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Operation Flashpoint




C-130 Hercules | 4.35 MB

perfectly without any bugs. The modelling is new and is very accurate compared with the real Hercules, it should be instantly recognisable. The skin is a disrupted pattern camouflage, and, while of a low resolution, is not bad and will do the job nicely. The propellors are animated nicely and the sounds seem very authentic and solid. The main feature of the aircraft is the gaping cargo hold in the back. The pilots enter at the front, while everyone else piles in from the back into the many available seats. The ramp can be opened and closed by anyone. I should stress that anything unsecured in the back, ie soldiers not locked into the seats, or vehicles, will be tossed out the back once the plane reaches about 30mph. This is unfortunate and it would have been nice to take vehicles around the map, but the amount of soldiers you can carry, and the style you can carry them in, is more than enough in compensation. This is a compentent addon, and will be perfect for any en-masse paradrops or for just about any uses you would have for a large aircraft. It has been very well done considering the small size of the orginal aircraft in OFP.




F/A 22 Raptor | 1 MB

unskinned version to allow mission editors to change the skin of the aircraft. The first impression I received when I loaded this Raptor up in Operation Flashpoint was: "Wow, that's ugly.". Admittedly the author of this file did not have a lot to work with in terms of textures, as you'll see from the screenshots of the Raptor's drab design. However, it would have been nice if the addon did not make you look as though you were running your game on 320x240 resolution on the lowest detail settings. The lines are blurred and the colours, too, are off. The overall impression is that splodges of grey have been splashed on where the author sees it appropriate. It has been proved by the team behind the TJP helicopter series that a drab design can look richly detailed and crystal clear at no loss to system performance, making this all the more inexcusable. The underbelly is completely bald and devoid of even a few lines that could have been tossed on to make it look as though it was not a single plastic sheet. The modelling is extremely crude considering the feats that are now achievable. When pitching the plane up or down a significant proportion of the rear fuselage melts and warps about, with half of the plane bucking up and down. This is in stark contrast to a complete lack of movement of the control surfaces when you are turning the plane. A puzzling option has been included in the action menu: that of "Full throttle". I can see absolutely no point in this whatsoever, but the author must have justified it somehow. The cockpits are extremely crude and it would be hard to convince yourself that you are flying one of the most advanced fighter aircraft ever. The HUD cockpit is diabolical as you will see from the screenshot, featuring the player sitting in thin air surrounded by a green stripe, with not even data such as speed or altitude displayed on it. It gives me no pleasure to conclude that this addon is distincly poor, and does not deserve a slot in your addons folder.




B-52 Stratofortress

b52beta1.rar | 2.68 MB

become proper "non dive-bombing" bombers. Spawned by the fact; > this disableAI "target" < stops planes from swooping tagets (but produces side effect that need controlling! ) . This addon is a pack of scripts only. Demo Missions - 2 SP Missions - Both use / demonstrate the Virtual Bomber (VBomber) addon - 1 mission uses the B-52 Stratofortress - 1 mission uses the lovely F-111 addon by Skaircro




F-117A Nighthawk

tmd_f117.rar | 1.86 MB

the overall rating presented above. My personally calculated overall rating is 6.25. [url=";36134"]See here for more information on how this addon was scored.[/url]-- The modelling is of a very high standard, with good attention to detail. To those who know their aircraft, the lines of the F-117 are extremely accurately represented, although perhaps a bit more detail could have gone into the area around the engines, comparisons with real-world photos reveal lack of appropriate definition and angle in the addon. The skinning is similarly good and carries enough insignia to make it look like anything but a black triangular thing, a mistake which could so easily have been made. The cockpit is well kitted out with many working gauges, I was irritated, therefore, when I rolled my eyes down to look at the grey squares at the pilot's feet and to the lower right and left sides, and the lack of a control column. If some detail had been present here, the cockpit would have been exceptional; as it is, it's still a slight cut above the crowd. Control surfaces are fully animated for all movements of the control column, a fairly complex job because of the F-117's unusual tail design (there isn't one), and one well done. Flaps, landing gear and a lovely bomb-bay are also animated nicely, with skinning on the inside of the bomb-bay, something I hoped to see present. A new set of engine sounds are also included, I have no idea as to their accuracy as I have never heard an F-117, but they sound pretty nice to me and do their job well. Sounds are also present for the opening of the bomb-bay. The author claims that the aircraft is largely invisible to the A.I. if you fly it like a real F-117 pilot would (high), something I haven't tested but I have seen reports to the contrary, so be suspicious about this one until I get it tested myself. The two bombs could well do with a power boost; if the stealth feature doesn't work there would be no real point to this aircraft unless the bombs packed a punch. Although this is a matter of opinion, I feel they don't, and the visual effects could have been improved aswell. The readme contains almost nothing I wanted to know, as you'll see below it is utterly rubbish. Not pleasing, and this degrades an otherwise good addon. This addon is indeed a worthy representation of the F-117A Nighthawk. Aside from a few small niggles that are largely not encountered during routine use, the addon is of a very high quality. It has enormous potential for use in cutscenes, but it would be successful in a mission too. I recommend everyone downloads it and gives it a try, it has a miniscule filesize.




