mod.rar | 49.02 MB

first four classes available, though, so no clone commander or jettrooper. The rifleman, heavy, and sniper all use the same texture and model, while the engineer uses the stock texture and model. With this sides mod, weapons have been changed a little, so it will be unplayable online unless you're playing with people with the same mod. It's worth mentioning that sound is missing on nearly every one of the new weapons added - a bug that should probably be easily fixed in the future. If you really like this legion, go ahead and give it a download (although there are many other mods which feature the same legion, including Battlefront Extreme), but remember to back up your original side files. -Mav




Bacara with Marines

bacara_with_marines.rar | 46.03 MB




Republic commando(boss) skin pack | 1.76 MB

that: -The model is not included -You will need to know how to create sides to use this -Mav




Storm Commando | 47.17 MB

point: It\'s for SWbf2. :B His installation insructions are kind whacky, so to sum it up: rename orjust back up your regular imp.lvl, imshell.lvl, and mission.lvl, then put in these new ones and rename them t replace the defaults. It will replce the darktrooper with the guy in the screenshot.




Elite Clone Trooper Mod

black_clone_mod.rar | 20.21 MB

side, your game will be [i]severely[/i] unbalanced. I guess some people like that, but in my opinion, it's no fun without any challenge. If it sounds fun to you go ahead and give it a download. Read the readme for installation instructions, and be sure to back up any files you need to. -Xavious Note to the author- You neglected to include a credits section in your readme. I'm 99% certain that the Republic side was mostly, if not all, comprised of Dann_Boeing's assets. Be sure you give credit where credit is due.




Icemember\'s Galactic Marine mod | 62.6 MB

not excessively so. It\'s okay, the only \'bug\' I found was that the jet trooper has no jetpack, yet is still somehow able to zip around like a hummingbird. Note: Just because the readme says \'replace the original files\', it does not mean \'[i]replace[/i] the original files\'. [b]Back up your rep.lvl and repshell.lvl before installing.[/b] Galactic Marine fans, here ya go. .Rikino




501st Imperial Clone Legion (2011)

imperial_501st_clone_legion_2011_update.exe | 25.19 MB

changes listed in the readme, and while I won\'t list them here, it would behoove the downloader to go ahead and read that to see what\'s up. As a basic mod, it\'s of a good quality, although it falls prey to the issue any mod that modifies only one side will have - the sides play very differently. This means that on some maps, it may feel unbalanced in favor of one team over another. There are some neat weapon changes, although it\'s a little disappointing to see them changed without changing the localizations or HUD icons (localizations can be changed by hackjobbing the names - simply make the .odf names of the weapons the same as the localized names of the weapons would be). The changes to the space sides are interesting, and it\'s always nice to see a little love directed that way. Again, there are potential balance issues, though. For the most part both the sides and vehicles [i]are[/i] balanced, but it can still creep up on you on some maps. It\'s a decent mod, and worth a try, but remember that it is a sides mod and has two potential issues: online incompatibility and a requirement to back up files. Remember to back up any files you replace and be aware that this will break online play for GCW. -Mav




Droideka88\'s Skin Pack 3 | 7.04 MB

guessed there are a lot of them. The skins range from acklays to magnaguards, gammoreans to twi\'leks, and CIS droids to tusken raiders. A few of them seem kind of silly but whatever tickles your fancy. work here is done. If you\'re looking for some new skins to add into your mod or map then look no further cause here they are. -[GT]EraOfDesann




Han Solo & Luke Skywalker as Stormtroopers | 640.07 KB

selection of maps. See the readme for more details.




WerBack3\'s Skinpack

skins.rar | 8.54 MB




Skin Pack 2 | 699.62 KB

odd... -TheDestroyer




Liberation of Kashyyk | 176.8 KB

quell the invasion.This is not one-sided at all, it is completely possible to win being the CIS, because the Jedi are weak, but regenerate[/quote] enjoy :D NOTE: you need WinRAR to extract this :D.




