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Windows 7 64-bit Battle for Middle-Earth fix | 539 Bytes

game, did it crash? Well, if it did download this file and it should be working again! I have a Win 7 64-bit, and I tried to play BFME 2, but it crashed. But I found a way to fix that problem! Now it works perfectly in my computer. Download this file and your copy of Battle for Middle-Earth is working again! This has been verified on my sites including on the EA forums that this solution does work. This solution will also apply if you have a monitor that goes over 1024x768 as BFME series will not support that. This options.ini file is the basic menu settings to get your game running, you can then change your options to the settings of your choice.




BFME2 Special Extended Edition

bfme2specialextendededition.rar | 220.41 MB

by everyone! Long live S.E.E! Here are just some of the main changes that have been made in the Mod but this isn't even half of them: ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ BFME2 Special Extended Edition - Fixes & Additions for BETA 4.5 ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ALL FACTIONS ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ - FortressUpgrade FX (all new) added for all Good and Evil factions! (Except for the dwarves who already had them). - AI's Fortress Expansion's pads & Range/VisionRange/ShroudRange behavior are completely refurbished, with more organized and symmetrical AI placement on the expansion pads. - Walls, Wall Hubs and Wall Upgrades are now only attackable by siege and structural damage dealing units. This includes removal of the annoying bug that caused melee units to attack catapults on walls. - Evil Economy Expansion are now 33% Lumbermills, 67% standard. - Stance AI behaviour added for all units, complete with FX. When attacking, the AI units go to red FX and fight more aggressively. - BrutalAI Discount fixed. Now only 50% discount on heroes, instead of almost 90%. - Horde movement behavior adjusted. * When set on Aggressive Stance, hordes now swarm much farther apart when in melee combat, making the battlefield more realistically chaotic. Also less units will stand around in the back ranks doing nothing. * Adjusted CavalryHorde turning behaviour, which was awkward before, unless they where turning 180°. * WargCavalry turning fix (Horde was faster than HordeMembers). - Range/Melee weapon toggle is now used by AI. Ranged weapon is default, and when in close combat, the units switch to melee weapons. Hobbits, Hobbit Heroes, Haldir, Captain Jackson, Corsairs, Rohirrim... all units like them will now use melee AND range attacks by the AI. - AI Horse mounting fixed for Gandalf, Eomer, Eowyn (also Disguise), Faramir, Glorfindel and Nazgul. - Attack Ranges are adjusted for all Heroes (shorter). Riders with swords now attack at about 2 to 4 o'clock (direction, right side). - Dropped Units do damage now! Infantry or Cavalry grabbed and dropped by Eagles or Fellbeast now have an impact FX and do some damage and knockback to units located on the landing site/ground. - Additional AI Spellbook Scripting for more variety of the Hard AI's purchase order (25%). - Archers for all factions, have been completely refurbished and polished to the extreme!!! Extended Range is given for archer's Bombard Attack (ballistic path). Archers now fire INDIVIDUALLY, and no longer simultaneously!). Risk of missing targets is increased, and possibility to hit others is added. They also no longer run across the map to follow enemies that flee. - Industry spell have increased radius from 200 to 250. Now limited to 5 minutes. (EA patch 1.05 update). - New BannerUpgrade : Troops don't replenish until this upgrade is purchased. Can be purchased at higher levels than level2, but increases level to a max of level 2. Marked by the CE-Banner Glow. - Forged Blades FX is finally fixed and unified, meaning All FB's glow in a new glow that is white and very subtle! >>> Credit: ROBNKARLA - Banner Glow FX is adjusted the same way; white subtle glow! >>> Credit: ROBNKARLA - Campaign (BFME2) now running, but might still have bugs and crashes. But at least it starts up We will have a completely new campaign for Beta V though (hopefully)... >>> Credit: ROBNKARLA - ALL BFME1 maps added! >>> Credit: ROHARA GOLLUM & The One Ring! ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ - Gollum the RingBearer & RingStealer: * Redone Audio! * Redone Locomotor with integrated WallClimbing and all new wall climbing animations! * Gollum the RingStealer activated! This means: 1) All is like you know with Gollum (the RingBearer) trying to stay away with his Precious, until Gollum is killed. 2) Once that happens, Gollum the RingStealer is spawned (somewhere on the map). 3) The RingStealer is actively hopping around, not fleeing anymore but trying to avoid enemies by using his sneakiness. 4) He can now be converted to your faction's Side (Good or Evil) if you attack him and damage him just a little bit, unless you are the Side that took his precious! If you manage to catch him this way, he will be a "hero" for your faction. 5) As the RingStealer, and once in sight of the Fortress holding his precious, he activates his special RingStealing mode. If he "attacks" the fortress directly while the Ring is still there (and the RingHero not yet built), the Ring is removed and back in Gollum's hands. Gollum the RingStealer is now happily dancing around and disappearing (to be respawned as the neutral RingBearer on one of the usual Gollum Spawn Points). This should work, even if the RingStealer is not converted to anyone's side but attacking the fortress on his own... MEN ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ - Tower Guards renamed into Fountain Guards and now require Black Smith, Heavy Armor & Forged Blades to be available. When spawned, they come with these upgrades. Need level 3 Barracks. (New system for Elite units). ELVES ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ - Hobbit Hordes not having XP levels fixed. - Glorfindel's Starlight/Blade of Purity powers and texts adjusted. MORDOR ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ - Balrog AI perfected (Animation timing and all power useage). The AI now makes full use the Balrog's abilities. Powers now also usuable on auto (right-click). - Harardrim Archer bug removed, where they were sprouting flames when running around damaged but still alive. - Mûmak topple straight death weapon (when it falls on belly, it flattens troops in front of or under it). - MountainTroll and CaveTroll AI: They now pick up Orcs (and eat them) when damaged. Also they pick up a tree when in melee combat (if a tree is close). They use 'Bombing' animation, which means lobbing stones higher when the target is far away. Rampaging is now occurring more often and has an increased radius. New TrollGrabVictim projectile. - Troll short throw Rock flight path fixed. Now starts in hand and not on the ground. - MordorLargeGroup bonus FX (Orcs are shouting and glowing when a mob has collected). - MordorBattleTower now has it's own archer crew (5). - Eye of Sauron now has AI! - All FellBeasts (and their riders) have been scaled to proper "real life" size and given more animations. - Nazgul's mount Horse and Fellbeast are now two separate mount buttons, keeping only two objects (1 Fellbeast, 1 Horse/Foot). No more circle mounting. Powers can be seperately triggered by upgrades if wanted. - Nazguls have been given new additional animations for Idle and Attack. Now you can really see how well they handle a sword =) - Nazgûl/Blackrider level adjustments. AI compatible. New nazzie MountSwitch: * level 1 - mount/dismount horse (disabled when mounted on Fellbeast) * level 2 - dread gaze * level 4 - terrifying screech * level 6 - morgul blade * level 8 - mount/dismount Fellbeast (disabled when mounted on horseback) - Witchking level adjustments. AI compatible. * level 1 - mount Fellbeast/Horse/Foot * level 2 - dread gaze + WK leadership (he should have one, and also the beautiful WK leadership button) * level 4 - terrifying screech * level 6 - morgul blade * level 8 - hour of the WK (curse enemy - reset timers) mounted use only. * level 8 - hour of the WK (Flaming Sword) on foot only. - Witch-king now has 5 different attack animations! * SwordStrike: Against Heroes and Monsters. This hits only one target but is very strong. * Mace Overhead Smackdown: Especially against Hordes and Structures. (Range/Radius 45, Damage Arc 15°). * Mace Backhand CirclingStrike: Especially against Hordes and Structures. (Range/Radius 30, Damage Arc 45°). * Running SwordStrike: Against everyone, but only when moving while striking). * SwordThrust: Only used with Morgul Blade attack. ISENGARD ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ - Berserkers now automatically "Rage" when badly hurt (+20% damage, speed, armor). - UrukRaider BannerCarrier speed increased to match the UrukRaider speed. GOBLINS ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ - Goblin King renamed into Great Goblin and scaled up. He also rides a Warg now, instead of a giant scorpion. - Goblin Archer PoisonFX and Special 'Flaming Arrows' (works much like Noldorin WeaponSong). So what are you waiting for go and download it!




Elvenstar Mod 2

elvenstar_mod_ii_4.0.exe | 80.69 MB

2 , it follows the same features as the first Elvenstar mod created for BFME1, but it has a different purpose this time to fill in for all the things the public want to take part in the game, such as Gothmog may feature in it as many of the fans want him to be in it, so the creators have decided to put him in. This takes a wide range look at BFMe2 and really says it all just like the BFME1 version. The BFME1 version was our top downloaded content ever, lets see if this patch matches the older one and hopefully it will keep up its standards! This has the same feature as before, where before you start the game click on the Elvenstar icon on your desktop and it will give you a choice of what options you want to start the game with, for example the older version: 1. Play Elvenstar Mod Normally 2. Play Elvenstar Mod with Blood Patch 3. Play Elvenstar Mod without Blood Patch 4. Play BFME1 Normally Well this Mod is a great mod and will be a major contender for File of the Week make sure you download this file, this a file not to miss! Sorry for the file being late as well there was a problem with uploading it but its all been cleared up and its ready for you to download!




Command Point and Build Fast Mod | 2.46 MB

tried and tested this mod myself, it works on my game hope this works for you guys as well and of course you ||G||. Main changes: Evertthing is instant build Unlimited Command Points(virtually-999999) Digz




Elvenstar mod 2

elvenstar_mod_ii_4.1.exe | 28.17 MB

simple: This patch requires an installed version of Elvenstar Mod II 4.0!