A/MH-6 Littlebird | 4.81 MB

include:- -Highly accurate dark low-radar reflective and visibility colour scheme and markings based on reference material from many sources on the Internet. Apart from new colour scheme there are OVER 30 authentic and visually accurate modifications made to the texture and shape of the aircraft. - A realistically reskinned and newly modelled unit to represent a real 160th SOAR pilot. Pilots now wear camo flight suits and wear subdued combat version of the Special Operations patch on their left sleeve. Another patch on the right sleeve represents that they are combat veterans (in this case a veteran from the 101st Air Assualt Divison). Units include new helmets, microphones and combat vest. Also have the parachute packs removed from the BIS pilot model. - Troop capacity 4 people (MH-6) as per real world specs (see Background Reading below) - Accuracy values improved to simulate the skills of the highly trained specialists that operate these aircraft. - Threat model tweaked so that Soft targets have priority, and then Armored and Air targets.[/quote]




Airwolf Helicopter V1.0 Beta | 17.07 MB




F-18 Hornet | 15.04 MB

squadron VFC-12 The Fighting Omars and The US Marine Fighter Attack squadron VMFA-251 \"Thunderbolts\". VFC-12 is the premiere US navy mock agressor training unit providing top notch air to air flight training for the carrier fleets of the US navy. VMFA-251 is US marine Fighter attack squadron based at MCAS Beaufort, SC. This addon is released as is to the public, do not modify the addon in anyway. AN/ALQ-165 BREIF DESCRIPTION \"The AN/ALQ-165 ASPJ is the most advanced self-protection system deployed on tactical fighters. Unmatched in its ability to counter air, ground and shipboard based missiles, the ALQ-165 possesses the most capable threat sorting, identification and jamming management system built into a tactical ECM system. Through its modular architecture, the ALQ-165 is interchangeable among a variety of aircraft and is already integrated for the F-18, F-16, F-14 and AV-8B\" (




A-4F Skyhawk | 6.18 MB

new unit class for all of CLK\'s units, and three loadouts of the Skyhawk. One carries bombs, one carries Sidewinders and a cannon, the other carries fewer Sidewinders, unguided rockets, and the cannon. The modelling and skinning of this addon really is top-drawer and completely accurate to my eye, with insignia present and correct in the appropritate locations. All control surfaces move as they should and the canopy will close automatically when you begin to move. An animated arrester hook is included, and the engine exhausts are also animated. All of this is very well executed with no glitches. The cockpit is described in the readme as beta but is perfectly acceptable for now and better, indeed, than some finished versions. It includes, among other things, landing gear status lights. Entirely new sounds are included for most aspects of the aircraft, and they are very atmospheric and realistic. Of note is a suitably irritating stall warning siren. A particularly impressive feature is the excellent afterburner option, which, with an impressive thump, will kick you like a mule to obscene speeds, realistically munching away at your fuel as in real life. I had a superb amount of fun simply trying out this addon, whooshing around with the afterburner on and smashing into mountains left, right and centre as I tried yet another low level run at 1000+mph. I am sure most people will love to have this addon simply to mess around with, there is no more stylish way to annihilate a T80. Unfortunately the readme does not include installation instructions, and I\'ve noticed, on the inside of the aircraft, as you\'ll see in the screenshot, a label saying \"Colonel_Klink\'s Addons - A4 Skyhawk\". This really is rather irritating and while the creator of the addon deserves full credit for a worthy creation, plastering it in front of our eyes in-game is not necessary and seems boastful. There is a reason for the readme file, and it can be used as a bin for this sort of information. Not at the expense of installation instructions, however. That niggle aside this addon is one of the best I\'ve seen - truly excellent. I will be hunting down the creator\'s other addons as a priority and look forward to more of the same.




