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Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack

bf1pack_v175b.exe | 588.61 MB

you'll definitely want to grab this. I won't give a full review since this isn't the final version and there's a lot of bugs and broken modes left to be fixed and completed. This is mostly an appetizer for the public and a way for the developers behind the project (well...I should say developer: Teancum) to know what needs fixing/improvement. Please read the ReadMe guys. I can't stress how important it is. It lists all the known bugs and goes into detail about this new version. Most importantly it gives installation instructions that need to be followed EXACTLY. I'll say it again: THE README HAS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. I The pack requires you to have the 1.1 patch. Otherwise it won't work. Be sure to clean out your AddOn folder so you can fit the 31 new maps in the pack. I believe the maximum number of maps you can have in your AddOn folder is 56. Also, one word of advice: Make copies of every file that the installer needs to replace, just to be safe. Good job Teancum and company. I'm sure 2.0 will be superb. -[GT]EraOfDesann




HvB2: Zombie Mode | 57.93 MB

play as the zombies. The zombies are pretty interesting, and I like the animations for them. You can read the review for the full version or download it by [file=\"117311\"]clicking here[/file]. Basically, give this a download if you\'re interested in a unique mod with some interesting gameplay mechanics for this game. -Jedikiller




Star Wars: Battlefront Conversion Pack

bf1_conversion_pack_1.0.exe | 327.16 MB

for SWBF II, done by the TAW and GT clans. I must say, they did a great job! The maps from SWBF are all back, with MANY gamemodes for each, uncluding multiple XL maps and Hero Assault maps! Almost every map has upgrades as well, with new units or vehicles/units from SWBF II, so they aren't necessarily identical to the SWBF maps. There are some nice new models for vehicles and units as well, including the AT-XT and the V-19 Torrent Starfighter! I suggest that this be downloaded by most, because some of the SWBF maps are just classics. You gotta' have 'em. ;) Before you download though, please make sure you note the bugs in this pack, as noted here: [quote]-GCW is screwed up on Tatooine (aside from Hero Assault). Don't use it. -Extra heroes need to be added to Rhen Var Harbor and Geonosis Hero Assault -Rhen Var Harbor's map is messed up. Have not had time to fix it. -The Recon/Commander units have not been added to Rhen Var Harbor -The Recon unit's remote droid does not appear. This was meant to be removed, but I didn't get a chance. Will be fixed for 1.1 patch -Localization only works for the US version right now. [/quote] Besides those bugs, my only complaint was that some additional units were a little...weird for me. Also, there were bugs with the LAAT/is missiles on Geonosis (that was the most annoying for me, LOL). There were some similar bugs throughout some of the maps as well. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this, and give a round of applause for TAW and GT, and Teancum, who seems to be the "leader" of this project. He is currently working on a second version, due out in about six weeks. - Majin Revan




SWBF 1 Conversion Pack (1.76 Patch)

bf1pack_v176_patch.exe | 131.91 MB

or plans on downloading it, needs to download this as well. For a full description of the known bugs and the bugs fixed in the pack consult the ReadMe. If you ask a question that was answered in the ReadMe I'll slap you! Enjoy! :) -[GT]EraOfDesann [b]THIS PATCH ONLY WORKS WITH 1.75. Both 1.75 and this patch are outdated, look for a new version of the Conversion Pack soon from Gametoast.[/b]




Capital Down Map Pack | 37.33 MB

Capital Down maps, I\'m sure everyone will appreciate this! I won\'t give a full review since these are already individually uploaded to the site. So save yourself some time and download this convenient pack right now! -[GT]EraOfDesann




Kashyyyk: Star Wars Episode III Map | 249.99 MB

best. Map Tactics: Rebels: The republic has the advantage here on Kashyyyk with the stronger vehicles and units but they don't have faults. If a trooper is isolated he will most likely die and try not to take on 12 droids at once. Use the trenches to isolate your enemies and kill them one by one. Also, it wouldn't be wise to get in a vehicle at the beginning of the map (especially ATRT) because the droid gunships will just shoot you out of it. Use the platforms as cover and sniping spots. You can easily pick off 35-45 guys before you die and then you unlock either the Wroyshr Defender of Commander Gree. Both are extremely good by I recommend Gree should be used as a sniper (you'll know what I mean when you use him) and the Wroyshr Defender as a regular "super" trooper. CIS: The CIS strength is in it's speed and numbers. Use the snail tanks to over run your enemy while you wait for the dwarf spider and spider droids to get to the beach. Use the Droid Gunship to land on the platforms and take the Republic tree base. Then just slowly take the beach forcing the republic back to one CP. Be careful the Bdroid's health ha been reduced to make play more realistic so don't go by yourself expecting to kill 25 guys. Attack must be quick and decisive also land headshots on the wookiees to take them out. Empire: Pretty much the same tactics as the Republic but make sure you take out the tanks before they reach the beach because they will cause a lot of havoc if you don't. Also watch out for the Wroyshr Defender Thats pretty much it. Please use our forums to report any bugs and errors you come across and please keep it civil. Have fun and enjoy. - Gavin1701