BFME2 2.5 Mod | 10.3 MB

bfme3 hence the name bfme2.5 . These first 2 versions add bits and peices, but my next version will start adding factions, so be sure to keep an eye open for them. Installation ------------ Copy the bfme2.5.big into C:\\Documents and Settings\\Tom\\Application Data\\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files (note this may be hidden) Run the sortcut. Please note if you installed battle for middle earth 2 somewhere diferent to the default path \"C:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\" you will have to open properties of the shortcut, and change the start it box to where you installed, for example it might look like this \"E:\\Games\\Battle for middle earth 2\" Then change the the first part of the target box (\"C:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\") To where you installed bfme2. So it would look like this \"E:\\Games\\Battle for middle earth 2\" -mod bfme2.5.big just make sure you dont remove the command at the end. Changes --------- version 2.1.5 -------------- button and portrait images added to gothmog, damrod and gamling. Gothmog armor and attack while mounted fixed. Rohan armory upgrades fixed elven reskin pack removed (look worse then originals) version 2.1 --------------- Goblins -------- New Building Dragon Lair 3 Dragon\'s can be built from dragon lair Drakes built from Dragon lair New Hero Balrog Drogoth built from dragon lair Dragon lair now has experience levels Mordor ------------ nazgul all mount fell beasts and horses gothmog can mount and dismount warg gothmog carnage and cripple power\'s removed, new power stubbon pride 8 nazgul availble (and witch king) Grond availble Isengard ----------- New Building, Dunland Tent Wild men availible from Dunland Tent all new buildings have experience levels Dwarves ----------- 3 Hunters avaible (aragorn, Legolas and gimli) Tom Bombidil Avaible Elves ------ New Building Hobbit Barracks Hobbit sherrifs avaible from hobbit barracks New hero\'s frodo, sam, merry and pippin built from hobbit built from hobbit barracks Celeborn bugs fixed New Unit Elven warriors New hero Gwaihirall new buildings have experience levels Men ---- Ranger tent uses right model in snow upgrade problems fixed All new buildings have all new buildings have experience levels New Building Rohan Archery Range New Building Rohan Armory New Building Rohan Stable New Building Rohan Well New Building Rohan Statue New Building Ranger Tent Dunedain avaible form ranger tent ithilian rangers avaible from ranger tent New hero Damrod New Hero Gamling New Unit Rohan Peasants New Unit Rohan Archers New Unit Rohan Fighters New Unit Rohan Builder New unit Oath Breaker cavalry Rohan Well and statue radius\'s now fixed damrod now has a button image Gondor fighters, archers, and towerguards all have new skins Other ------- More Team colours New war of the ring mod, the 3rd age New create a hero weapon, for motw class Credits and thanks ------- Sorry if missed someone out, ill be surprised if i have though Valandil- gondor soldiers, gondor archers, towerguard, damrod skins The 3rd age- the hole modding comunity is always very helpful, and i allways go there for help, so i give my thanks. Rohadhrim & Wheezy- they made the ingame loading screens bettween them, whoozy did the world builder bit and Rohadhrim did the writing. Beta testers ------------ Nazzie Whoozy Wheezy MikeMate onebigcheese Theodred Lioncage King Duku Dindi Hobbit Other ------ if u have any problems, surgestions, idears, bug reports or balence issues please head over to my forums, where your also find the latest news on whats to come in my mod.




Alternate create a hero mod | 3.42 MB

spendable Powerpoints reduced to 20 from 25; Servants of Saroun Armor more vulnerable against archers; Create-a-Hero Trolls attack multiple units. Powers Added To Classes: Corrupted Man – Cripple Strike Ranged {1,2,3} not 4 Arrow Bonus {Levels 1, 2, 3} not 4 Familiar {All levels} Poison Attack {All levels} Servants of Sauron – Earthshaker {All levels} added for Troll Hero of the West – Axe Throw {All levels} Toughness Elves – Athelas Dwarves – None Powers Edited: Axe Throw; Level 1 reduced damage to 200 from 400. Level 2 reduced damage to 400 from 800. Level 3 reduced damage to 600 from 1200. Arrow Bonus; Level 1 reduced damage to 10 from 25. Level 2 reduced damage to 15 from 25. Level 3 reduced damage to 20 from 25. Assassin; Level 1 reduced damage to 1000 from 2000. Level 2 reduced damage to 1500 from 4000. Level 3 reduced damage to 2000 from 7000. Level 4 reduced damage to 3000 from 10000. Cripple Melee; Level 1 reduced damage to 300 from 600. Level 2 reduced damage to 600 from 1200. Level 3 reduced damage to 900 from 1800. Level 4 reduced damage to 1200 from 2400. Cripple Ranged; Level 1 reduced damage to 250 from 500. Level 2 reduced damage to 500 from 1000. Level 3 reduced damage to 750 from 1500. Level 4 reduced damage to 1000 from 2000. Fireball; Level 1 reduced damage to 200 from 400. Level 2 reduced damage to 500 from 800. Level 3 reduced damage to 800 from 1200. Leap Damage; Level 1 reduced damage to 120 from 200. Level 2 reduced damage to 250 from 500. Lightning; Level 3 reduced damage to 750 from 1000. Sapper; Level 2 reduced damage {Structural} to 750 from 1000. Level 3 reduced damage {Structural} to 1000 from 1500. ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OTHER CHANGES: ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ******Added Clord’s A.I Mod v1.23****** Gimli: Buildcost reduced to 3000 form 4000. Drogoth: Buildcost reduced to 3000 from 5000. Elrond: Buildcost reduced to 2000 from 2500. Haldir: Buildcost reduced to 1200 from 2000. Haldir Leadership now at Level 1 instead of Level 6. Golden Arrow now at Level 6 instead of Level 10. Glorfindel: Buildcost increased to 2000 form 1500. Health increased to 2500 from 1500. Damage increased to 300 from 40 (150). Starlight now at Level 8 instead of Level 10. Added Arwen’s Flood as Glorfindel’s Level 10 Ability.




Unlimited CP Mod | 2.46 MB




Fellowship Mod

fellowship2.rar | 3.38 MB

type unit Gamling Added - new abilties and CaH voice, weaker boromir New skins for gondor soldiers and archers Peasants added with no upgrades available Towerguards need a level 2 barracks Elves: ===== GilGalad added - new abilites - elronds voice Last alliance elves and men added - summon by GilGalad ONLY Elrond attacks quicker Glorfindel buffed, power to summon rivendell lancers Ents and Treebeard become stealthed near trees New Noldorian Knights new brown hair for lorien warriors Dwarfs: ===== Balin is there ringhero - new powers - voice of CaH Tom Bombadil available Isengard: ===== Saruman is ringhero and stronger Ugluk added - abilities new - voice and images new Othrod Added - mini balrog - weaker and smaller Drake buildable from level 3 siege works Mordor: ===== Nazguls no longer go to ground to do there screech it happens in the air instead of darkness spell power, there is a haradrim summon which summons overlords, harad lancers, and NEW Harad Riders Wild: ===== Balrog as main ringhero Balcmeg and Lug added, mini balrogs weaker than othrod, but still strong Fellowship: ===== So... New Buildings : --------------- Fortress is rohan golden hall New Tree Mens Barracks Hobbits Barracks for hobbit sheriffs and the heros Ranger tent for rohan yeomen, dunedain and gladrhim (elven warriors from bfme1) Stable with just rohirrim Mirror of gladriel Ent moot Wight Lair for upgrades (as this is where the hobbits got swords from in the book) Rohan sentry tower Mens walls Heros: ---------- Strider added, no longer aragorn he's a ranger Boromir has a last stand power and invunerability power Gimli has a shake foundation power and a game power (same as legolas, when gimli and lego are close they gain major bonuses) Legolas has a game power and the knife fighter is gone.... as its a Toggle between bow and sword Gandalf when not with the ring he has wizard blast, lightning blast and istari light, and stays grey New skins for Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Boromir The Ring Upgrade : ----------- Ok i shall explain this: when you find the ring and take it back to the fortress, you then have to purchase an upgrade costing 7500 this when purchased effects gandalf. u click a button which then makes him wear the ring become white and all his powers are made stronger, quicker to recharge, more health etc. his istari light is more of an aura power and is much stronger. So thats how the ring works... Other things: ------------- new spellbook made up of other spells Springtime - a grand harvest type power for the trees new skin for the porter New startup screens And the game version says Fellowship Mod Version 1.4 units: ------ the units available are rohan peasants gondor men gondor tower guards Rohirrim Yeomen Dunedain } these 3 archers require the tent upgraded before you can get the next lot Gladrahim (elven warriors) im sure iv probably missed something... Credits: Duku The Doc The coders of this mod, Zimoo & Solinx & Me :) Vapula Valandil Probably more... Have Fun!




BFME2 Blood Mod

bfme2_bloodmod.rar | 111.59 KB

and the like have greenish blood. Orcs and Uruks have dark blood. Wraiths and undead have no blood at all. Ents lose some wood chips when hit.




BFME2 Community \"Unofficial\" Patch 1.06.1

ini.big | 23.17 MB

\"This allows you to play skirmsh games with the default campaign colors. No more annoying awkward colors. Units now look how they\'re suppose to!\" Increased Gandalf\'s Mounted Speed \"It always bugged me how in the books and the movies shadowfax was the fastest horse, but in the game he is one of the slowest. Now when Gandalf is mounted he shows us the meaning of haste!\" Increased Men and Dwarf wall radius \"it was annoying how you could no longer close off natural bottlenecks. Now you can once again.\" Aragorn obtains Anduril at lv10. \"this causes Aragorn\'s sword to have a subtle, cool glow. I did this for visual reasons and originally had it at level 5, but it seemed to increase his attack and made him overpowered at that level. So i put it to level 10, if anyone could confirm if it actually does increase his attack and by how much, I would really appreciate it.\" This is it for now, I was mostly pleased with the new patch, thats why there are no real balance changes. I would appreciate any suggestions, because I\'m sure there will be updates later. To install this mod simply copy this INI file and paste it in your Battle For Middle Eearth II folder. Make sure you make a copy of the original INI file and put it somewhere safe.




Elven Guard mod | 3.47 MB

Barracks when it is rank 3 at the build cost of 800 and 80 command points. Gholin(the mod\'s author) has balanced them so that they are not overly advantageous and they are a great alternative to pumping out warrior and archer hordes. They definitely add spice to the elven faction as a late game unit. Remember to back up your files before you put this mod in!