F14 Tomcat v.0.5

ikar_f14_v05_1116.rar | 5.15 MB




AH-64D Apache Longbow | 3.25 MB

simple landing pad under \"EMPTY>MAS Objects\", although use of this object in a mission is not required. There are two versions of the helicopter availible: the AH-64D Apache Longbow with Radar, and AH-64D No Radar Apache. The AH-64D NR has a maximum targeting range for IR targets out to 2km, while the AH-64D can see targets from out to 8km. Both versions are by default equipped with 8 AGM-114L Longbow Hellfires, two M261 19 shot 2.75in High Explosive Rockets, Four AIM-92 Stinger missiles, a M230 30mm \"Chaingun\" Cannon, and a laser designator. When either helicopter approaches a ammo truck, they must stop and land in order to change armament. Possible loadout options include removeal or addition of Stingers on the wingtips, 4xM261 pods for a total of 76 rockets, 16xAGM-114L Hellfires, or the default armament of 2xM261 pods and 8xHellfire. Additionally, if Fire Extinguishers have been spent in the mission, you can reload the fire bottles nearby ammo trucks. Select loadout from the Action Menu. When the helicopter reaches a certain damage point, the helicopter will spiral out of control and crash. If the helicopter crashes at any time, it is replaced by a crashed vehicle and the dead helicopter is removed. Because of the unique way this system works, it is recommended to preload empty AH-64 crashes on some out of the way area on the map, to avoid stutters when the crash script activates. If the helicopter takes a very heavy hit (from a missile, rocket or heavy damage weapon), there is a chance of a critical hit. Critical hits affect how the helicopter functions and how well it flies. Most first level damage (shown as MARG on the systems MFD) is otherwise nothing to be worried about, but the more hits you take, the more likely a critical hit will cause a complete chopper failure. When damage of the helicopter reaches a certain point, the chances of a failure greatly increase. A cannon failure will render the cannon inoperable, while a engine failure will cause the helicopter to start draining fuel at a faster rate. A tail rotor failure spirals the helicopter out of control. Wing failures can cause wing mounted weapons to become inoperable. As damage gets very heavy, there becomes a chance for a engine fire - when this happens, you must be VERY quick to activate fire extinguishers to put the fire(s) out. Failure to do so will result in the helicopter\'s destruction. Note that you can only use fire extinguishers once before requiring the fire bottles to be replaced. There are other failures that can occur, but the basic ones are described above. Both the pilot and the gunner have MFD options. For the gunner, the left MFD displays armament, map, TADS, and Radar - it defaults to armament. The right MFD can display Radar, map, TADS, and systems - default is Radar. The pilot left MFD can display engine information, systems, map, and TADS. The right MFD can display flight information, map, TADS and system.




UH-1 Huey | 2.35 MB

so it is important that the addons available are up to scratch. Lucky, then, that this is a pretty solid addon. The addon features three models with two skins. The gunship model features a machine gun mounted on the left skid and some rockets. The other two have a gun mounted on the side manned from the cargo compartment, one of them features the same pale green 'Nam style skin as the gunship, and one features a disrupted-pattern camouflage. The skinning is perfectly suited to the 'Nam islands and looks just like the Huey did then with a characteristic drab green. The modelling is accurate to my eye and true to that of the real-world Huey, but you can compare it yourself with the screenshots. A particularly nice feature is a ring of dust blown up by your chopper when near the ground. It is very well executed and stops when you reach a certain height, following your chopper convincingly when you are moving at speed. An unfortunate grievance is that of the lack of a readme and installation instructions. While the addon only contains a single .pbo, some instructions, however basic, should always be included and this will unfortunately drag the rating down somewhat. A tiny niggle is the strange effect when the windscreen is smashed. The remaining glass, for some reason, turns black and looks decidedly ugly and crude, as you'll see from the screenshots. And, while it does not detract from the addon's quality, a strange inclusion is the option of "Flare off" in the action menu. I have pressed this at varying heights and with auto-hover on and i cannot find any situation where it will actually do anything. A readme would have helped to clarify this. These niggles included, though, this is still a solid and fairly polished addon and would be a good choice for all your Huey needs.