Marvel4\'s BF1 Conversion Pack

marvel4s_bf1_conversion_pack_1.1.exe | 150.09 MB

very straightforward compilation of conversions. While it is sort of redundant to download this should you have the Conversion Pack, this has its advantages- it is smaller, more lightweight, and is easy to pick and choose exactly what you want installed. The conversions in this pack are very good, and they are very well polished. They feel very authentic to the originals. Give this a download if you enjoyed the past versions, as this includes all the latest versions of the conversions. If you\'re looking for just the converted maps and don\'t feel like downloading the Conversion Pack, then this is the download for you. -Jedikiller




Saga of the 607th - Final Map Pack | 231.86 MB

this map pack are all of the maps from 607th Map Pack 1 and Map Pack 2, as well as Jandoon: 607th Purge and Space Kamino: 607th Stand. In the end, it comes out to eight maps, which have been wrapped up in one addon folder for easy identification and installation, as well as a MUCH smaller filesize. There's a wide variety of maps in here; from icy mountains to fiery caves, from dense jungles to open beaches, urban sieges to fungi-infested wastelands, open plains to chaotic space battles. Follow the story of the 607th legion as they do battle on each of these different environments. Not only are there new maps, but the characters on these maps have also been customized a lot. There's new skins, models, weapons, and effects. You can find more detailed information on the sides in the "Bonus Content" folder included in the downloaded file archive. If you've played the 607th maps in the past and enjoyed them, or if you love playing new maps and characters in Star Wars Battlefront II, give this map pack a download. Just as a side note, if you have earlier versions of any of the 607th maps, delete these from your addon folder. They will likely interfere with the map pack. One more thing before I go; all eight maps are online compatabile. Not only that, they're crazy fun to play multiplayer. Keep in mind that in order for others to play with you, all players must have the most up-to-date version of these maps. (Which would be this map pack) Be sure to read the readme, as it includes installation instructions as well as more information on the map pack. Enjoy! -Xavious




-SMD- jedi expansion ultamite map pack | 7.94 MB

[url=;102483]-SMD- Jedi Expansion Coruscant[/url]. What this addon mod does is give you the stock maps with some changed-up sides - if you played the above-mentioned Coruscant minimod, you'll be familiar with the changes. It adds Gungans to each side and a stock Jedi to each side for each of the stock maps. It also adds hero assault to a couple of different maps (Hoth and Geonosis). To be honest, this is not my cup of tea, simply adding a couple different stock units to stock maps seems kind've plain-jane - but if it sounds interesting to you, feel free to give it a shot - it's certainly not going to eat up a lot of space (although they are all separated into a bunch of different addon folders - you may want to fix that, author). -Mav




607th Map Pack 2 | 197.62 MB

Armonus, the new baddie. Included in the map pack are three maps -- Kashyyyk, Murkhana, and Xagobah. Rather than just review the pack as a whole I'll simply analyze each map one by one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [list][*][b][u]Kashyyyk [/u][/b] This is probably my least favorite of the three maps but I'll get to that in a minute. The CIS starts off in a thin valley and travels up river to a small village where the 607th await them. Joining the fray are the new Dark Force Droids, which are like the Sith equivalent of Magna Guards. Leading the CIS is the new villain Darth Armonus who's been dispatched by Darth Sidious to take out the 607th. There are a few reasons why I'm not particularly fond of Kashyyyk. For one, it's difficult to see. The map is dark to begin with and if you're a clone trooper it's even more difficult because the battle droids blend in perfectly with the environment. The only time you can see them is if they're shooting at you but by that time it's usually too late. There's a lot of foilage which slows the frame rate down and makes it difficult to perform at your highest capabilities. And to top it all off there's a ton of enemies shooting at you, making the map extra hard. I think I got the "Bantha Fodder" reward each time I played this map. Figures since vision obviously doesn't have any impact on the AI. I probably would have liked this map more if it weren't so darn dark. [*][b][u]Murkhana [/u][/b] Unfortunately Murkhana is even darker than Kashyyyk, however the enemies don't really blend in so you're not at such a disadvantage. The map is designed quite nicely. In the center is a city/fortress under the control of the CIS that's protected by several auto turrets. The 607th start out on bridges outside of the city and have to make their way past the turrets to get inside. It's a tough fight, no matter which side you choose. You'd probably do better if you hung out inside the buildings and guarded them rather than running head-first into the chaos consuming the dark streets. As mentioned before the map suffers from poor lighting like Kashyyyk, but you can still see enemies. Another problem Murkhana has in common with Kashyyyk is a large number of units on the field. I know, lots of people love having huge armies clashing, but sometimes it just doesn't work. The battle sometimes gets a little too chaotic, causing players to become frustrated or perhaps even bored from repeatedly shooting down enemy after enemy but ultimately accomplishing nothing. However I do like Murkhana and consider it way better than Kashyyyk. [*][b][u]Xagobah [/u][/b] Xagobah is a breath of fresh air since it isn't plagued by bad lighting, unlike the previous two maps. The CIS is burrowed in the hill side while clones charge into the base. Xagobah also has a nice design but my biggest problem with it is the terrain. It seems like it's all one texture, and it really shows whenever you look at distant hills. Some terrain variation would be nice, whether it be in color or texture. Again, there are lots of units on the field but it actually works for this map. Any fewer would make the map dull. Other than that I don't have much else to say. Xagobah is easily my favorite of the three.[/list] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I had one piece of advice based on all three of the maps it'd be to put more thought into how many units you put into a map, and look at it from a gameplay perspective rather than going by what would seem more realistic or more intense. Since it's a pack I won't really give a grade but rather I'll just give it a stamp of approval and a nod. Good job. :thumbsup: -[GT]EraOfDesann




607th Map Pack 1 | 278.65 MB

forum for the most up to date information on the 607th Saga! [url=]Click here to visit Xavious Mods[/url].