Toms BFME2 1 .5 mod | 3.11 MB

guides which can be found at this address Changes --------- Gondor ------------------- new building, the ranger tent dunedain rangers availble form ranger tent ithilian rangers availble from ranger tent sam avalible merry avalible pipin availble frodo availble hobbit sheriffs avalible from barracks dendain rangers made more powerful Dwarves ---------- Aragorn Avalible legolas Avalible Tom Bombidil Elves ---------- Galadrial availble without the ring Celeborn availble Glorfindel given faramirs leadership and more powerful Gwaihir, the eagle hero has been added Mordor ----------- Sauron avalible without the ring isengards walls availble Isenguard ------------- Wild men avalible saruman more powerful Goblins -------- new building, the dragon lair Balrog made a hero fire drakes buildable from dragon lair dragons buildible from dragon lair isengards walls availble other changes --------------- The 3rd age ------------- The 3rd age is a wotr mode, all territoris beling to who they did during the war of the ring. bug fix --------- The hobbits could not be revived before, ive now fixed that enjoy!!! Tom8778




Create a Hero mod | 2.46 MB

campaigns. Reading through the forum threads, it seems some of you were hoping you could do that. It is not perfect. The process you need to go through to get your hero into the campaign is longer than I would have liked. However, once you do that, to the best of my knowledge it works fine. If I find the right file to edit, I may be able to add a selection menu at the start of the campaigns. Feel free to modify it yourself - just give me credit if you use it and tell me about it.




Harder but more fun gameplay | 4.32 MB

challenging(carefull low-end PC users as this can laaaagggg!!!). Basically what this mod does is the following: 1-EVERYONE gets 10000 command points per farm/slaughter house/mine shaft and these also provide resources faster and at a greater rate. 2-AI will think its rich if it has 70 resources(meaning that it will build and/or create a lot of units). 3-Mordor automatically starts with Sauron for every game(singleplayer included) you play. 4-With Mordor, the Balrog is now recruited as a hero in the fortress(removing the summon balrog power) and it counts as a normal hero thus eliminating the time limit. 5-Every unit and structure uses very little resources and are built in less than a minute/20 seconds for most units and structures, and take note this does NOT work on custom heroes) 6-As mentioned earlier every farm gives 10000 cp to you AND the AI thus making the AI build armies that can sometimes flood the map entirely(this had my PC running at 0.00000000001 frames per hour lol) This also includes 2 self modified maps: Minas Tirith edit and Erebor edit, which are the maps shipped with the game but I self modified them a bit to hep the defender, example: I removed the 2 fire drake lairs on the east and west entrances on Erebor and I added a gate to each entrance to ensure nothing gets you by surprise, and on Minas Tirith you get more outposts and are able to get to the third level which is where your citadel is located, also I removed the western ramp to add two more outposts and ensure that the AI have a hard time getting to the third level, also added more gates to fortify the city more, just in case you lose your first level soon in th game....really soon) how to install: MAKE A BACKUP OF INI.BIG!!! OR ELSE YOU WILL EITHER CRASH YOUR GAME OR WON'T BE ABLE TO PLAY ONLINE ANYMORE! put Ini.big in C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsThe Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II put the 2 map folders in C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingMy Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II FilesMaps this mod is for the patched 1.04 version of the game, I have no idea if itscompatible with any other versions of the game and I wouldn't try to do either. Also take note that I am NOT responsible for any damage done to your computer or copy of the game. Credits go to: RGInquisitor, EA(tm) and Divine Shadow(thanks a lot dude you got me into BFME2 modding) well enjoy and be sure to leave your thoughts or comments on filefront!




Blue Wizards Mod | 13.02 MB

is good and Pallando is evil. Other new heroes and some new units are also included in this mod. NEW HEROES: MEN: Isildur and Damrod ELVES: Alatar, Bregalad and Gildor (Summon) DWARVES: Tom Bombadil and King of the Dead MORDOR: Gothmog ISENGARD: Draugluin GOBLINS: Pallando and Kraken (Summon) If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or anything regarding this mod, email me ( or PM me at Mevault or forums. Hope you like it! By the way, there will probably be a Version 2 for this mod!




Extended Campaign | 8.11 MB

so, I've started working on expanding the campaign for BFME2. ------------------------ the first phase of the mod is to port all the scripted missions from the BFME1 campaigns (good and evil) into the BFME2 campaigns. Of course improving, and hopefully making a little harder as I go along. The second phase is to start adding additional parts to the campaigns (i have my eye on the Fords of Isen 1 + 2, The paths of the dead, The Pelennor wall, the Dead marshes and Dol Amroth (also as a possible finale for the evil campaign) plus many others. ------------------------ This VERY early version of the mod adds 2 missions from the BFME1 campaign into the BFME2 good campaign. The first 3 missions of the Good campaign are now as follows 1 - Moria (from BFME1, very few modifications) 2 - Rivendell (unchanged from BFME2) 3 - Lothlorien (from BFME1, a few small changes, plus added Haldir) ------------------------ All the voices from the 2 missions are included in this mod, but for the moment I wont include the movie files, they do work (although without sound) but are rather large, so ill save them for hte first complete release. ------------------------ Recruitment While I'm fairly confident I can do the core campaign bits myself, I am completely out of my depth when it comes to proper modding. If anyone is interested in helping me out in the second phase of the mod, when ill be needing a few extra units and heroes, please feel free to get in touch. ------------------------ Known bugs The very first part of Moria (where Boromir says "this isn't a mine its a tomb") now has a missing texture, as I messed something up, and don't know what! I'll fix in the next version. I haven't done the objectives text for Lothlorien yet, again for the next version. The fellowhip heroes have no cap on how fast they level up, as at present they only get 2 missions. ------------------------ Credit where its due. I have included in this mod "Clords AI and Balance mod, version 1.15", and Gholins "Elven Guard" mods, since I use these mods and don't want to keep switching files, when I feel like actually PLAYING the game. Plus there both VERY good. The porting of the campaign missions was all me. For what little it's worth...




Hero Improvement mod Patch 1.06 Ready! | 2.47 MB

this mod edits, powers, timers, damage, health, etc! This mod really puts the fun back in to heros! CAH: Well i have only partially edited CAH because it is very hard to edit but there are some improvements on it! I edited loads of timers and set them to a fair amount...some before were way to high for the power. Wizards powers are improved greatly..wizards blasts can actually kill a horde of easterlings/towerguards! Heros: This is the area in which i have spent the most time on (about a month) working on the powers Fx\'s, and damage incresases and health etc! Here is what i have done: Theoden- Increased Health & Damage..i mean he is the King of rohan! He needs to have more health than previously! Eomer- Increased damage and spear throw is a bit more powerful. Eowyn- She slayed the witch king..give her some credit..she is alot better now! Worth the resources! Gandalf- This is the guy i have made the most effort on..all his powers have been made more powerful, more interesting and alot more fun! Gandalf is of the istari order..he needs more than health..he is really an amazing hero now! Word of power and wizard blast are so cool now! Boromir- Increased health more powerful sword. Aragorn- Aragorn was crap untill now...he has alot more health..alot powerfuller..blademaster power increased..eledil lasts longer! The King Of Gondor is half decent now! Faramir- Bow range increased, wound arrow better and sword damage and area increased! Glorfindel- Glorfindel is described in the book as being scary and now he can take on the nine nazgul..this guy is now magical! he ROKS! Thranduil- Bow range increased he can really shoot far now lol, and his arrows knock back! Dead eye power stronger, he is now better than legolas..i mean he is his dad! Elrond- Damage, health and everything made a bit better he is now a worthy elven warrior. Halidir- Bow range increased and sword damage. His golden arrow is really cool now! Legolas- Bow range, damage and health increased and his arrows knock back like his dad before him! Arwen- Health increased..still a bit of a crap hero..but that cant be helped...much. Treebeard- wow...this hero roks now! health increased and damgae..he now smacks the enemy right back to timbuucktoo! hehe! Gimli- All his powers have been made better and they are really cool..especially the leap! Gloin- Smash ability is really fun now and takes on more enimeis than it did! Weapon made so fair, but powerful! Dain- I made this dwarf strong and stout and is very strong! Health increased too! Saruman- As head of the istari order this hero needed improveing! he can knock enimies flying and all his attacking powers have been made alot better! his helath has been upped alot too! Lurtz- He is alot better now with added health and damgae and bow range also..carnage improved also! Sharku- Health and damgage improved alot! he was a real crap hero that died in seconds now he is strong and powerful! Wormtounge- not much changed..althoguh whenever he attacks he inflicts poison..which is cool! health incrased a tiny bit! Fellbeast- Health and damaged increased! The Witch King of Angamar- Wow this hero is good...damage verthing increased...he is nearly as powerful as sauron in the moview so i though i would do him justice! Mouth of Sauron- The lt. of the dark tower jsut got better..he knocks back enimies, his red eye is alot more pwoerful now...can kill someheros in one shot! Nazgul- Nothing i left them as they are mostly..slight damage increase and area increase. Goblin King- Health, area damge and poisn stinger made better and cooler! Drogoth- I made this hero alot better as he is a dragon..and i mean well..dragons rok!!! lol! Fire ball, fireflight, incineraite......alot better! Heal increased alot too! Shelob- Poinsin stinger made alot better..and damge a bit beter! Galadriel- Health uped to 15000 and damge alot better! she knocks the enimies flying..she is a really good ring hero now! Sauron- Health upped to 25000..and he knocks the enimies much better..he is very..very valuble on the battle field! he roks!!! Eagles- Health upped to 7500...if you have seen the movies the eagles thrash the fellbeastss so eagles are made better! The Balrog- All powers made better! Health upped to 15,000 he used to be killed by a few mirkwood battlaions! The balrog now lives up to him in the films! Wyrm- Damage and health increased! I have also made some changes to the cavalry and mumakill and just a few genral changes to spells and stuff nothing extreme! Well i hope you like it! Please comment! Thanks Simon!




T&N\'s bfme 2.5 | 3.11 MB

building, the ranger tent dunedain rangers available from ranger tent ithilien rangers available from ranger tent sam available merry available pippin available frodo available hobbit sheriffs available from barracks dunedain rangers made more powerful Dwarves ---------- Aragorn Available legolas Available Tom Bombadil Elves ---------- Galadriel available without the ring Celeborn available Glorfindel given faramirs leadership and more powerful Gwaihir, the eagle hero has been added Mordor ----------- Sauron available without the ring isengards walls available Isengard ------------- Wild men available saruman more powerful Goblins -------- new building, the dragon lair Balrog made a hero fire drakes buildable from dragon lair dragons buildable from dragon lair isengards walls available other changes --------------- The 3rd age ------------- The 3rd age is a wotr mode, all territories belong to who they did during the war of the ring. Have fun with this mod! -WindowsVistaGeek19




Peters Mod | 3.06 MB

Available Hobbit Heroes Available Dunedain Rangers available from the Ranger Tent. Hobbits from the Hobbit Barracks. Elves- Hobbit Heroes available Hobbits from the Hobbit Barracks Lorion Guards(bfme1 elves) available from the Lorien Tent. Dwarves- Hobbit Heroes available. Hobbits from hobbit Barracks. Isengard- Wild men available from Dunland Tent. Mordor- v2 More nazgul available. Goblins- Same I have also made a few price changes.