DKM Mi28

dkmm_mi28_r10.exe | 11.82 MB




SEB UH-1H Special Operations Helicopter | 1.37 MB

It was also uses extensively after the Vietnam War by many different countries. The UH-1H in this addon is painted black for use with Special Forces. It is armed with a M60D machinegun on the left side (the right hand gun is in-operative).[/quote]




Argentine Mirage III Beta

flkmirage.rar | 1.98 MB




Lynx Helicopter

flk_lynx.rar | 10.25 MB




CSJ Hueys Pack

csjuh1.rar | 13.72 MB




Mi-8 Our Weapons

owp_mi8_1_0hight.rar | 23.81 MB

flashes, casings and etc). -New dammage system, with voice and visual annotations of system failures and testing all systems at engine start. -Additional sound source - tail rotor. -Chassis suspension simulation. -Updated paradrop feature (some fx added in cargo space). -Additional animation of pilot, gunner and second pilot. -\"Immideately disembark\" feature, that allows to leave vehicle fast for all passengers and crew. -Second pilot can \"take control\" if first pilot is dead. -\"Winch\" feature. Unit can fire, when is being lifted. -\"Fastrope\" feature. Units can fire, when they move down. -All helicopters equiped with \"Light Flare\" device (for light up the ground at night;) ). There is 8 Flares restriction. -Reworked CMS system. There is 64 flares restriction. -Reworked armor system. Bigger protection against bullets up to 30mm, less protection against shells and rockets.




Star Wars Tie Pack

aca_tief2.rar | 8.35 MB

(scripts) ) in your readme what your source was.




BWMod Tiger

bwmod_tiger_v1.0.rar | 9.69 MB




Dassault Mirage 2000

ikar_m2m_v05_1024.rar | 6.44 MB





Helifreak\'s Apache

hfr_apache.rar | 1.32 MB





B-2 Spirit | 2.33 MB

flying like the real one it probably does although I doubt that any one would be able to know for certain without working for the USAF. However that being said the B2 does look brilliant in the game and definately very recommended.




Kamov 52

evgeni_ka52.rar | 7.79 MB





bc_awing.rar | 1.62 MB




F-4E Phantom II of The Iranian Air Force

iriaff4e.rar | 3.28 MB

the second in low visibility blue/grey.




PedagneMOD Chopper Pack | 30.12 MB

AfrographX; PedagneMOD modified the nose and retextured with Italian Navy insigna. SH3D is the second version of ASZ_SH3D with a new camo Oto-Melara Matra Marte MK2A and Aerospatiale AS12 missiles are two very powerful anti-ship missiles (more Marte MK2A then AS12), but also on land impact (in OFP game) are very powerful CH47 is a fast version of ITA_CH47 on original BIS model with mobile door and a heli transport ammo version A129 was re-modelled in most part. Model its also re-textured with a freeware texture on the web re-edited by PedagneMOD The Pilot was retextured and specialized in three version: Air Pilot, Heli Pilot Army, Heli Pilot Navy. All the models have land and water effects, mobile doors and Multilanguage files.




CSJ Dustoff/medevac Hueys Pack

csjmedevac.rar | 1.89 MB




RAF CH-47 Chinook

rafch47.pbo | 6.55 MB

roundel and insignia. The skin is very accurately done as far as I can tell from the single picture I managed to dig up of a real-world Chinook wearing this skin. The addon is obviously perfect for use as an RAF Chinook in your missions and would be a nice general purpose alternative if you are bored with the drab skin of the BIS model, note, however, that the BIS skin is the one worn by Chinooks most of the time. The addon is of a high quality, and I would recommend it for all your RAF helictoper needs.