Urban Map Series

urban_map_series.7z | 147.09 MB

and they all look really nice. As a note before I continue, I got many crashes while trying to play various maps. In fact I hesitated before uploading it because of all the crashes. The only reason I went ahead and uploaded it anyway was for the maps that didn't crash which were Kashyyyk and Rhen Var. Plus, I don't know if the crashes are just for me. Now, all of the maps include Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War Conquest mode with the BFX Era's too if you have the mod. Plus there are Hunt modes for some of the maps. The maps were very well put together I thought and the only things I noticed that weren't in place were a couple of props that weren't even that noticeable. Very nice map pack but for the crashes. Here is the map list of what's included: -Anchorhead City -Bespin: Colony -Bespin: Platforms City -Coruscant: Walk -Kashyyyk: Tree Village -Rhen Var: Ruins Up to you, if you want to go ahead and check it out, feel free to give it a download. -Delta 47




Aldura Campaign - Part I

aldura_campaign_part_i.exe | 99.77 MB

well-put-together and this particular download includes the first three missions, so the three put together may easily take you in excess of half an hour (which is a very decent amount of time). The first campaign mission is, like the stock SWBF2 campaigns, a space mission set above the planet - it is a very simple introduction, but it is a nice one and works well to set the tone for the next two missions. The space map is nicely assembled and looks very polished, if somewhat simple. The second campaign mission is set inside a city. It is an entirely linear map, but the script paces you well and it feels like a good recreation of a battle. The map is again simple but well-polished. The third mission is probably the best of the three. It is another short mission set in a rainy "plains" area on the same planet (A planet with more than one environment? Blasphemy!). It's more of an "escape"-type mission (as opposed to the conquest-oriented mission of the second), and while the story is short, it is conveyed very well. One of the things I like best about this is that despite the map itself being centered around a very small area, there is one section in the campaign where you are asked to use a speederbike, and you actually must physically travel over a large plot of land - and it feels like you are actually doing this (in no small part because you [i]are[/i]). Conquest is also included with the last two maps. The "Aldura Campaign" is definitely worth a download. Try it out!




Squeddies Mappack | 140.44 MB

map? Well, you're still going to probably do that (NOTHING is greater than user error), but your day trying to manage your maps just got a little bit easier. squipple has condensed all his quality maps into a [i]single folder[/i] (easier-to-remember, "SQS"), a feat nearly unprecedented. What's that? You're psychotically inclined and don't like one of his maps? You think that the whole thing'll take up too much space, and you don't like not being able to delete which ones you don't want? HA! Puny human, the whole thing only takes up 300 mb [i]unzipped[/i]! That's for [url=";64356"]Ancient Research Facility[/url], [url=";75888"]Eddie's Dantooine[/url], [url=";74932"]Eddie's Italia[/url], [url=";75951"]Eddie's Kastel[/url], [url=";76688"]Eddie's Tynna Valley[/url], and [url=";75126"]Nelvaan: Village[/url]! Six for the price of two (or one big one)! [i]Still[/i] not convinced? Did I forget to mention that this pack doubles as a re-release for everything? It includes fixesupdatesimprovements to nearly every map, like loading screens and "ambient sounds". I'm not sure if you can play with the "pre-packers" online (was lazy, didn't test), but that won't be a problem if all of them download this. .Rikino




delta_40\'s Mappack

addon.exe | 97.24 MB

::: In this space map you can play as all ep3 clones and all droids in space! And the last folder is IMP: In This map you can play as all rebell units and all imperial units!




