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DOOM II for DOOM 3 | 9.51 MB

them. This mod is comprised of: 1/. [b]Entryway[/b] by PhantomL0rd 2/. [b]Underhalls[/b] by Lemming 3/. [b]The Gantlet[/b] by mybrainhurtz 4/. [b]The Focus[/b] by PhantomL0rd 5/. [b]The Waste Tunnels[/b] by Lemming/PhantomL0rd 6/. [b]The Crusher[/b] by PhantomL0rd 7/. [b]Dead Simple[/b] by mybrainhurtz 8/. [b]The Pit[/b] by Lemming 9/. [b]Refueling Base[/b] by Lemming Please Note: Due to specific hardware limitations you will notice that when you enter a room there are fewer enemies that are in the original Doom II game. But be warned that as you kill enemies, more will spawn in jsut around the corner or behind you. Also these spawns are instantaneous as they do not have the red glow and star effect when teleporting and instantly appear, this may look strange if you happen to see it happening but it cannot be helped without putting them all in at the very begining and watching your PC explode. Report any bugs encountered over there: [url=""]Bug and Error Reports Thread[/url]




Quake II: Lost Marine | 265.8 MB

DOOM 3 engine. Engage in [b]high combat situations[/b] in [b]all new areas[/b] with [b]all new gameplay[/b]. Fight [b]various Strogg enemies[/b] along your way including Enforcers, Light Guards and Flyers. Take them out with your Blaster, Double Barrel Shotgun, or other arsenal that you come across. Find secrets and secret areas and powerups. Unlock secret extra content, and much more! This is a Single Player Demo only. This is not the full or final polished release of the mod. This is only a test build, for progress showing and bug feedback reporting. There are still things we need to finish, including animations, code, art etc. It's packaged in a Windows Installer and is also ready for burning a backup copy of the mod to CD. Don't forget to grab your CD Labels as well. It's been a tough 4 months developing this demo, but I promised to have something playable by QuakeCon 2005 and I delivered on that promise. Everyone did an excellent job. So without further delay, just click that [b]download[/b] button and go kick some Strogg ass!




DOOM Chronicles: Chapter One | 87.79 MB

gameplay. The level included was chosen because it shows off many of our new features, but does not give away too many of our \"secrets\", nor the bigger surprises that await with the final release of Chapter One ;)




DOOM3X | 61.35 MB

some gaming while getting some input from people who play it to improve on any further versions. Check out my website for download info, [url=""]an updated features list[/url], and possible other new things I added to the site recently. But for now, enjoy Doom3X! -------------- Remarks: -------------- Doom3X has changed some of the buttons so you can select the Riotgun using the keyboard. Here is screen caps of my suggestions for the Controls. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions... Oh and don't even ask about a universal God Mode to override my "No God" damage settings on the bosses, have to win a game for real for once in your life guys.




DOOM Chronicles: Chapter One | 73.04 MB

and features. One of the new features to note is the new Impact Particle system! Though the paritcle effects are still being tweaked and improved, this feature adds tonnes of depth to d3. Metal sparks when shot, dirt shoots off clouds of dust, etc. Also (as mentioned above) we have a new gravity gun model! Unfortunately, the skin we released it with in the demo is VERY beta, so you do not get to see this trully amazing model in all its glory.... But don't worry, we will get it reskinned by our next release! We incourage everyone to download our Demo, and to give us feedback. Also, report any bugs you might find [url=""]in our forums,[/url] or [url=""]send to this e-mail.[/url] Hope you enjoy.




DOOM Chronicles: Chapter One | 9.01 MB

patch is *only* good for the single player content of the mod, if you would like to play the multiplayer as well, you can download the [file="46984"]Doom Chronicles Demo version 2,[/file] which is a separate download, and contains both the single and multiplayer aspects of the mod.