Imperial 501st clone legion side mod | 39.13 MB

the Conversion pack.[/quote] Yep, that's all there is to it. This is a side mod that replaces the default stormtroopers with reskinned 501st stormtroopers. This mod will make it so you cannot play GCW online with anyone else unless they also have this mod, so make sure you back-up your default Empire sides before installing. Take a look at the screenshots and download if it sounds cool. -Xavious




Hoth Pilot Mod

hoth_pilot_mod.rar | 181.74 KB

think I\'ll be keeping it.




white clone trooper

white_clone_mod.rar | 32.44 MB

such, should be compatible online with people not using the patch (make sure to back your files up anyway, though!). This is only a side mod for the rep.lvl, so the CIS, Rebel, and Imperial sides aren't affected at all. If you're looking for a little bit of a different look for your stock Episode III clones, then give this a try, but again, make sure you back up your files. -Mav




Icemember\'s EP3 Scout trooper mod | 63.72 MB

[url=\";77211\"]A la his Galactic Marine mod.[/url] In fact, these sides are identical to those, only with scout troopers. Same problems apply, too. The Republic gets a considerable power boost, troop-wise (the unending super-chaingun is a bit much), but they\'re fun to play as. Remember to back up your original sides. .Rikino




Battle Worn Clone Skins | 2 MB

some brushes see how they brush" skinpack (and for the Republic, too!). It's not extraordinarily poor, but it's not great. Lots of inexplicable and patchy "blood" and symbology that's super out-of-universe. -Mav




Red51's CIS Side Mod

red51s_cis_side_mod.7z | 28.53 MB

that doesn't go to that oft-tapped well of the Republic side, and this one's done pretty well. However, it has some of the same potential issues that go along with a single-side (versus a both-sides) mod, and those are the issues related to a modded side playing against a stock side. There aren't any real balance issues, though, and it's nice seeing some outside-of-the-movies heroes and vehicles. If you've been playing modified Republic sides for a long time and need something to balance out the plain-vanilla CIS side, give this one a try. -Mav




Jedi vs. Sith | 778.55 KB

stock Jedi and stock Sith on some maps. It's been done in several mods before, but if you're struck by a fancy and feel like having a go at this one, give it a shot. Make sure you back up any .lvl files you replace with a modified .lvl file, so that when you're done with the mod you can go back and replace it with the original. -Mav




Recon Trooper's New Empire Side Mod | 50.01 MB

sincerely doubt he's tested that as it makes several changes that should disallow online use (changing unlock points, changing weapon odf names). In any case, this sides mod, unfortunately, seems to have all the limitations of an online-compatible sides mod with none of the advantages (i.e. actually being able to play online). The changes themselves are a very odd assortment, and it might be more appropriate to call this a collection of random assets from people rather than a true "sides mod," since it seems like most changes (retextures, models) are simply things other people made and the author downloaded and slapped together. Some of the additions are truly bizarre, like a droid model for the Imperial sniper. In addition to the haphazard assortment of random assets, there are a few bugs. First of all, a couple of the guns have incorrect FPM views (the Dark Trooper's award pistol is one). There's also at least one missing localization (which is how you can tell that a new weapon was added, making the sides mod online-incompatible). To sum up, this feels like a very disorganized showcase of a bunch of other people's work rather than a well-done side mod. That is not to say that I doubt the author [i]could[/i] make a sides mod, but it would be best to plan out a theme (like one consistent color, for example) and choose assets that make sense to fit that theme. Simply downloading a bunch of assets that look "cool" and mixing them all together is like taking a bunch of your favorite foods and blending them together in the hopes of a delicious meal. (Hint: It is [i]not[/i] delicious.) -Mav




Playable Droid Pack | 1.18 MB

baffled why people have a tough time setting these up themselves, but I would be lying if I said that it wasn't a question that was asked often. So if that's you and you've just been yearning to have those droid models set up for you, here is a downloadable side (pre-munge) you can use to set them up in game. Remember that you will need to know how to create a side in the first place to use these. -Mav