Khimera Battlegrounds

mpk_khimera_battlegrounds.exe | 87.82 MB

into the next, so if you pay attention to the skydomes of a map, you may see hints of other maps in the mappack. Each map also has some custom CW sides, some custom GCW sides, and, if you have Dark Times installed, the Dark Times era. Both the custom CW and custom GCW sides are, as per the author's usual approach, creative but not too divergent from the stock sides in gameplay. Each set of sides has an expanded set of units, all of which have a nicely done set of retextures (I think some of the best work is done on the CIS vehicle textures), and each custom era has random heroes. The first map, "Khimera: Beach," is a beachhead map. It's fairly large and has a command walker for one of the sides. It feels a little like Kashyyyk: Docks, probably mostly due to the use of Kashyyyk props (which are prevalent in the first two maps). It's a nicely set-up map, and I think that it probably works the best in terms of game "flow" and CP placement of the five in the pack. The second map is "Islands," which, despite its name, is mostly a forest map. It feels a lot like the Endor map from the stock game, although as you might expect there are some spots of water near the outside edges. I think this one is probably a bit dull in comparison to the other maps, simply because it feels so much like Endor. However, I did like the one command post placed "inside" the volcano; I think that was a nice use of props. The third map, "Jungle," is similar to the second map in that they're both basically forest maps. This one is a little better, I think - even though it reminds one of Dagobah, it's not quite as condensed and it's a little bit more fun to play since you can see where you're going most of the time. It also has a nice command post setup in the back in which the author lego-ed together several Rhen Var pieces to create a neat ruin. The fourth map is "Plains," and it's probably my least favorite, from a design perspective. It looks nice as a plains map, but it's still a plains map, and that usually strikes me as a little boring. It's better than most plains, however, because the ambiance is well-set (I particularly like that flyers were used as well as they were on a medium-sized map like this, rather than a large-sized one) and some scattered props (including one of the CPs set up in ruins similar to "Jungle's" ruins). The fifth and final map is "Streets." It looks nice, and is well set-up, and plays fairly well... but it doesn't feel super-original. It uses almost entirely Naboo props, and it feels a lot like a different section of Naboo, no matter how you slice it. It's not a bad map, by any means, but it would be nice to see a bit more unique city (maybe a "non-wrecked" version of the ruins from earlier?). All these maps too use random environments, similar to what you've seen in Dark Times. Sometimes it'll be dark and rainy, sometimes it'll be sunny. It makes for a nice effect (the difference is most appreciated in Beach and Jungle, in my opinion), and helps keep each map fresher for longer. All in all, a pretty solid mappack that's certainly worth a download. I like the idea of the unified theme of one planet. Make sure you have Dark Times to enjoy it in three different eras! -Mav




607th Map Pack 1 | 347.14 MB

far, far away.... In secret, while the majority of Kaminoans worked on perfecting the Republic clone army, a group of Kaminoans were attempting to create force-sensitve clones. Although all of their attempts failed, they created a legion of clones that were surprisingly superior to most other clones. However, after attepting to lead them in their first battle simulation, the Kaminoans found that the clones sometimes refused to follow orders. Although the 607th won the exercise against the 93rd extremely easily, they were deemed dangerous due to their ability to refuse orders, and were not sent out with the rest of the clones to Geonosis. Several months later, Jedi Knight Zhaus Hyaun discovers records of the 607th in the Kaminoan database and inquires about them. Against the urging of both the Jedi Council and the Kaminoans, Zhaus takes the 607th and personally finishes their training on Kamino. Now, Zhaus has been tasked with the capture of a CIS fortress in the mountains of Rhen Var. He chooses the 607th to aid him in the assault. Leading the 607th is ARC Commander Vaks. The time has come for the 607th to prove its worth, in the cold mountains and towering temples of Rhen Var.... [i]Sullust[/i] After the 607th's victory over the Seperatists on Rhen Var, the Jedi Council realizes that their initial concerns about the 607th were incorrect. Republic Intelligence has located a CIS communications center on Sullust, from which the Seperatists have been able to predict Republic attacks by monitoring their fleet movements. It is vital that this comms center is captured. The Jedi Council has chosen to send Zhaus and the 607th to Sullust to end the newest Seperatist threat... [i]Yavin 4[/i] The news of the 607th's success is spreading across the Republic. Many believe the 607th will win the war for the Republic within months. Darth Sidious is angered by this legion's success. By the time word reaches the Jedi Council that a vital trading port controlled by the CIS could bring about the end of the war if captured, Palpatine has already sent the 607th to Yavin 4. Meanwhile, Zhaus leads the 607th through the heavy jungles of Yavin 4 in search of ancient ruins that hold mystical secrets about the history of both the Jedi and the Sith...




Just For Fun Mappack | 56.12 MB

Massa Era: GCW Goal: 1st to 10000 (Takes a while) Rebels : Same except Marksman Replaced by Han Solo (With 99 improved detpacks and a Unit spawner, When you use it you spawn a random number of Aalyas,Wampas,Jangos, and Clone Commanders) Empire: the same Heroes The Emperor A very long sabered Luke with a Unit spawner. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just For Fun 2 Location: Hoth Era: GCW Goal: 1st to 4500 Every things the same pretty much a bigger Hoth XL but with Chewie and Leia and Han as the Hero. What More could you ask for? :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Player team work Map Location: Kashyyyk (no water, Drought perhaps? ;)) Era: CW/GCW [b] BUT CW CRASHES[/b] Just wanted people to know that so they don\'t post [i]WHY DOESN\'T CW WORK SOME1 PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!![/i] You can only play as Rebels Goal: Take out 600 imperials without losing your 30 lives. Sides are the same except rebels have two jedi masters (dual saber and saber staff) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Call the extriminator Location: A very Dry Kashyyyk (same as the last one) Era: GCW Goal: 1st to 600 Sides: Rebels are the same Geonosis: Geonosian Gizor Delzo Acklay Heroes: The extriminator ( a very Kick-Ass Rebel Solider with a powerful Rifle, A super powered Rocket Launcher and the Grenade Gun, Very Fun Indeed) No Hero for the geonosis side ( you have acklays why do you need heroes? ;)) In the end this is a very fun map pack it might be default maps but the sides make it a great pack to try \"Just For Fun\" :D - EGG_GUTS




