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Medal of Honor




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Allied Assault Taunts For Spearhead | 71.44 KB

taunt with the old allied assault taunts there are 17 taunts in total. There are two triggers per map and once triggered they dont re-appear for 5 minutes - so there cant be to much spaming of taunts lol.




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weapon select/team select/skin select script

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the mod>>> the keys it uses is as follows: 8,9,0,1,2,3,4,5,6, and the number pad keys used are: 7,8,9 o and alt too. 1-6 are the weapons 9=pick allies as team, 0=pick axis as team, [-]=spectate. the skin select keys are as follows: ALT+7 give use the carbine rifle, ALT+8 gives you the Lee Enfield rifle, and ALT+9 give you the weird rifle i forgot the name. it is a script for { on the fly team or weapon or skin switch}.. i like it alot and use it alot... maybe you will like it too... the stuff i changed is as follows: It set wheel up as pistol and wheel down as nade but i have added a for more scripts to change it to normal ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the *MOST IMPORTANT BINDS I ADDED*: bind MWHEELDOWN "weapprev" bind MWHEELUP "weapnext" bind h "weapdrop" bind o "toggle cg_3rd_person" -> it uses the 8 key so i had to change it. bind m "cinemtic" -> This will MUTE all *Backround Sounds* so you here foot steps and gun sots. bind f "exec s.cfg" -> you press F if you just started mohaa.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ***HERE IS THE MOST IMPOTANT INFO***: * When you first run this you have to press F and alt. to make sure it is working press 1 to see if it brings up the team select menu.. after that just press F and it will work fine. * In order for the SKIN CHANGER script to work you HAVE to pick your team with this script. Or it WONK work. * This DOES work with brakethrough and does have brakethrough skins for the axis team.