Master of Light | 93.34 MB

really fun mod to try out. The thing that bugged me the most is that nothing is localized. But I love the new saber texture. So try this mod out if you want to, I don\'t think you\'ll regret it. - EGG GUTS




Lol War | 604.68 KB




TCW wolffepack trooper sk | 2.26 MB

([url][/url]), and it includes four different retextures, as outlined in the readme. You will need some familiarity with creating a side to be able to use these assets. -Mav




First Skins: Basic 501st Legion | 2.52 MB

choice (although the advisability of releasing the very first retextures you try is another matter entirely). They\'re pretty much exactly the same as any number of 501st legion retextures; these are somewhat more saturated than normal. You can see a couple examples in the pictures below. To the author, I would recommend both getting a little more practice before releasing assets/mods and also make sure that your contributions are something new being added to the pool. There is certainly no dearth of clone trooper skins on this site, and that\'s something you (and anyone) should consider. -Mav




Coruscant Guard

coruscant_guard_phase_i.rar | 44.59 MB

although the skins from unit-to-unit are inconsistent. The basic trooper classes (with the exception of the engineer) are clean, while the rest are dirtier, and the commander retexture is significantly more scratched. I think it'd look a lot better with some more consistency (since that seems to be the goal of the mod). -Mav




212th attack battalion side v1.0 | 0 Bytes

This is a side mod that replaces the 501st stock with the 212th attack battalion. Some weapons have been tweak. Some low rez models still remain the same. Enjoy.




Hebrew69hammer's Skin Pack | 560.14 KB





newcis_v1.0.rar | 49.83 MB

the classes are watered down (removing useful things like rocket launchers, detpacks, and fusion cutters) to be more uniform. However, more strange than that is the change of the CIS heroes to use a battle droid mesh. Why? Who knows - I suppose it\'s an interesting thing to see, but I wish that in the transfer the author had taken the time to make sure the animations were correct. As they are now, they share a basepose with the original models and consequently the droids look like they\'re split at certain joints. Also, the Grievous hero is completely messed up. Okay - I get it, the goal is to replace the heroes with battle droid versions. But why make the change if you\'re simply going to break something that is working? If you can\'t make the change right, either leave it alone or replace it with something completely different (like, I don\'t know, a hero with any one of the other sets of human animations). All in all, it\'s a bit of a strange mod - which I\'d be fine with, but it doesn\'t seem very well thought-through. I\'d like to see a bit more polish, even if the mod itself is a little kooky. -Mav




Kfm's Clone Skinpack | 21.57 MB

filtered skins ("snowy" for ep2 and ep3). The color swaps are only for the EP3 versions of the skins, whereas the filtered "snowy" skins are for either EP2 or EP3. Any or all of these could be used in a Republic sides mod or for custom sides, but you must be able to mod to apply them. If you like what you see, give them a download. -Mav




side mod 501 legion reloaded | 66.48 MB

quibble here - usually I wouldn't get on a side mod for missing localizations (as long as it's the "side-replacement" type and not the addon type), but this side mod uses a mission.lvl replacement anyway, so there's no reason extra localizations couldn't be added in (through the mission scripts). As per usual, the author does a really nice job on the clone reskins/kitbashes. -Mav




Spec Ops Droids

specopsdroids.rar | 42.31 MB

all-black \"here let me turn down the saturation and brightness\" textures. The side is largely the same as the stock side, although the commander class is changed from the Magnaguard to a mirror of the clone commander. This is too bad, because I like the Magnaguard more, and another mirror class doesn\'t feel necessary. It also has a second autoturret available (i.e. its ammo is \'2\'), but only one can be placed at a time - it feels like I should be able to place two at a time. -Mav