DarthDaddy\'s Yavin IV Map Pack | 39.35 MB

sides, adding Marines and Heroes as selectable units. It puts a nice twist on the gameplay and obviously makes things interesting. Yavin IV Complex and \'Ruins have \'even\' map designs, but I felt that there was a lot of empty space. You might find yourself doing more running than fighting, which can quickly become boring. There are several different ways to fix this such as moving CP\'s closer to together, adding more objects, adding more vehicles (especially speeders), or maybe even keep all the CP\'s in one area. Remember that you don\'t have to fill up the whole map in ZE. Find a reasonably sized area and work there, putting in lots of detail and precision. Complex seemed to have the most empty space. As DarthDaddy recommends, you should increase the unit count up to 32 for maximum results. Otherwise it can be quite dull. The area surrounding the centered twin temples really needs some more ruins, props, and buildings because there\'s a lot of empty space. Also it\'d probably be a good idea to add lots of more ground vehicles to make good use of the map size. This should improve things overall. \'Ruins is a big improvement over Complex. The center of the map has lots of CP\'s in a cluster of ruins, thus the title. So the heart of the map is definitely the place to be, because the outter parts of the map are filled guessed it: empty space. Fortunetely Darth has added a decent amount of vehicles to spicen it up, but I still suggest moving the the CP\'s a little closer to the center to focus the action. One thing I noticed right off the bat was that the trees were missing their leaves. This is definitely due to a missing .msh, .odf, or .tga file. Another thing that bothered me some was that the map seemed to only use 2 ground textures. For someone who enjoys a map\'s scenery, this can be rather boring to the eyes. Which brings me to my final word... Both maps seem to lack \"environmental detail\", meaning that there\'s a lack of foilage and water. In my opinion foilage and water are very important because they can dramatically improve the look of a map. They give off a natural feel and make players feel a bit more immersed in the world. Most importantly it makes everything look much more professional. So the three big points here are detail, size, and space. If you work on these three things you should see a lot of improvement in your mapping skills, therefore becoming a better mapper. -[GT]EraOfDesann




Game_Jedi's Map Pack | 59.16 MB

address each one individually. [i]Dantooine: Destroyed Enclave[/i] [b]Tech:[/b] 5 [b]Quality:[/b] 5 [b]FunFactor:[/b] 5 [b]Creativity:[/b] 7 [b]Item Placement:[/b] 5 [b]Map Rating:[/b] 5.4 Dantooine: Destroyed Enclave is more or less a representation of the enclave seen in the game Knights of the Old Republic, in destroyed fashion. It's decent, and the author certainly made a liberal use of Caleb1117's KotOR props, but at times it feels like the props were just thrown in there. The central "enclave" part is probably the best part, designwise, but once you make it outside the walls (which are stone for some reason?), the props take on the haphazard feel mentioned above. The work done on the sky and periphery of this map are probably the best of his four maps; he makes sure to use a different sky as well as adding some texture to differentiate the mountains from the surrounding ground. [i]King of the Hill[/i] [b]Tech:[/b] 3 [b]Quality:[/b] 3 [b]FunFactor:[/b] 4 [b]Creativity:[/b] 6 [b]Map Rating:[/b] 4 King of the Hill is really just conquest, although there is a large hill with a CP in the center of four CPs. Presumably, one would try and capture this to maintain the advantage, but logically by the time you get up there and capture the CP, you could have captured two on the ground. So perhaps the advantage goes to whoever [i]ignores[/i] the CP in the center. The map could use a bit of design work, too - there seems to be no sky at all (not stars, not clouds, just a plain textureless skydome- although it could just be black, my computer renders missing textures that way). There are also a lot of steep, jagged cliffs. Unfortunately, there's just no way to make terrain sloped like that look good - the textures are all stretched and it doesn't look natural at all. It's also worth mentioning that not only is the AI planning bad (it looks like the author didn't even try to make AI go up the hill) - but in the map's readme, the author says this: [quote]if you play this with Ai and either planning is bad or they dont understand what king of the hill is, that is your fault.[/quote] Yes, that's right - he said that if there's a problem with the AI, it's not his fault for making it, it's the [i]user's[/i] fault. I got a chuckle out of that. [i]Mini Fort Warz[/i] [b]Tech:[/b] 6 [b]Quality:[/b] 4 [b]FunFactor:[/b] 6 [b]Creativity:[/b] 6 [b]Item Placement:[/b] 4 [b]Map Rating:[/b] 5.2 This is probably the most solid (gameplay-wise) of Game_Jedi's maps - Mini Fort Warz is a continuation of sorts of his earlier Fort Warz map, but it seems like some things were tweaked for the better this time around. It looks like the AI will move from CP to CP, and actually capture posts (always a plus). The map is also not too big - it's traversable on foot. The best change from his earlier version (if you can call it that) is that the map itself is much less glitchy. There's no running through terrain or being trapped in shield pens - just four forts on each side of an essentially square map. Issues with this map include a very dry terrain - the mono-texture terrain looks really boring, mix up the textures a bit like you did in your Dantooine map. The Yavin sky is also not great, but at least the black part isn't visible. It's worth mentioning too, that when you (the player) are in the foliage in the center, the AI can see you fine but you cannot see them at all. Not so much fun. There were also a few object-placement issues, and there was very noticeable Z-fighting in the main CPs. [i]Valley of the Sith Lords[/i] [b]Tech:[/b] 5 [b]Quality:[/b] 6 [b]FunFactor:[/b] 5 [b]Creativity:[/b] 7 [b]Item Placement:[/b] 6 [b]Map Rating:[/b] 5.8 For starters, I liked the concept of this map - I really did. It's a good job of using some existing assets (and some more of the requisite Caleb1117's KotOR props) to create a map that looked somewhat like the Valley of the Dark Lords from KotOR. Gameplay-wise, though, it just felt too big (it sure feels like it's on a bigger scale than it was in KotOR - although game-to-game comparison is irrelevant). There was too much open space and flat ground to make for a really solid map, although there were at least a few occasional pillars to hide behind. I did like what was done with the temple at one end of the valley - this was definitely a high point in terms of design. Unfortunately, there are more of the sharp terrain cliffs that plagued "King of the Hill" in this map. (Also, what was up with the pits in the center? They seemed a little odd.) [b]Dantooine: Destroyed Enclave:[/b] 5.4 [b]King of the Hill:[/b] 4 [b]Mini Fort Warz:[/b] 5.2 [b]Valley of the Sith Lords:[/b] 5.8 [b]Overall Rating:[/b] 5.1 So there you go, if you like what you see, give it a shot. -Mav