ikar_rfl_v06.rar | 3.31 MB




Ikar F-14

ikar_f14_v06.rar | 5.15 MB




HK Aerial | 7.72 MB




AH-1 Cobra - Jungle Camo

svdcobrajungle.pbo | 689.14 KB

essentially been made up, but it looks good, is of a high standard, and fits in well against the jungle variety of islands. The Cobra has never worn a paint scheme like this in real life. The readme is an example to all and addon makers should take note, however low the readme is on their list of priorities. It is concise, snappy and to the point, all the necessary information is present and clearly labelled with no pompous boasting by the author. This addon is worth downloading as an attractive skin to use for the Cobra on any island and will really come into its own on the Jungle variants, so long as you're not too concerned about realism.





bc_ywing.rar | 1.51 MB




Israel Army F-16

vit_isr_f16_12b.rar | 9.49 MB




Ikar Mirage 2000

ikar_m2m_v06.rar | 6.53 MB




KI-43 Hayabusa | 16.26 MB

spend for a single soldier. So some real big airbattles should be possible if the map isn`t too big. BRATTYS CORSAIR addon is needed. At the moment the pilot is the british pilot of the corsair package. Download file contains all the addons required for this aircraft to work, including a Corsair F4U model.




Swiss Mod Aircraft PBO | 7.95 MB




IkaR\'s F14 Tomcat

ikar_f14_v05_1106.rar | 5.59 MB




Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A WWI | 1.33 MB

with the Camel addon by BIS




CSJ Pilatus Porter PC-6 | 3.89 MB





Mirage 2000

ikar_m2m_v05_1116.rar | 6.54 MB




RAF Chinook | 816.35 KB

quality because I;m a mission maker not an addon maker. The only reason I made it is because I needed an RAF Chinook with modern camo and there wasn\'t one around.




Praxtor Casa C 101

casa_c101.rar | 1.91 MB




akira class plus | 6.39 MB

readme with a different type of pack upcoming. First, it has my final Akira Class TNG ships, faster than any of the others and as strong as an Excelsior Class. It will be the only TNG to not use my soon to be done TNG crew. Second, there is my revision to the texture-weapon file cj_fctex including multiple fixes and some texture additions for the TNG files as well as model and texture fixes, it is the Beta version and the next release will be the final. Third, is the final Endeavour (Q5ST) addon with revisions, improved bridges and a new ship (Note this addon as well as the ones featured in the weapon file were to give a rounded style of eras from TOS to TNG for those who prefer just one era or a few addons). Fourth, I have also revised my Excelsior Class and released it due to two parts, first I wanted you to have a variant that was not to weak for TNG eras, and second I wanted you to have the variant with the USS Excelsior hero I use myself. Fifth, flight on the Akira, USS Excelsior, and USS Essex are all of the improved type and the disembarking problem seems to be resolved on the USS Excelsior as well the Akira does fine even though it is the largest craft with successful and decent flight. Please note that the future versions of the weapon addon will be compatible with the older versions of it (exp. as saved in a mission pre-final variant) as well as work with other addons I have built previously using it. There is also a brief description of the anti air beam weapons included in the readme, so you can use them if you like on my other addons or on any unit you would like to add it to (A detailed wepons stat for this file will come with the later final version). It may be a while before I have the Final ready due to the other addons I am working on as well. Thanks!!! CJ




Vega Pack Final | 10.28 MB

original USS Vega NCC-1806, One of my connies done with more detail and a dual beam bank appearancethat shows even on ofp v1.20. These ships first are more accurate in appearance with a higher detailed secondary hull and deflector and all in this pack are seperate addons, there are west (Starfleet) and some for resistence (Terran Empire Starfleet), and the standard classes are also available for the east (TE or Terran Empire). Second, I did the ship with accurate details terran symbols and the ISS prior to name registry, also raised nacelles to proper height and size. Also included is the improved damage and strength to fuel supply, only requiring the texture addon. Third, I did a dual beam bank that when fires appears as two beams, it is also in the new accurate blue color, also worth noting some use a hybrid of the Federation Class secondary hull, and one west ship with dual red beams. I will be releasing a few more of this era hero ships in the future, as well as my TNG addons once completed and tested, as well as a few new things like a simple, small TE Resistence side crewmen pack and a simple, small TOS west crewmen pack (for those who want to use a smaller addon of TOS personnel). Also some stations TOS era design that will be both ground and aerial based. Thanks!!! CJ




cjhelicanonv1 | 18.69 KB

for their size weaponry the manchine gun from the A10. Built with the thought of an air cruiser or Avatar style aerial combat in mind. They require only ofp v1.20 (maybe prior to any who have it). Also included is a stats for these craft. Thanks!!! CJ