Corusant elitecorps | 1.51 MB

trooper. However, the retexture here does look decent, and it seems to do an accurate job of recreating one of those things we see for half a second in one of the movies (those things that fans then love to rehash and name and etc. etc. etc.). If it looks like something you're interested in, be aware that you'll have to know how to create a new side to use these. -Mav




Challenge Side (Republic)

challengerep_link_in_discription.rar | 350 Bytes

Facts:[/b] -Side mod (replace version) -REP-only -multiple variants of rep.lvl [i]Art:[/i] N/A [i]Tech:[/i] 2/5 [i]Creativity:[/i] 3/5 [i]Fun:[/i] 2/5 [b]Thoughts:[/b] Basically exactly the same thing as [url=;121140]this mod[/url] (which is the same author), and my thoughts are similar here. Also, I wonder why it's two separate downloads, given that it's basically the same thing a second time. -Mav [b]Please use the following link to download this file, not the link given to you by the "Download Now" button[/b]




Republic Droids

republicdroids_v1.0.rar | 44.24 MB

These sides make for a very strange fight - and if you have team damage on, \"very strange\" becomes \"somewhat annoying,\" since it\'s pretty hard to tell who\'s who. -Mav




console acessed untipack + space jedi support | 10.01 MB

maps! Weather its cutting down enemies and firing wrist rockets as JediFett or standing above all as a giant trooper, there are some very fun units here. See readme for full info




Ep3 shock trooper modding skin | 413.52 KB

Episode III, and it\'s been seen in a lot of mods. That gives a pretty good basis for comparison. In that regard, while this isn\'t a really bad attempt at one of these, it\'s far from the best version. It has a lot of washed-out detail in the colored parts, and the red is awfully high-saturated. It also seems to have some strange color fill over the chest plate. Now, it doesn\'t completely omit detail, as many painted-on color markings often do, and so that\'s a plus in its favor. However, it might behoove the author to keep on practicing for future versions of these kinds of retextures. -Mav




Null_1138's Skinpack | 12.19 MB

caused some trouble in viewing them (you've been warned!). If you want to use these, go ahead and download them, though viewing them could be a pain. ~Penguin Unit~ [b]NOTE:[/b] This is an asset for modders only. If you do not have the mod tools, you cannot use this, so don't download it.




White Phase 1 Clones

white_phase_1_clones.rar | 74.06 MB

3/5 [b]Thoughts:[/b] Pretty simple version of a mod we've seen more than once. The only minor issue I see is that the engineer texture is significantly "cleaner" than the other units' textures. Adding the assets with the mod is a nice touch, but it might have been better to release them separately, since most people that download this probably won't need the assets. -Mav




Kfm's Jango Skinpack | 2.42 MB

just can't figure out how to do it on your own, give 'em a try. -Mav




Fluffy's Skinpack | 2.65 MB

a try. If you're not a modder, don't download these. Also, please do not ask any questions related to making a map or putting skins ingame in the comments below. -Xavious




Kfm's Skinpack 2 | 22.64 MB

point - there was actually some work done to them as opposed to just running a render option over them. You don't see many orange legions of clones (despite the onscreen presence of one in Episode III), so they may not be a bad addition. The other sides, though, as far as I am concerned are a waste of time to download. The Imperial and Rebel skins are just photonegatives of their regular skins - an operation which is about two clicks for each texture. The CIS side is slightly different, but very un-uniform. I certainly would like my sides to have some sense of coherence, visually. Anyway, remember that you can only use these if you're planning on creating a map or mod for them. -Mav