GamePlay mod | 2.21 MB

the building actions and stuff(barely noticable at all) to reduce the punishment dealt to the proccesor. Also new changes have been made: 1-If you play as men(which you probably will) you will get a builder of each Good Faction(Elves, Men and Dwarves) and If you play as Mordor you will get three builders but the evil faction ones(Isengard, Goblins and Mordor.(you must build a fortress for each other faction in other to get more of that faction's builders, otherwise if you dwarf builder for example gets killed and you don't have a dwarven fortress, you lost the dwarve faction for the rest of the game) 2-Ai is now smarter and will use all it can against you. 3-Gondor soldier Hordes now have 25 soldiers in them(don't use shield wall formation!) but are slightly weaker. If you play as Men you will be able to recruit EVERY GOOD HERO form the men, elves and dwarves at the fortress. 4-If you play as mordor, you will be able to recruit 8 fellbeasts(9 with witch king) and I have eliminated the ringwraiths(the nazgul on horses). 5-Mordor will only SOME TIMES start with Sauron. There are more changes but honestly I can't remember them :P WARNING!!!: you will NOT be able to play online anymore if you have the mod activated, revert to your backup if you wish to play online again. Also my edited version of helm's deep is included, scripted by me and fortress building is now allowed. I suggest you make the AI isengard, since I've only tested the map(and its working) with it. You are allowed to distribute this as you want, just give me credit. -RGInquisitor




Fellowship Mod

fellowship.rar | 520.37 KB

than usual resources (this is because lack of units, and they need two types or upgrades men/elven) ranger tent - trains men of dale, elven warriors from bfme 1, ithilien rangers - also where you buy all upgrades hobbit barracks - trains sheriffs, and the 4 heros normal mens barracks normal ent moot for siege stable, trains rohirrim only - as the fellowship only really used these elven mirror of gladriel - seen as though they saw this, didnt see many wells mens walls and sentry tower a new aragorn legolas gimli boromir gandalf all new skins (even for the ones in other factions) \"big thanks to kingduku for these\" but the ones in the fellowship faction are much stronger health and strengthwise. also much cheaper NEW POWERS Legolas level 10 whirlwind power gimli has a level 4 shake foundation power and a level 10 bombard power boromir has a last stand ability at level 3 and a invunerabilty power at level 10 gandalfs word of power is now used at level 8 New spellbook for the fellowship faction sam level 10 power that can summon lots of hobbit friends frodos level 10 power is he can summon the 3 eagles which saved him off mt doom. NOTE these hero changes are only for the fellowship faction, and for balance purposes The only other general changes at this minute is eowyn and faramir can mount at level 1. BUGS/////////////////////PROBLEMS There is one bug i no of at this time. and thats the ability to build ur create a hero. i recommend not having a create a hero when playing this faction as of yet as it needs fixing. Also the spell book, you can buy the last power (25pts) without purchasing the rest of the spells. will be fixed soon. And once the fortress is destroyed it cannot be remade.




Weapon change mod | 96.68 KB




Unified Factions | 3.51 MB

identical to the DesertFox mod in nearly every aspect, except for one BIG change. All factions on the same side (Good or Evil) are now unified. For example: if you play as any evil faction, you can recruit builders from ALL the evil factions, which gives you access to every evil races abilities (except for Hero\'s, the faction you start with are the Hero\'s you are also stuck with). Ring power points are still original to their faction (this will be changed in future releases). This mod requires the V1.04 patch in order to run properly. In order to recruit builders from other factions, all you need to do is build an Armory (research building), and raise it up to level 3. At which point you will be given the option to recruit builders from other allied factions(sorry evil players...the icon for all evil builders is the same, you\'ll just have to guess for the time being...I\'ll be fixing this inconvenience soon). Sometimes it\'s fun to have something different. Why choose only 1 faction when you can play as the entire good or evil side? If you would like something new, or perhaps just want a challenge, give it a shot! You might be suprised ; ) Before you download this mod please read the readme, yes all of it, as this has a different installation to all other mods!




RC Mod Updater

2010_01_01_rcmodupdater1.06.exe | 371.07 MB

is a modification for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II. It adds 6 all new factions! Men will be split into Rohan and Gondor. Goblins will no longer be a faction. The new factions are listed below Ridder Clan - A faction that relies on stealth and flaming arrows from the bows of Dunedain Rangers. Acosa - A faction of humanoid bears, also known as, Ploofie Bears. They consist of many different colors and weapons. Hithaeglir - A faction from the Misty Mountains. They have wolves and werewolves, dragons, necromancers. Beasts - A faction that relies on brute strength and plenty of wargs. This faction's name is all you have to hear to know what it consists of. Vandas - Acosa's enemy consisting of corrupted bears and men Harad - Men from the East, enemies of Gondor and Rohan, they are evil and known for their mumakil and archers.




Desert Fox Mod Beta | 2.99 MB

rush tactics (whoever sucker punches the other guy 1st usually wins), so I decided to try my best to put strategy back into BFME2. This mod is intended to be played on the v1.04 patch. The objective of the mod is to add more of an emphasis on defense and siege. The command point limit has been jacked waaaay up, (now you can play Helms the way it was meant to be played...with thousands of Uruks!) so expect some lag if you are running on high graphics. That\'s a very short description of this mod, so I\'ll the highlight some of the other key features to give you an idea of what your downloading. ALSO, you must realize that the AI (no matter what difficulty you have them on) WILL take advantage of this mod. They will come at you with LOTS of units, so make sure you respond in kind, or build walls) 1 - Command Point cap has been lifted (starts at 6500 on most maps, and raises even further when you build fortresses/resource buildings) 2 - Camera height has been adjusted for SOME maps (still working on integrating it with all maps). So now you can get a wider view of the battlefield. 3 - Resource building \"area of effectiveness\" has been eliminated, meaning that you can now build them side by side if you wish, and not be penalized for it. In order to compensate for farm spamming, I\'ve made it so that building too many resource buildings will gradually result in lowered output on ALL buildings. So build some (4 or 6 should be enough for a start) close to your base and allow them time to mature to level 3. HINT - use powers like Industry or Dwarven Riches to give grouped buildings a HUGE boost in economic output. 4 - Walls are now MUCH stronger and will almost never fall to infantry or cavalry poking at them with spears and swords. They do however have an increased vulnerability to SIEGE weapons. \"...Siege? what\'s that you say? you mean there\'s actually a reason to use siege?!?!\" yes, that\'s right...catapults, ballistas, ents, mtn giants, etc are now extremely necessary in bringing down an opponent. Walls will be especially important in dealing with AI. As I mentioned above, the AI has a field day with command point cap lol. Just make sure you have walls and you\'ll be fine... until they start pulling in the siege. 5 - Fortress strength/weapon range are now based on what race you are. For example: A Dwarven fortress will have slightly sturdier defenses than other races, while the Elves will have one of the weakest fortresses, but they will be compensated with increased range (for knocking out siege). 6 - Builders now cost only 100 resources (From 500). I have compensated for this you must be VERY cautious of where you keep your builders now, for the health of all builder units is also 100 (From 500). Build time is now 35 seconds (from 30 secs). 7 - ElvenGuards have been added to the Elven faction(Elven archers/swordsmen from BFME1), all credit goes to it\'s original author at:;61608 8 - The spellbook has been slightly altered. I don\'t mind magic, especially in a fantasy game...but most of the level 15 and 25 spells are capable of leveling entire armies/fortresses. The 1st and 2nd cost levels are unchanged, as they are mostly just support spells. Level 3 and 4 spells now cost 20 and 30 (from 15 and 25). 9 - Pretty much all hero\'s have been changed a little, no big differences though. Mainy just gives the earlier hero\'s a better chance to survive a later game. 10 - Every faction now has a unit that is 20% more resistant to fire arrows, after they have been upgraded with heavy armor. This unit is usually the primary infantry class, though for the Elves it is the ElvenGuard, for Mordor it is the Easterlings, and for Men it is TowerGuard. 11 - There are many more tiny details that I\'m probably forgetting...but these are the main things that the mod focuses on. Installation - 1 - Extract the \"ini\" file into your BFME2 folders DATA file (example: E:\\Games\\Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth II\\data) 2 - Remove your \"ini.big\" file from your main BFME2 directory. IMPORTANT!!!!! - I advise keeping this file somewhere safe, as you will need it to properly uninstall this mod. Uninstallation - 1 - Remove the \"ini\" file in your data folder. 2 - Put the \"ini.big\" file back in your main BFME2 directory.




BT2DC BFME2 Unofficial Balance Patch

bt2dc2.4install.rar | 6.47 MB

masters of balancing, Maddox and Rainmaker, who delivered on improved and smoother gameplay. You will find that this version has removed even more bugs and modified key issues, such as Warg Sentries and under-used PowerPoints. Please note you need this patch to play Clanwars for BFME2! Also note you can download two versions of this, the version uploaded is the normal 2.4 version, although there is a widescreen version if your pc supports it which looks fantastic with a much higher camera angle! To download the widescreen version click here (direct download link!) The changes in the readme don't look like much but I can't find the changes from 1.06 to the recent version so here is the changes from the 2.3 BTDC patch.