Mygeeto Assault series Mappack 1

347th_first_mappack_installer.exe | 84.71 MB

Assault: Battle of Livothum"[/i]. I'll start by going over the changes from the previous two maps. Although Hunt mode was removed with this map pack due to bugs it features much more to make up for the missing mode. As a start all of the sides use the 347th sides which makes a total of 9 units for each team and already specialized with custom weapons and so forth. But a different variety of the 347th is used on Beach Defense which look more camo. Mygeeto Assault: Battle of Livothum takes place at a city on Livothum but reminds you a lot of a rainy Naboo city. The map seems to be pretty well put together and the AI do very well (especially in Uber mode with a lot of units). Here are the new Modes and info for the three maps mentioned in the ReadMe: [quote][i]Mygeeto Assault: Battle of Livothum (AKA Rotunda: Mountain City)[/i] -GCW and CW Conquest -CW Uber Mode (normal Conquest with a lot more units) -Normal 347th legion [i]Mygeeto Assault: Beach Defense[/i] -GCW and CW Conquest -GCW Hero Assault -Camo 347th legion -(Note: No changes have really been made to this, I just edited the sides, basically) [i]Mygeeto Assault: Protector[/i] -GCW and CW conquest -Normal 347th Legion -(Note: This map has been changed since 2.0, I've added a much better version of the 347th, as well as increasing the size of the mountain, increasing the length of the tunnels, adding in another command post, better trees, a new mini-map, boundaries, and greatly reduced file size [at least halved it]).[/quote] So that's about it if you enjoyed the maps in this series I would recommend getting this map pack because it has much more and best of all it only takes one addon map space! -Delta 47




Dark Space Map Outtakes

cto.exe | 24.95 MB

"Ark Mion, Rorgon Bay," and "Dalonni: Caverns." The first map, Tranquan, is probably the best of the three from a construction standpoint alone. It's set in a pretty generic base-type environment, and it's not as "pretty" as the other two, but that's okay, because it's mostly made of custom models and I'm always willing to cut a little slack on maps that go the distance insomuch as modeling's concerned. It works well because it stays fairly close quarters and doesn't try and draw the battle out over too large of a space. I was concerned by a couple command posts that were really in no more than a cubby-hole, though. It's great to bring a map in tight, but if it's so tight that a single grenade can wipe out anyone and everyone trying to capture a CP - maybe spread it out just a bit? With the second map, Ark Mion, it's not tough to notice that there was more planned for it than what you see in the map proper. It's too bad to see that, because of the three, this is probably the "prettiest"-looking. It is (as you might guess from the title) a grassy plain near a large body of water, and it mixes custom and stock assets together well to make a large map that doesn't feel [i]too[/i] large - there is a lot of hoofing around to do, but there are a sufficient number of command posts that you're not running for too long. It certainly doesn't hurt that props are placed liberally, ensuring that there's not a lot of dead space. For extra fun, make sure to check out the tunnels in the upper corner of the map, you can see a few remnants of what might have been a campaign setup. The third map - Dalonni - is the most middle-of-the-road. It's not average as far as most maps are concerned (it is very well-constructed), but it's neither as pretty as Ark Mion nor as tight, gameplay-wise, as Tranquan. However, I think I found it the most enjoyable of the three simply because it's nice to see a balance of the two - good-looking and good-playing. Dalonni is, of course, a map set in caves. It's worth mentioning that I didn't see any localizations for the maps on the instant action screen. A minor bug but worth a note. In any case, even though these are considered cut content by the author, they're certainly worth a download to try out and play, because they are still better than the majority of maps uploaded. -Mav