PS2: Inf Jet Pack | 18.03 MB

modification does is make jet troopers have much more health and have infinite jetpack fuel, as well as the dark troopers. Not having a PS2 myself, I can\'t attest to its working or not, but perhaps someone else can. At any rate, if you run a PS2 dedicated server for BFII, then this may be something you want to look into. -Jedikiller *ps: sorry for the delay on getting this up, author*




console acessed unitpack 1.0 now MP capable

unitpack_10.rar | 11.26 MB

units to stock maps. It relies on the user having some basic LUA knowledge, since the code console (also from the 1.3 patch) is the primary means of loading in the new units. The new units are strange and without any consistent theme, and while they play with some interesting features, they're really prone to failure - many of them have missing localizations, award weapons bugs (which freeze the game), and missing sounds. I think this is a fun proof-of-concept mod, although I'm not sure how extensible the concept is to a polished mod - there are generally better means of extending the stock maps. However, it's worth a try to see some of the novel uses of the 1.3 patch. -Mav [i]Note: This may interfere with other mods the player is using[/i]




Challenge Side (Confederacy)

challengecis_link_in_discription.rar | 351 Bytes

Facts:[/b] -Side mod (replace version) -CIS-only -multiple variants of cis.lvl [i]Art:[/i] N/A [i]Tech:[/i] 2/5 [i]Creativity:[/i] 3/5 [i]Fun:[/i] 2/5 [b]Thoughts:[/b] The mod's an interesting attempt to give you some practice facing only one weapon, but I can't think of any reason why I'd want that. Similarly, the means of switching is clunky (why not use the features of the 1.3 patch that support something like this better?). -Mav [b]Please use the following link to download this file, not the link given to you by the "Download Now" button[/b]




ARC_Troopa_Nate\'s 501st Legion Mod | 60.51 MB

certainly isn\'t the only offender - has an incredibly pompous title. It always strikes me as unreasonably arrogant when names are included as part of the title, as though I (or the downloader) is more interested in the author of the mod than the content within. There is pretty much no one so good at modding this game that the author\'s name is more important than what\'s inside the mod. Sorry, rant over. Anyway, this mod makes some small weapons changes (most of which are more cosmetic than anything else) and retextures to the Republic side. The weapons changes - eh, they\'re okay. The award rifle has been made nearly worthless, with its rate of fire reduced to something too slow to use. The sniper\'s autoturret is similarly not useful, since it drops an unbuilt turret (that floats in the air!), and the sniper has no way to build it, and once built, it can\'t be used by anyone. Other weapons are more or less the same, except for the Jet Trooper, who now has a rocket launcher (and matching award weapon) instead of his EMP launcher. The author has used a clever way to implement what is essentially a mission.lvl mod through an addon folder, and it makes for an easy install/uninstall. I would have liked to see a little more creativity here, since the author could have gone whole-hog and simply made this an addon era instead of breaking online compatibility. So, if you like what you see here, give it a try. -Mav




GCW Space Sides | 13.81 MB

[url=;119325]Dobido: Deep Crater[/url] map, you will be familiar with these, as they are the same sides featured there. These sides, to give a quick overview for the unfamiliar, are basically no different from the stock Alliance/Imperial sides, except that they change the appearance of each team so that it looks like they could operate in a no-atmosphere situation. Take a look at the pictures below for clarification, or follow the link to the abovementioned map. If you want to use the sides, instructions are given in the readme. Please note that unless you are planning to use these sides for your own map or unless you have already downloaded a map that is set to use these, you will not be able to simply play with these sides. -Mav




Roman Soldier skin | 668.04 KB

a Roman/Greek Soldier, although it's difficult to attempt to do both in the same try, the Romans and Greeks had different features in their armour and sometimes colours too. With a difficult concept to try and create the first attempt was always going to be the most difficult, however the skin is actually really good as the helmet, shoes and chest plates are very well done indeed! The arms and the legs need slightly re-tweaking but for now it's a great attempt and we certainly await a second version!




Galactic Marines | 56.13 MB

preferred look is the galactic marine garb, as seen on Mygeeto in one of those blink-and-you\'ll-miss-it scenes in Episode III. The author doesn\'t mention that the mod is online-compatible, although presumably it is, provided that none of the weapon or unit stats are changed. There\'s not much to say beyond that. If you\'re looking for a small visual change to your Republic side, go wild. -Mav