VesperBetacj | 17.75 MB

have time to finish some textures on them (propably march 2011, maybe sooner). All of these craft feature higher speed, better armored secitons, armored fuel with extremely large capacity, now having less crashes at high speed due to improvement on config for they\'re manueverability and steer ahead plan. The Earth style ships are based on Prime reality on West side, XI reality on Resistence side, and Terran Empire on Resistence and East sides. The Klingon D-7\'s are on the East side as well. Along with Vesper Classes are some connie tos heros. with some improved designs and details using a smaller addon as a weapons file. The Klingon pack has rougher looking textures to reseamble battle scars, and there is now a Klingon Warbird from the XI era. Also included is a few XI ships I did. New weapon style with an improved spread on certain weapons. All require only ofp v1.20 (maybe prior to any who have it), and the Vespers and Klingons require texture file cj_ftex (included) only. Thanks!!! CJ




TOShull_final | 8.34 MB

NCC-1804 along with a standard Constitution class ship armed with a heavy accelerator cannon. The ship is more accurate in appearance with a higher detailed secondary hull. The ships come in west UFP units, with East and resistence units represented by the Terran Empirecomes forces. Each available individually as seperate addons, requiring only the texture addon (cj_ftex) to use. Specifically to this pack are nacelle registries that appear well on some video cards and not clear but not bad on others(I tried them on more than one machine). ISS is prior to name registry on Terran Units as well, with raised nacelles to near proper height and to proper size. Units appear as they should in their role having the variances between Terran Forces and the Federation. Also included is the improved damage and strength to fuel supply, as will all my future final releases will have. Third, I did some major modifications to the bridges giving them a true TOS style look, and the phasers are also in the new accurate blue color. I will be releasing a few more of this era hero ships in the future, as well as my TNG addons once completed and tested, now detailed once more in a project file. Thanks!!! CJ




cjFulcottv1RSbeta | 6.57 MB

type. The feature craft for only west and resistence sides, a dynamic effct bridge on all designs, weapon types that do attack people but due to reduced damage per shot allows a longer fight and less to no flip over oppurtunity. They also have no velocity limitations allowing them to fly at default game speeds. They are the Fulcott class (the little one with a TOS style sec hull seen in STXI), and Vesper varients, as well as two revised designs also featuring the US style logos. To the OFPteam Sorry about the mishap in sending the upgraded choppers twice, and thanks for the fast response!!! As Always Thanks and Good Work! CJ [quote]cjFulcottV1beta - Fulcott and Vesper varients Included are six craft 4 west side and two resistence ufp style cruisers, currently designed to be used as either air cruisers or starships (will work with either I found out). Originally I planned to do the Fulcott differently as a xi ship, but instead built it while trying to do an air cruiser mod thus leading to this pack. It is a beta though I don\'t see alot of changes if any to these craft so it may be more of a final. The big advantage is there is no speed reduction, multiple armored sections for improved flight and fuel loss prevention in combat, and a massive fuel capacity that allows extended periods of use. The drawbacks are it is designed to be targeted by light craft almost all (except the ofpr V-80, CH47-D, and UH-60) will attack it. Also I did a much more acurate version of the XI bridge using more ofp textures for an improved look and effects. They require only ofp v1.20 (maybe prior to any who have it), and the texture file cj_ftex (included). Also included is a stats for these craft and all required addons. Thanks!!! CJ [/quote]




cjconnietngV3 | 12.58 MB

Plus there are additional TNG era Connies in the pack, along with a few heroes. The ship have improvements in appearance with a few details added to their hulls. The ships come in west UFP units, with East and resistence units represented by the Terran Empirecomes forces. Each available individually as seperate addons, requiring only the texture addon (cj_ftex) to use. They now have some different names the TNG original name was changed to Xedalla, and the MK VII to Aexar. Also I did some changes to their bridges so they don\'t all have the same exact appearance, many variations. Also included is the improved damage and strength to fuel supply, as will all my future final releases will have. Third, I did some modifications to the weapons giving them a true TOS style look, some of the phasers are in the new accurate blue color, while others (specifically Mk II still is dark blue phasers) using other weapons like the mk v using tetryon based weaponry are still their original color. I will be releasing a few more of my TOS era hero ships in the future, as well as my TNG addons once completed and tested, now detailed once more in a project file. Thanks!!! CJ