Campaign Maps | 123.65 MB

playable on both sides. Keep note, these maps are addon maps and don't affect the original game files or Campaign in any way. Now the maps are Coruscant, Kamino, Mustafar, and Naboo. The maps are in Conquest mode and thus don't include all of the Campaigns objectives, props, or CP's. Instead they are setup like the normal Conquest mode except for the side changes. This can be useful if you want to play the sides that were used in the Campaign as a normal Conquest mode or if you want to play it online. The sides are already localized and fixed so they look and work great. Though it might not seem like much and the extra addons of the same shipped maps do take up space. Its still definitely worth a look into and quite fun to go back and play those units used in the Campaign in Conquest mode. -Delta 47




Random Maps | 400.72 MB

something-or-another. It's set on the outskirts of a Naboo-esque city in the inky blackness of night. This is not necessarily a good thing, though. It's very difficult to see, even at low lighting quality (in which the map appears the brightest). It's a 2-flag CTF map that will mostly consist of running around hoping you're not about to get shot. It looks like it might be an interesting setup, but unfortunately the lighting conditions make it impossible to tell. This map could be significantly improved by making the "paintballs" appear as such - that is to say if the author had given them some kind of glow or bright color to them, not only would it have added to the feeling that one was playing paintball, but it might also have given a little more enjoyment to playing in a low-visibility environment. The author might also consider using impact effects to give the appearance of a paintball "splat." The second map, which is the better of the two, is called Sand Trap. It's a large sandy environment on which the player is also given the opportunity to play paintball. It's actually a pretty nice terrain and map setup, but the physical size of the map detracts from the playing experience, as there is a lot of running around and there are too few bots for a map of this size. On Sand Trap, there's more than just paintball, though. You can also play a hunt mode (which is more of the snipers-running-around-shooting-each-other thing, although the paintball theme is removed and the snipers are given a greater variety of weapons). This is similar to the paintball modes in all but the actual objective. There's also an XL mode, which, despite what its name might lead you to believe, is more of running around looking for bots. You can spawncamp if you actually want to see AI once in a while, but that's not a whole lot of fun. All in all, it looks like this author has done a nice job on the maps themselves (which are easily the strong point), but the sides and playability could use a little work. -Mav




Geonosian Attack Mappack | 114.11 MB

retextured. There are no new (or different) units, just stock sides. The major change is the textures. To be fair, there were a couple new props placed here and there, but they did very little to change the maps or what they looked like. The textures, though. Ugh. To Coruscant, it looks like every texture in the world's assets was lightened (and as a result alpha channels were stripped off of some textures, so some skydome buildings will look bad) uniformly. It sort've looks like a daytime color scheme... but the map still has a night sky. Go figure. And again, while the readme mentions something about Geonosians invading Coruscant, there is a noticeable lack of Geonosians. And then Geonosis. Ugh again. Pretty much every texture has just been inverted (any of you that have tried skinning have at one point probably tried this - it was probably one of the first things you tried). It looks bad. It was a nice idea, I suppose, to do the "icing over" of Geonosis, and I was ok with the idea until I saw that all the author did was invert the skins, which happened to be icy-blue-ish. As a result (and as I'm sure you know if you've tried this before) this leaves the contrast of many textures pretty out-of-whack and you get to see some unnaturally-lightened objects. The author also decided to do this to the textures for the troopers on Geonosis, which again makes for a sloppy and unnatural-looking appearance. The only exception is the clone commander, who not only looks inverted, but also apparently has clown paint on. I wasn't able to figure that one out. Anyway, if it sounds interesting, give it a try, I guess. -Mav




Natural Map Pack | 110.99 MB

Gametoast for about a year now, although this is its debut on the site here. Each of the maps in this pack are tied together by virtue of being predominantly terrain based, although with a liberal use of props and foliage to make sure things don\'t feel too barren. Each of the maps is well-constructed and relatively well-polished, and although none of them really have a \"wow!\" factor to them (they are uniformly very nice-looking, though), it\'s certainly no small feat to create a pack of maps like this that are consistently well-built. The author has also worked in a handful of extra non-standard modes to some of the maps, like a wave mode on Ilum and a campaign on Felucia. All in all, this pack\'s definitely worth a download - there\'s a lot here to try and almost certainly something there for everyone. -Mav




Marvel4's BF1 Conversion Pack

marvel4s_bf1_conversion_pack.exe | 128.69 MB

Marvel4. What we have here is a bit redundant, in that it is simply a single download of all these maps that have already been uploaded. I say that it is redundant, because it doesn't really reduce addon clutter - all the maps are still in individual folders, so there's zero difference between downloading this or downloading the maps individually. I suppose that [i]that[/i] is a difference, but the sizes will work out to be the pretty much the same anyway, bandwidth-wise. In any case, there is very little that could be said here that hasn't been mentioned on any of the individual maps themselves, since there's nothing substantially different between these versions and those. The conversions are done well, and it's a nice alternative if you don't already have all these at once, but if the idea here is to allow people to pick and choose maps, since these are all individual folders anyway, it's probably better to just download the individual maps you like. If you're looking for the individual maps, you can see the individual downloads [url=;34347]here[/url]. -Mav