Hero boost Mod | 3.03 MB

Thanks for downloading my little modification to BFME2, I hope you enjoy it, and keep watching out for my new and other BFME2 releases! Author: Thomas Andre Teige (OoM Gothmog)




Unofficial RotWK 2.02c Balance Patch | 4.72 MB

have worked tirelessly on this patch to play a balanced RotWK that EA let us down on, they aren't complete though, the patch will take a long time to work out in terms of perfect balance and to find perfect balance is like knowing what happens in life after death :p So download the mod, it's very small with a lot of changes. Please note you must have this patch in order to play Clanwars for Rise of the Witchking! It has a nifty interface after you install and your starting up RotWK. Always start RotWK with the new u2.02c launcher (please note it's not a crack, we nor do Gamereplays support this!), with this new launcher you can start the game in u2.02c or without the patch so normal 2.01 with just a check or uncheck of a box. You can even choose some new lobby music instead of the old evil music which just repeats itself over and over again! Go to this page if you want to download another language pack for this mod (it includes Spanish and Italian): Here is what Spoony ( Admin) had to say on why play 2.02 instead of 2.01? [quote]As we all know, balance and bugs have always been a severe problem in Rise of the Witch-King. The game did bring new, exciting units into the BfME2 fold - but in many cases, poor balance and innumerable bugs have rendered them too powerful or not powerful enough: most of the mini-heroes, some of Angmar's spells, and the new elite infantry, to name but a few. It's also rather sad that we have had to make rules in the ClanWars league limiting the use of Battlewagons, Fell Wind, Lindon Horse Archers, and Warg Sentries in order to prevent exploits. The 5+ Player lobby name has now changed to RotWK 2.02 lobby, so if you are on the patch you will find other players playing the patch there! 2.02 is quite simple in its design - make underused aspects of the game better. In 2.02, there is no such thing as a "useless" or "overpowered" unit. The few overpowered units, such as Boromir and Mirkwood Archers, have been toned down slightly, while the many underpowered units, such as Sharku, Faramir, and Dark Numenorians, to name but a few, are now stronger. Other underused aspects of the game, like Banner Carriers and Heroic Statues, have also been improved. In addition, very many bugs have been fixed, including Lindon Horse Archers' trample, the Carnage and Deadshot exploits, Half-Troll Swordsmen attack speed, persistent Rohan Spearmen, most "glitch" Create-a-Heroes, catapult Bombard accuracy, and many many more![/quote]




Dark Shadows Mod | 14.26 MB

fustrating things about downloading a mod and placing it in the right place is when it crashes. I will make this statement now for this mod you downloaded Dark Shadows BETA 0.4 it works with patch 1.06 --------------------------------- Changes BETA 0.4 --------------------------------- New Colours New Maps Men- - Men are now called Arnor - Gondor Soldiers & Archers have been removed - Arnor Soldiers & Archers have been added - Frodo has been added as a hero - New Minifaction The Shire - New Units Shire Elite Sheriffs - New Unit Heroes Merry & Pippin - Removed Rohan Heroes Elves- - Sam has been added as a hero - Galadhrim warriors added Wild/Goblins- - Goblins are now called Wild - Lungorthin balrog hero already added - New Dragon Ancalagon - New Power added to Ancalagon - terrible fury - RingHero is now Drogoth Dwarves- - Not Overpowered as before - New Mini Laketown Faction - New Dwarven Fort - New Hero Guardian Commander Rohan- - New Faction Rohan Added - Has Heroes (Eowyn, Theoden, Eomer, Gamling) - Farm Added - Armory Added - Archery Range Added - Stables Added ----------------------------------- Installation ----------------------------------- Put the darkshadows.big mod into (make sure hidden folders and visible) for vista users C:\\Users\\\\AppData\\Roaming\\My Battle for Middle-earth™ II Files for xp users C:\\Users\\\\Documents & Settings\\AppData\\Roaming\\My Battle for Middle-earth™ II Files and put shortcut onto desktop (u can still play original game by loading the original shortcut)




BFME 2 Deluxe Edition v0.50

bfme_2_deluxe_0_50.exe | 1.67 MB

SIEGE and STRUCTURAL damage - Especially for High Elven Lord Wink ;\\) Fortress Wall Hub Expansion now have the right wall armor - Wall cliff caps now have wall armor - Wall upgrades (towers) have wall armor - Walls take longer (40s from 20s) to build - A wall segment costs 40 - Fortresses now cost 3000 - Builders now cost 200 - Lorien units have been renamed to Galadhrim - Haldir cost changed to 800 - Venom sacks cost greatly lowered - Create-A-Hero costs 4000, 2000 to revive - A new image has been added for the \'back to previous commandset\' button - The mirror of galadriel has been replaced by a normal well - The range from the fortress in which you can build walls has been lowered (from 1500ft to 750ft) - Mordor can build Isengard walls. Completely new Mordor walls will be created later - Theoden, Faramir and Boromir leadership altered - Orcs now take 30 CP For more features and new units download one of the alpha releases found on their site.




Rise to Rome Beta | 119.91 MB

Beta requires patch 1.05 to work.




Unstoppable Create-A-Hero mod(V2) | 2.4 MB

This version also modifys the basic heroes(i.e. Aragorn, Gandalf, Saruman, Gimli, ect.) to make them more powerful too(though some are now more expensive). What's more, this mod also make any of your custom heroes playable with ALL factions, regardless of class(i.e. goblins with a captain of gondor)!




BFME2 Siege mod by Insomniax | 4.38 MB

damage; Siege units (catapults, ballistas) do half the normal damage; Ents, Mumakils and Mountain Giants do their normal siege damage. This rebalancing is short from just a small armor type change, all faction and hero powers were tested and had their damage vs. buildings scaled specifically vs. Buildings to offset the armor change and thus retaining the original intended "end game" damage from special powers. 2- Improved A.I.: Better counter logic, better group maneuvers, better army composition, new base layout, etc. 3- Fixed a number of game bugs: Mordor Doom Pyres bug, Mirkwood Archer Population count bug, Dwarven Guardian classified as cavalry bug, etc. 4- Global Wall Changes: Wall Hubs have 3 times (300%) more health. Wall Gates cost reduced to 250 for Isengard and Elven faction. Dwarven Wall Postern Gate Health fixed to match those of all Dwarven Walls Wall Armor value tweaks. 5- Added a new elven infantry unit the Galadhrim Soldiers, this was inspired by Steve Shepherd's (AKA Gholin) Elven Guard mod, however I ended up completely redoing all the animations and other stats, it took me more than four days to get all the animations working properly (EVERY animation works properly). 6- Added health regeneration for Monster units (Trolls, Mumakils, Giants, Ents, Berserkers) and Banner Carriers for ALL races, there is a standard delay when out of combat for the health regeneration to kick in: 15 seconds for Monsters, 20 seconds for Banner carrier hordes. This was completely based on Troll Buddy's "Monster and Banner Regen Mod" so credit for this much needed modification go to him.




RC Mod Early Basic Version

rcmodinstaller.exe | 118.15 MB

you do not download the 1.1 patch update then you will be playing it in it's early forms. Please note that this file is an .exe file so make sure your computer lets you download it or change settings to allow your computer to download this file. You can download the updater here





rcmod.rar | 33.55 MB

new factions are listed below Ridder Clan - A faction that relies on stealth and flaming arrows from the bows of Dunedain Rangers. Acosa - A faction of humanoid bears, also known as, Ploofie Bears. They consist of many different colors and weapons. Hithaeglir - A faction from the Misty Mountains. They have wolves and werewolves, dragons, necromancers. Beasts - A faction that relies on brute strength and plenty of wargs. This faction's name is all you have to hear to know what it consists of. Vandas - Acosa's enemy consisting of corrupted bears and men Harad - Men from the East, enemies of Gondor and Rohan, they are evil and known for their mumakil and archers.




Battle for Grollins Mod | 2.87 MB

included in the last patch are examples for maps where it works perfectly. This first beta includes one complete faction (The Empire of Tohrnheim) with all new units (swordsmen, pikemen, shieldmen, musicians, blademasters, archers, crossbowmen, light cavalry, knights, paladins, horse archers and siege machines). This new faction replaces the MotW faction, further releases will replace all other factions and add more, they will also add new special powers and heroes, as right now I only cut the heroes and left the special powers unchanged (except for Army of the Dead, which I disabled). All units now come in bigger battalions (infantry normally 30 units each, cavalry 15), melee units do nearly no damage to structures and fire only harms wood-based structures (and does nothing at all to walls, towers or fortresses), there is no way to destroy a base without siege... Also naval warfare has been improved hopefully, but as the AI doesn\'t use it I couldn\'t test it completely... ships should be able to ram each other now.




RC Mod | 278.51 MB

the original main installation file which you can find here on LotRFiles too, as this is only a patch for it. Here are the basic changes to the mod for v1.04: Version 1.04 - October 31, 2009 =Game= -Rohan- Theoden -Minor Reskin Eomer -Minor Reskin Rohirrim archers added Rohirrim lancers added Rohirrim (toggle) removed from Rohan's stables Westfoldmen added Yeomen archers Reskin Warriors Reskin -Isengard- High Quality Isengard ~RC Mod Cam works on Fords of Isen II Halloween Background!




New real mod

ini.rar | 2.61 MB




Fortress Mod by Thelittlestteapot | 4.95 MB

it wasn’t designed to bring balance to the game, if it allows access to unbalanced upgrades that you don\'t like then don’t complain to me, complain to EA. ) I added some building plots, similar to the original BFME game for each faction. . (1) 3 resource building plots . - always operate at 100% (reduces complete dependence on map control) . - located close to main base: (this encourages base located warfar) . - Buildcost 350 and Buildtime increased to 25: (this encourages early expansion by porters) . - 85% the size to help differentiate and not to take up too much room in base area . (2) 6 small sentry tower building plots . - surround base, like BFME-1 camp setup (encourages use of siege) . - cost 135 (instead of having 6 small sentry towers, the goblin faction has 6 new small spiderholes expansion plots: 4 spiderlings instead of original 9) version v.03 ---> v.05 changes resource expansion . BUILDCOST cost 400->350 . BUILDTIME 45->25 sentryexpansion . BUILDCOST 200->135 -also fixed my error where isengard\'s expansion displayed \"murder of crows\" upgrade To install this mod just copy the folder into the Electronic Arts folder and say yes when prompted to overwrite. Then move these files into a different directory outside your BFME2 directory. . \"ini.big\" . \"bases.big\" . \"/lang/english.big\" If you want to disable the mod just return the files to their original location. ***** This includes Holy Sorcerer\'s Balance Mod v.03, because i wanted the stronger fortresses. Give Him credit for all the stuff he did. You can see his changes he made in the readme.