cjStarTrek_2012pack1 | 49.99 MB

feature new ships classes and revisions, They will be higher detailed with balanced armor (no super vs. weaker) but still have relative strength based on their type and class. Also there will be more animations and screen animations, some feature damage effects, but no scripts so it will be usable on all versions of FLASHPOINT. Depending on your video card and settings will determine how much animation you will see. They will also have armored sections to prevent easy take down, weapon changes to balance there fire rate out and weapon effect variations to add a little more character to the ships Also included is a stats for some of these craft, an error and effect listing, and all required addons. Thanks!!! CJ




cjStarTrek_2012pack2 | 41.28 MB

features mostly revisions like the Galaxy and Sovereign fixes to design and texture, bridge fixes, armor rebalanced, and rebalanced weapons. There are also the renames to duplicate classes or incorrect classes (such as Exeter to Excel and Envoy to Monarch). There has been redisn to the now Monarch Class so it looks like a Monarch class and there is a new Envoy class, the largest air type addon I have done and the first successful modification to a geometry file to allow a stable but accurate movement type addon ingame! Most but not all ships have federation personell fly the craft by default. Also included is a stats for some of these craft, an error and effect listing, and all required addons. Thanks!!! CJ




cjTNGera | 16.17 MB

Plus a new addon with TNG men using a Phaser pistol and Rifle as seen in the series. There are also other vessels that served in the next Generation era and the movie eras including hero ships as well. Third, All have improved fuel supply armament so even weaker units can survive the explosion of a nearby craft of object on the ground and fuel leaks are much more rare, they also have proper armos and strenght basis on their class. Also new bridges for them and though not to scale the Galaxy Class is huge double the size of my Constitution Class ships\' I want to note that my pics of the units will show some of this triple pack (that I\'m releasing in three parts the preTNG, TNG, postTNG) and some from the others, all done to show style and size comparison due to the fact that I was able to use an enlarged ship on them (also depending on your PC will determin how many huge ships you can use in a battle). Thanks!!! CJ




cjpostTNGera | 17.18 MB

(many seen in STO). Plus a new addon with TNG men using a Phaser pistol and Rifle (varient based on STO and TNG styles). There is also a revision to my white hulled TNG Connies featuring improved fire arcs on the aft bank, registry texture improvements on the nacelles, a new bridge for the CL ( light cruiser varient), and some new textures and a different name for the CL as well. Third, All have improved fuel supply armament so even weaker units can survive the explosion of a nearby craft of object on the ground and fuel leaks are much more rare, they also have proper armor and strenght basis on their class. Also new bridges for them and though not to scale, the Celestial Class is undoubtfully the largest (also the largest I have built without flight issues) of the fed ships well over double the size of my Constitution Class ships and a third larger than my Galaxy class ships. I want to note that my pics of the units will show some of this triple pack (that I\'m releasing in three parts the preTNG, TNG, postTNG) and some from the others, all done to show style and size comparison due to the fact that I was able to use an enlarged ship on them (also depending on your PC will determin how many huge ships you can use in a battle). Thanks!!! CJ




cjpreTNGera | 19.45 MB

addon with TOS men using a more accurate weapon sound (I didn\'t upgrade my old one do to that many may like the sound effects for that pack. The revised ships have improvements in function, fixing the error in docking and boarding on both the Excelsior Class, Excelsior Class Refit and USS Enterprise-B. The other revisions are texture improvements on my Constitution addons using the light colored hull. The new ships (there are only two addons), have the already updated effects and design basis and I just built them to go with the others as an option for use, plus they\'re higher detailed than my old ones I originally released had. Third, All have improved fuel supply armament so even weaker units can survive the explosion of a nearby craft of object on the ground and fuel leaks are much more rare. I want to note that my pics of the units will show some of this triple pack (that I\'m releasing in three parts the preTNG, TNG, postTNG) and some from the others, all done to show style and size comparison due to the fact that I was able to use an enlarged ship on them (also depending on your PC will determin how many huge ships you can use in a battle). Thanks!!! CJ