That's Impossible!

thats_impossible.rar | 72.72 MB

combined with space "Order 66." I'll look at each map separately. First is Space Yavin, which has been uploaded here before in (presumably) an earlier state. It honestly still feels unfinished, because sloppiness abounds. The first thing I noticed is that the new vehicle spawns aren't even placed correctly (the vehicles sit awkwardly tilted). There were also two command posts on the map that were inaccessible, although they looked to be. Darth Vader's lightsaber didn't work (combo memorypools not filled out). Additionally, the autoturrets inside weren't set up to be hostile. Technically, those were the only bugs, but designwise, there were a lot of other things that irked me - capital ships at odd angles, missing hangar shields, empty ship interiors, dozens of Hans and Lukes running around... this just didn't feel like a complete map. There's not much to say about space Polis Massa, it is, fortunately, pretty much the same thing as the original space Polis Massa; only the units have been changed. Both sides get their "officer" unit instead of the marine unit. "Space Order 66" is another stock space map (Dagobah this time) with changed sides. This time it's Rebels vs. Imperials... sort of. I'm not sure why it's called "Order 66," because it's clones vs. stormtroopers, with the clones flying GCW-era vessels. Out-of-era-ness aside, all the clones were missing sounds. So there you have it, three space maps. If they sound appealing, go ahead and give them a download. -Mav




Friget Planets | 60.2 MB

areas of whitish terrain, surrounded by very jagged hills. It is unfortunate that the maps are so similar, but it makes the criticism tidier, because they all share some core problems: First, wide-open maps like these are pretty poor design decisions. With as little terrain variation as these have, despite whatever the terrain may look like, they play essentially the same as the default munged map. Secondly, none of the maps have any AI planning - which means that even in the rare cases where there are props or hills to run into, the AI do just that - they run into them. Thirdly, while all three maps have new CPs added, none of them are added to the conquest objective, and some simply don't have capture regions. Please make sure to read the "getting started" documentation to learn how to correctly add new CPs to a conquest map. The one map that is a little different - Galidraan: Castle - is different because several Yavin IV props are scattered around the map. This would be acceptable if it were not for the fact mentioned above (no AI plans) as well as the fact that the objects are placed so poorly. Most of the objects aren't grounded to the terrain, and you can walk under them, look behind them - it just looks bad. Make sure to be careful placing your objects. One other map (either Csilla or Yavin 8) also uses some props along the side of the map (Hoth snowpiles), and they are equally poorly placed. On top of everything else, the maps are all included twice in the .zip archive. Why this is so I have no idea, but it unnecessarily doubles the size of the download. It's not terribly large to begin with, for a map pack, but there's absolutely no reason to include the maps twice. To the author, I would suggest some more test maps before future releases, and make sure to run your maps (as a beta test map) by a few other people to ensure that they're up to snuff. -Mav




Space To Ground Map Pack 4 | 102.42 MB

IF THE LINK IS DOWN, FOLLOW THIS LINK PLEASE: Here is the link for the third Map Pack: Description: In the fourth Map pack there are the 3 Space To Ground Maps: Coruscant, Yavin 4 and Alderaan. (3. Map Pack: Kashyyyk, Mustafar and Deathstar) Coruscant: A huge map with hundrets of Buildings. I have divided this map into three parts (ALL IN ONE...): Space, Office Buildings and Under World. There are lots of interesting things to explore, like the senate, the bars, clubs, Padme\'s Apparpment..and so much more. (Clone Wars) Yavin 4: A big jungle with much temples, ruins and foliages. \"The Empire attacks moon. Because they want revenge. The rebels has destroyed the Deathstar. So Darth Vader leads the attack. Luke protects the moon...\" (Galactic Civil War) Alderaan: A green planet with snowly mountains and rivers. There are 2 and one big cities. The best way to reach the cities are by the planes.The Cis attacks the planet and the Republic must beat the Cis. (Clone Wars) Descriptions about the third Map pack: Mustafar: A big vulcan world. There are lots of lava explosions. The Empire attacks the Cis Base on Mustafar. Darth Vader leads the battle. gizor Delso is playable for the Cis. (Galactic Civil War) Kashyyyk: The Cis attacks the Wookie Home Planet Kashyyyk. Yoda and the 501st Legion are there to stop the Attack. Who will win? There are mountains and a big beach. Deathstar: The Rebels attack the Deathball....ahh I meant \"Deathstar\"..The only chance to win is the rebels capture the metall ball. If you are interested, follow the seconde link in my description. Note: May the Link is down, because every Mod or Map I upload here is down :( So I have given you the link on the top of this long text. The maps are created by me \"the_legend/ El_Fabricio\" Here is a small Video of the Trailer of the 4th Map pack: ENJOY^^