Create A hero | 3.84 KB

ÿ%Cÿ ÿ@Uiÿ#Command_CreateAHero_Fireball_Level3 Command_CreateAHero_Toughness  &Command_CreateAHero_InspireFear_Level1  Command_CreateAHeroLeadership  &Command_CreateAHeroPoisonAttack_Level4  +Command_CreateAHero_SoS_SummonAllies_Level4  &Command_CreateAHero_EarthShaker_Level3  \'Command_CreateAHero_SpawnTornado_Level3  2Command_CreateAHero_SpecialAbilityForcePush_Level3  -Command_CreateAHero_SpecialAbilityWordOfPower  this file dose not change any of the BFME files so dose not damage your system. he is simply the greatest hero you can get with out knowing extensive knowledge of file minipulation. ****IMPORTANT**** ****INSTALATION**** the directory to place the content of the folder should be simular to this C:UsersHartleyAppDataRoamingMy Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II FilesSave simply input both




BFME2 ini Faction and Power mod | 3.07 MB

the file named Ini in my file to ?:\Program Files\Ea Games\Battle for middle earth 2\Data and remove the Ini.big(?:\Program Files\Ea Games\Battle for middle earth) 2 to my file, To remove Mod, Put Ini.big file back into ?:\Program Files\Ea Games\Battle for middle More will come soon, this is only a little mod, but sometimes handy in different factions, Much more secrets to find out!




BFME2 Polished Mod | 2.69 MB

englishpatch103.big file that comes with the zip into the \lang folder. If you want to revert to the normal game, for example to be able to play online normally simply delete the _bfme2polished1_4.big file or rename it into _bfme2polished1_4.bac. To restore the normal tooltips, delete the modded englishpatch103.big and rename your englishpatch103.bac back into englishpatch103.big. If you don´t have an english installation, you can still play the mod, but the tooltips will be incorrect. What´s the purpose of this mod? I think that Battle for Middle earth 2 is a great game. However it lacks polishing and there are quite a lot of things in the game which are broken/useless/underpowered. The aim of the mod is to fix that by giving every unit/structure/spell a purpose in the game. This mod fixes almost all bugs in the game, adds some changes that make the gameplay more logical, fixes balancing issues and removes a couple of annoying nuisances. It also adds eventspecific musictriggers, like playing the theme of the charge at the pelennor fields when summoning rohan allies, or playing the music from the two towers during the sun rising when casting daylight. In addition create a heroes should now be pretty balanced, they are still powerful, but shouldn´t be much more powerful than aragorn/lurtz. Another important change is that the AI will now actually build all heroes, use almost every special ability, cast and research every spell and gets a huge bonus at the brutal level (+40% buildspeed/+50%costreduction) ; if you don´t wish to play against a cheating AI play against hard and the AI won´t get any boni, but will act smarter due to some changes/bugfixes I made and the better balancing. War of the Ring mode is changed as well, you can build all units now on the strategic map and the strategic map will be a lot more important.




Insomniax Siege Mod | 4.38 MB

installing or uninstalling this mod make sure you have quit the game and are NOT running the game alt-tabbed out (minimized). b) Do NOT delete the original files \"ini.big\" and \"bases.big\", instead rename them or move them to some other folder, if you do lose them you will have to reinstall the game. c) Make sure to keep a backup of the last patch files \"ini.big\" and \"bases.big\", if you restore the wrong version files then you won\'t be able to patch the game properly when a new patch comes out. d) You WILL have problems patching to a new game version if you do not restore the game to it\'s original state (no mod files, *.big files restored) before patching. ==================================== Installation: ==================================== 1- Unzip all contents of this zip file into your: \"..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\\" folder, it should look like this after you extract them: ..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\data\\INI\\ (Inside the new INI folder there will be 5 subfolders and a lot of *.ini files) ..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\bases\\ (Inside the new BASES folder there will be 152 subfolders with a *.bse files inside each) 2- Backup and move out the original game files named \"ini.big\" and \"bases.big\", essentially the files have to be moved (or renamed) from it\'s default place so it won\'t override the modified files, you will find the files in \"..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\\" folder, you can either rename these two files or move them somewhere else, personally I make a new subfolder called \"..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\Backup of original files\\\" and move the \"ini.big\" and \"bases.big\" files there and rename them adding the patch version (\"ini v1.03.big\" and \"bases v1.03.big\" for example). 3- That is all, enjoy. ==================================== Uninstall: ==================================== 1- Select the following folders and delete them along with all their contents, these are the actual mod files you installed previously: ..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\data\\INI\\ (Inside the new INI folder there will be 5 subfolders and a lot of *.ini files) ..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\bases\\ (Inside the new BASES folder there will be 152 subfolders with a *.bse files inside each) 2- Restore the files \"ini.big\" and \"bases.big\" ==================================== What does it do? ==================================== The very short version: 1- All buildings take one fifth the normal base damage from all damage types except from Siege units and flame damage; Siege units (catapults, ballistas) do half the normal damage; Ents, Mumakils and Mountain Giants do their normal siege damage. This rebalancing is short from just a small armor type change, all faction and hero powers were tested and had their damage vs. buildings scaled specifically vs. Buildings to offset the armor change and thus retaining the original intended \"end game\" damage from special powers. 2- Improved A.I.: Better counter logic, better group maneuvers, better army composition, new base layout, etc. 3- Fixed a number of game bugs: Mordor Doom Pyres bug, Mirkwood Archer Population count bug, Dwarven Guardian classified as cavalry bug, etc. 4- Global Wall Changes: Wall Hubs have 3 times (300%) more health. Wall Gates cost reduced to 250 for Isengard and Elven faction. Dwarven Wall Postern Gate Health fixed to match those of all Dwarven Walls Wall Armor value tweaks. 5- Added a new elven infantry unit the Galadhrim Soldiers, this was inspired by Steve Shepherd\'s (AKA Gholin) Elven Guard mod, however I ended up completely redoing all the animations and other stats, it took me more than four days to get all the animations working properly (EVERY animation works properly). 6- Added health regeneration for Monster units (Trolls, Mumakils, Giants, Ents, Berserkers) and Banner Carriers for ALL races, there is a standard delay when out of combat for the health regeneration to kick in: 15 seconds for Monsters, 20 seconds for Banner carrier hordes. This was completely based on Troll Buddy\'s \"Monster and Banner Regen Mod\" so credit for this much needed modification go to him.




Gothmog mod | 3.16 MB

missing (blame EA lol). But for all you die hard Gothmog fans, here you go. (Includes instructions for modders on how to do it yourself.)




Hero Improvement mod

hero_improvement.ace | 1.52 MB

does alot more damage improved wizard blast lightning sword Mounted Damage Istari Light Word Of Power Saruman- Increased Area Of His Weapon Wizard Blast Gloin- A proper Dwarf Alot more powerful Improved blast back Gimli- Worth the resources! Way more powerful Mouth Of Sauron- It is said that he is a sorcer in the books so i now his weapon has a damage increase and blasts back enimies! Nazgul- Now poisins Enimies Attacks multiple units Haldir- His golden arrow now blasts back enimies!! His sword is better now! Aragorn- Weapon Area Increased Blade MAster Way more Powerful Glorfindel- Weapon alot better Blade of purity more powrful Windrider Faster more Armor Lurtz- A Real Powerful Uruk! Takes on alot of eniemies at one time! Carnage alot better! Eowyn- Weapon better Shield MAiden ALOT MORE ARMOUR! Boromir- Weapon better Horn Of GOndor Last\'s Longer Thranduil- Bow Blasts Back the Enimie Legolas- Bow Blasts Back THe Enimie Hawk Strike time set to 1sec Swords are always availible King Dain- Alot more powerful!!!! Drogoth- Fireball Timer Decreased Seeing as most dragons breath fire generally! ________________________________________ ---------------------------------------- If you do download the mod you will find the instructions in the folder along with the ini file! This is my first ever mod so dont be to harsh! I is quite a simple mod and took about 6hours to make! Hope You Like It!!!!!




Marks BFME2 Full Gameplay Mod | 4.86 MB

the official homepage for this mod. No more paper thin fortresses and battle towers and your army won't be destroyed in seconds. This mod is well known and respected on many other sites and i hope you appreciate all the hard work and development thet has gone into it. Enjoy!




BFME 2 all units and buildings | 3.29 MB

and moves are visible as well as the Elven buildings. I made this mod so everyone can see the strength of units and what certain buildings do. It may not be much to look at but it is fully playable and a good source of units and buildings abilities and powers. IMPORTANT: I take no credit for the addition of Men. This was not of my doing. This is borrowed from Mupp. He deserves all of the credit for that part of the mod. the reason I used his mod as my basis is because it allowed for a lot faster and easier manipulation so I could bring this mod out as fast possible. Have fun! VERSION 1.1 I just updated this mod. I didnt think it was fair that you couldnt build the fortress to get the heros so I have decided to update the mod so that boromir at level 1 would have some of the games best powers. From Thranduil\'s Thorn of Revenge to Glrofindel\'s Star Light. These powers are now usable. I didnt give you every power becasue i like to leave a little to be desired, but it is a pretty good taste of the powers It seems I have been asked to add the witchkign it looks like we are on version 1.2 In the final game release he will satrt in the air. but i made him start on the round so he was cheaper ( i know it is the naz model nothing i can do) Enjoy!




High Elves Mod | 2.57 MB

faction mod in general. Also i thank the 3rdage forums for the help i got from there.




RC Mod Updater

rcmodupdater.exe | 135.94 MB

mod that alters a lot of the CaH including a new warrior woman, lots of maps to play on plus new factions such as Beasts and Acosa and even Harad. -------{Credits}------- Ridder Geel Mod Leader Ridder Blauw Acosa Faction & Mapper Nieksa Hithaeglir Faction & Modeler & Mapper rutger Ideas/Brainstormer Lurtz101 Beasts Faction & Coder Brabox Mapper LinkFan Ideas/Brainstormer & Mapper




The Siege of Baradur | 10.97 KB

it, made by Istari675(aka Bane^Of^Saron)




BFME 2 Demo Powers Mod | 2.46 MB




Ranger Mod | 2.42 MB

play ---------------- Patch 1.04 A clean unmodded version of bfme2 Installation ------------ Move the \"rangermod.big\" into \"C:\\Documents and Settings\\*your username*\\Application Data\\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files\" (might be hidden). Run the shortcut. If you installed in a diferent place to \"C:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\" You will need to open propeties and edit the target box to where you installed bfme2. Current Changes ---------------- 1) Mirkwood Elves - Equipped with Arrow Volley. - Arrow Volley has Silverthorn Arrow effect when the upgrade has been purchased. - Removed Long shot and fire arrow upgrade 2) Ithilian Rangers - New Skin - Arrow Volley now sets things on fire and has fire hit effect when the rangers are upgraded with fire arrows. 3) Dunedain (spell and inn) - New Skin - Added Weapon Toggle - Added High Lineage Passive Ability - 50% Armor increase 80% resistance fear for Dunedain and surrounding Allies - Removed Long shot and fire arrow upgrade (For balance) - Increased weapon damage 4) Faramir - New Skin 5) New Heros - Damrod Toggle Weapon Summon Ithilian Allies Leadership Wounding Arrow - Madril toggle weapon Arrow Volley Train Archers Leadership Defender of Osgiliath - Strider Toggle Weapon Hawk Eye Wild Walk Move Unseen Elven Cloak - Halbarad Toggle Weapon Train Allies Leadership Summon Dunedain 6) New building -Ranger Tent Changes to Come --------------- New powers and effects for heros, balencing, perhaps some new units or heros, new artwork maybe more! Credits ------- Tom8778 - Everything but below HolyMouse - Ranger toggle weapon & Dundain Ranger leadership Other ----- Thanks for downloading, if you find any bugs, or run into any problems feel free to email me




Toms Balance mod | 3.07 MB

instructions ------------------------------- Move the ini.big out of the battle for middle earth main folder, and keep it safe. Move the new ini folder into the data folder in the battle fo middle earth folder Uninstallation instructions ---------------------------- do the complete opposite to the installation programs what’s new and what’s different ------------------------------------ I think I’ve remember everything changed and added, but I would be surprised if I have forgotten something. ive tried to give every faction an ultimate hero or combination of units. At the moment, some of the ultimate heroes arr free at the moment but if there is a second version then ill change that. Men of the west ____________________ hobbit sheriffs added to barracks Dunedain rangers added to archery range Frodo, merry, pippin and Sam added as heroes Elven gifts added to spell book Elves ___________ Galadriel made available without the ring and without build costs and build time! Elven gifts spell book power added Tom Bombadil added to heroes Dwarves __________ 3 hunters added (Aragon, Legolas, Gimli) Elven gifts added to spell book Mordor ________ Sauron made available with out the ring and without build costs or build time Goblins __________ Dragon made available with no timer and no cost Ultimate power changed to Balrog Isengard _____________ Dragon made available Wild men made available and more!!!! What to expect if another version is released ------------------------------------------------------- if I make another version then i might make the fellowship available for 1 faction, all for free! Balrog made a hero gothmog added la units added grond made available siege towers brought back siege ladders brought back Nazguls made into 1 unit that can mount a fellbeast and a horse and more!




BodiesStayModII 1.06 Compatibility | 2.33 MB

the mod wont work;70601 ::::::Working on:::::::: Bodies for The witch King Expansion Coming soon =) Staff Review The Bodies Stay Mod is back, this time its updated for BFME2 v1.06 so those of you that are playing on the latest patch can now play this mod! It\'s just as good as ever with great realism where the bodies stay (hence the name of the mod). It\'s a great mod that gets my and probably everyones seal of approval, great work mendel7 and keep it up!




Hero Stats Boost Mod | 3.03 MB

I have spend like 2sec on updating the modification, so now your self created heroes will get the same boost as in v.1, but the ability of trolls and uruk-hais to use the smash the ground ability aren\'t in the modification at this point... But I\'m working on v.2.1 now, so stay tuned for a update of the modification... v.1: You will now get a little stats boost to you\'re self created heroes, But to make sure this modification works as it should, You should re-make all you\'re heroes. Thanks for downloading my little modification to BFME2, I hope you enjoy it, and keep watching out for me new and other BFME2 releases!




BT2 DC 2.2 Patch | 6.47 MB

1.06 and is now continuing his works to balance this game even further. This is the patch you need for clanwars so I suggest you download and come and join in the balanced fun :D It would be unfair to give a rating to the mod because it\'ll be biased, I\'ll leave it to you to make up your judgement.




Lotr Digz Beta Mod | 3.55 MB

changed most of the prices that I thought needed to be changed to a allow better gameplay and more fighting. I have adjusted the command points with the prices of the units to make sure more fighting happens earlier and more frequently in the game. This means this is a NO CAMPERS Mod! I will list all the technical changes in the readme, here are just a few: Commandpoints: GoodCommandPointsAI = 500 - 2000 EvilCommandPointsAI = 750 - 3000 You get extra command points for of course expanding and making more farms. I have changed some of the costs of units as well for example: Gondor Soldier: 150 instead of 200 Goblin warrior: 25 instead of 75 Rohirrum: 800 instead of 750 Knights: 600 instead of 500 And just some buildings i have changed: Mine/Tunnel: 250 instead of 300 - To allow more tunnel rushing and fast attacks! Armouries( all including blacksmiths): 750 instead of 1000 Fortress: 4500 instead of 5000 - Keep that 500 to build another farm or Rax! And some misc changes as well: Forged blades: 750 instead of 1000 See the readme for the full list of changes. Copyright © 2006 Digz All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Digz is prohibited. Use of this file is governed by our Privacy Policy, Ziff Davis Terms of Use, and FileFront AUP. If you need to contact me or host this mod on your site or want to make changes you must contact me: Thank you Digz




Ent Faction Mod | 3.15 MB

screen. - Pikes are very effective at taking down Ents (Yet this could balance things out because Ents are slow to start but base killers late game. - Spellbook does not work yet (May be fixed in a later version) - Ent Ash skin is missing some animations but nothing major - Cannot recruit custom heros from the Ent Moot ----- Changes: - Ents cost 700 and build faster - Ents made more resistant to bursting into flames - Treebeard buffed - Ent Moot health buffed - Ent Moot cost increased $200 - Added a new Ent skin (Ent Ash) ----- Overview: The Ents have now risen to fight for themselves. As true to the story line Ents are slow at what they do, so do not expect them to be a rushing faction. Yet also true to the story they are monsters when they\'ve had plenty of time to be around. Since the ents are rather expensive they will use the Elves\' Trees for resources, but the Trees now give more money and can be placed closer together. So don\'t be surprised to arrive at an ent base and see a forest of resource collectors. The ents were also given access to the Mirror of Galadriel for healing purposes. ----- REMEMBER THIS IS A VERY SIMPLISTIC MOD WHICH IS ALSO A BETA. It was inspired by the War of the Realms map that was around for BFME1.




Unstoppable Create-A-Hero mod | 2.4 MB





The Dons Rank Mod | 2.73 MB

capabilties unless the other players have the MOD.




No Artillery Mod BFME2 | 2.51 MB

this with the ini in you BFME2 folder. DO NOT LOOSE YOUr BASE INI!! Camp it up nubs! :P RotWK version on the way!




General Improvement Mod | 2.72 MB

most people will be buying it and won’t be able to use my mod! Therefore, here it is, at least 87% complete I would say. There will be something’s that I have forgotten to change or edit but, I might, just might bring out another improved Version of this mod. Who knows? But here it is! The things I have mainly changed are hero powers, timers, spell book powers, armour values, health values, costs of heroes, just mainly the whole game, here is a general list of changes (might have missed some out). Enjoy my mod, leave comments and rate! Simon




Samurai\'s ultimate mod | 2.47 MB

balance changes made to the ini.big file will not show up. • Fixed the upgrade cost of the Dwarven Barracks (it had been using the Build Cost of 400 instead of the proper upgrade cost of 500.) • Thanks to a note from a player, I found that the wall arrow tower and wall trebuchet were changing their armor type when upgraded, from “wall” to “structure”. For several reasons, it was easier to adjust the armor and cost of the walls than it was to reclassify these buildings as “walls”. What this means is that walls are now significantly less armored (and thus easier to destroy) than in version 1.0, so I took a cue from the 1.03 patch and reduced the cost of walls to compensate. • The Corsair firebombs are a bit faster firing and hit more often than before. Version 1.0: This is a mod is a complete rebalancing of the game. Nearly every unit and building has undergone some changes. There is not enough time or space to list everything, but some of the more significant changes include: 1) It greatly strengthens all walls and buildings by increasing their armor approximately x5 vs. most weapons (a bit more against bows) and approximately x4 vs. siege weapons. This gives you time to get to a farm that is under attack and defend it, if the attacking group is not too large. Note that due to various changes in damage and armor, buildings are slightly weaker than they were in Samurai’s Wall Mod v1.0, but still far stronger than in the original game. If you want to destroy buildings, siege weapons are by far the best at it, followed by fire or magic (including melee heroes and upgraded archers). Swordsmen are best among regular units, then cavalry or pikemen, and finally non-upgraded archers, in that order. 2) It slightly (+10%) increases the non-upgraded armor of most units. I felt that the armor upgrade was just too big an improvement, making it practically a necessity, especially against upgraded weapons. This is not going to make a huge difference, but it might help a bit. 3) It incorporates the Elven Guard mod by Steve Shepherd (AKA Gholin). In his readme, he said people could use his mod if they gave him credit, and I enjoyed it so much, I’ve done so here. His original readme is included in this zipfolder as well, so you can see what he contributed. 4) I’ve included Troll Buddy’s Monster and Banner Regen mod, with his kind permission. His original Readme is included in the zipfolder. 2nd level units with a Banner carrier will regenerate health when they are not in combat, as will all monsters (Trolls, Giants, Mumakil, etc). The rate of regeneration is slower than it would be if they were next to a healing well or hearth, meaning those are still useful. 5) The bonus damage for most upgraded weapons is now 10 + ½ the base damage (for infantry and cavalry) or +60% for siege weapons, rather than between +100% to +150% of the base damage (it varied from unit to unit). For weaker units, this will typically almost double their damage, while it may be as little as 65% or 70% for more powerful units. This makes the forged blades and fire arrow/Silverthorn arrow upgrades somewhat less dominating than they were. 6) The health, damage, and cost of many units were adjusted, always with an eye toward balance and creating or preserving the unit’s niche. For example, Orks and Goblin swordsmen were made tougher and more expensive, Mirkwood Archers were toned down a bit and made available after the 1st Barracks upgrade, and many heroes have had their stats adjusted. I feel every race is now closely matched and viable, though certainly not identical. Installation: Go to your Battle for Middle Earth 2 folder. Find your ini file and either move it to another place (up one level to your Electronic Arts folder is good) or rename it. Move the new Monster and Banner Regen file included in this zipfolder to the Battle for Middle Earth 2 folder. Play the game! In order to return to an unaltered game, just swap the files again. Please send any questions or comments to This mod has been tested only in single player skirmish mode by me, and I make no guarantees as to if or how well it works in other modes. The change in buildings’ longevity is great and may not be to everyone’s liking. Try at your own risk, but BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR UNALTERED INI FILE SO YOU CAN SWAP BACK AGAIN! Otherwise you’ll need to reinstall the game to go back to an unaltered version. Enjoy! Samurai




Icarus' Mod | 70.94 KB

grunt like it should be. Needs to have ini.big extracted with final big or use it to put the file in the archive which ever floats your boat. Goes in \data\ini\object\createahero\




BFME2 Polished Mod | 2.87 MB

englishpatch103.big file in the \\lang folder to englishpatch103.bac, then unzip the englishpatch103.big file that comes with the zip into the \\lang folder. If you want to revert to the normal game, to be able to play online normally simply delete the _bfme2polished1_2.big file or rename it into _bfme2polished1_2.bac. To restore the normal tooltips, delete the modded englishpatch103.big and rename your englishpatch103.bac back into englishpatch103.big. If you don´t have an english installation, you can still play the mod, but the tooltips will be incorrect. What´s the purpose of this mod? I think that Battle for Middle earth 2 is a great game. However it lacks polishing and there are quite a lot of things in the game which are broken/useless/underpowered. The aim of the mod is to fix that by giving every unit/structure/spell a purpose in the game. This mod fixes almost all bugs in the game, adds some changes that make the gameplay more logical, fixes balancing issues and removes a couple of annoying nuisances. It also adds eventspecific musictriggers, like playing the theme of the charge at the pelennor fields when summoning rohan allies, or playing the music from the two towers during the sun rising when casting daylight. In addition create a heroes should now be pretty balanced, they are still powerful, but shouldn´t be much more powerful than aragorn/lurtz. Another important change is that the AI will now actually build all heroes and gets a huge bonus at the brutal level (+50% buildspeed/costreduction) ; if you don´t wish to play against a cheating AI play against hard and the AI won´t get any boni, but will act smarter due to some changes I made and the better balancing. Thanks go to: Khe from for helping me with some of the fixes/changes, to HS|Strategy for helping me test the mod online ,to the constructive people at and the folks from for answering a few questions. So here is the complete list of the changes: Version 1.2: -dain: heal ability only heals at most 50% of a units maxhp; resist fear ability should now work vs screech/boromirs horn. -changed minimum requirements for a couple CaH abilities. -fixed tooltips War of the ring: starting cash with fortress increased to 4000 from 1000; time until reinforcements arrive reduced to 5 minutes from 15. ( building forts in that mode was suicide, however the AI always starts by building a fortress so huge starting resources are necessary) -ranger upgrade damage: decreased flame damage from 50 to 30( high flame makes them too hard to counter, because flame counters cavalry) -army of the dead: lifetime reduced to 30 seconds from 45.( kills everything and is fast; 45 seconds of invulnerable mode is too much) -Fixed some issues with trampling which surfaced because cavalry is no longer immune to trample damage. Battlewagons can no longer trample rivendell lancers( bugfix) -Logo movies no longer play( I guess you have seen them often enough now ;) ) -rivendell lancers and gondor knights now give less xp. (were worth the same amount as Rohiriim before; now same level as other 500 resource units) -Mumakils now deal 300 extra damage to heroes with their normal attack. ( from almost 0) -boiling oil, magma cauldrons upgrades from fortress: Rechargetime is now 60 seconds for all fortress types( previously dwarves 20, mordor 30 and men 120 seconds) -dwarven fortress banner upgrade: build time increased to 30 seconds from 5. (same as men fort now, should be a strategic decision and not instantleadership during an attack) -dwarven fortress siege kegs: hp bonus increased to 2000 from 1000( was worse than the other forts healing upgrades) -sauron and galadriel buildcost reduced to 7000, buildtime halved to 150 seconds ( the high price and long wait time made them pretty useless before) -goblins can now build a balrog instead of sauron when they get the one ring, cost is 7000; buildtime 180 seconds. -balrog armor vs normal attacks decreased from 1% to 5%. (so races with bad heroes/no magic can kill him) -drogoth health reduced back to 6000 (He is better than I thought; didn´t know how to use him correctly) -tweaked a couple of bountyvalues, most of them should be close to 1/4th now. -reduced xp award of warg sentry building. (semiuseless buildings shouldn´t be worth as much as regular buildings) -increased baseregendelay from 3 seconds to 10 seconds, so units don´t heal constantly during a battle near a well. -cirdans shipwork upgrade: cost reduced to 100 from 300. ( Most stuff gets healing for free and 300 is too expensive for ships) -trolls : increased troll armor vs piercing from 25% to 10% (makes them a better archer counter; no change for attack trolls). -Gollum : increased speed and armor. You will probably need heroes or Cavalry units to get him ( Sneaksy Sneaksy! We don´t wants to be killed by stinking starting units. Gollum! Gollum! ) -heromountedarmor: increased armor vs piercing from 50% to 25% (Consistency; cavalry counters archers, so mounted heroes should counter archers as well) -fellbeasts: now get dreadvisage at lvl 2; screech at lvl 6 (consistent with other nazguls) -Treebeard: Now provides leadership to ents, including speed increase; ent speed reduced to 40 to compensate. ( He is very boring base game; just a regular ent with 3k more hp. That´s pretty sad for such a cool character) AICHANGE: Brutal AI now gets a 50% buildcost/buildtime bonus up from 15%. Brutal is now really challenging, but still beatable. -mordor AI now builds mounted nazguls, witchking and more than one fellbeast. - a few tweaks to the AI´s army composition. Generally less cavalry and more siege units, because the AI doesn´t handle cavalry well. -Create a hero changes: Significant nerfs to the effects of Armor attribute points. Reduced base hp to 800 from 2300, but significantly increased the effect of spending points on health to compensate. Slight overall nerf to HP. Varies now between 960 and 4000 hp at lvl 1. Reduced base damage to 50, but increased the effect of spent ability points; adjusted other damges as well( now ranges from 50 to ~400) Significant buff to the effect of the vision attribute after the first 5 points. Altered maxvalues to make more sense; e. g. dwarves can now get maxhealth, elves are the best autohealers etc(Allows greater distinction between classes; Make sure you mark your modded heroes though and don´t use them in multiplayer when you revert to the original version!!) increased wizard blast damage to 200/300/ 500 from 80/ 150/250(lvl 3 should be as strong as a standard gandalf wizardblast) increased word of poultry range to 100/150 from 50/100(too small radius for a highlevel ability) reduced CAH blademaster boni from 200% damage 50% armor to 150% damage, 25% armor ( too strong for a lvl 1 ability) Berserker/battle rage armor boni reduced to 25/30/35/40 from 50/45/40/35 (was actually made less effective the higher you specialized, which didn´t matter because CAHs were usually at the armorcap anyway) ; Berserker/Battle rage damage mult decreased to 125/150/175/200 % from 150/175/200/225( balance for movement speed buff); movement speed buff added: 120/140/160/180 % rechargetime reduced to 120 seconds from 180(same as blademaster now) Tornado lifetime reduced to 7/14/21 seconds from 10/20/30( Overpowered ability) Train allies recharge time reduced to 60 seconds from 240 seconds( might make it useful) Elendil recharge time reduced to 120 seconds from 180 seconds ( again an ability that is fun but too weak) Wizards/archer true sight power: rechargetime reduced to 30 seconds from 60 ( again an ability that is fun but too weak) word of power recharge time reduced to 270 seconds from 360 curse enemy rechargetime decreased to 60 seconds from 300 seconds( the ability isn´t very good anyway 300 seconds is just ridicolous) glorious charge: no longer affects infantry, only cavalry. word of poultry recharge time reduced to 180 seconds from 240 seconds( again an ability that is not that good) screech power: rechargetime reduced to 120 seconds from 180( same as elendil) oil fire: recharegetime reduced to 180/150/120 from 180/180/180 ( late game the power isn´t that devastating anymore) coerce power: rechargetime increased to 240 seconds from 60; radius and range decreased. (very powerful ability) starlight: increased recharge time from 180 seconds to 240 seconds(lvl 10 ability available at lvl 1) heroic charge: increased recharge time from 60 seconds to 180 seconds( 60 seconds recharge time for such a good buff is silly) howl of rage: changed armor boni from 75/50/25 to 20/40/60( bugfix, better balanced) MoTW Heroes: Spendable points reduced from 30 to 28( same number of total points as other heroes) Troll: Spendable points decreased to 15 from 25 ( to balance his new AOE attack) Wizards: Spendable points increased to 30 from 25; vision base attribute enhanced by 5 ( same number of total points as other heroes) selfheal: now heals only 1/20th(lvl1) to 1/10th(lvl2) hp; rechargetime reduced to 5 seconds(workaround for the selfheal bug);removed radius from selfheal lvl 2(it´s called selfheal) earthshaker: rechargetime increased to 120 seconds from 60( very good power) Troll heroes now get AOE damage with knockback(looked pretty silly before) -summon reinforcements timer reduced to 180 seconds for heroes of the west(same as evil heroes now) -archerspecialization now adds a small AOE attack at lvl 4. -assassin damage reduced to 1000/2000/3000/4000 from 2000-10000. Version 1.1 General: Added event specific music: Summon rohan allies, glorious charge, summon ents, daylight, summon balrog, fuelthefires, undermine,summon dwarven citadel: Now starts a thematic music.(For example now summon rohirrim starts playing the track that plays in the movie during the charge at the pelennor fields) Added some alternate salute sound for Arwen, Boromir, Elrond, Eowyn, Galadriel, Gandalf, Treebeard, Witchking,Wormtongue, Shelob, Goblinking, Sharku: .( You want to have only a single salute sound when creating units, so that the player doesn´t get confused. Heroes on the other hand are unique and you get enough notifications that you don´t need an unique salute sound. Adds a little bit more variety into the game.) Hero experience awards: Made the amount heroes give as xp when killed linear; Heroes now give 1/50th of their buildcost as xp, that amount increases by 1/200th per level. (Reason : The scaling is pretty silly base game. For example a lvl 10 theoden gives twice as much hp as a lvl 7 theoden. His increase in power/usefulness from lvl 7 to 10 is pretty minimal however, leading to the absurd result that it´s better for a player to stop levelling his theoden once he reaches lvl 6. Another silly fact about the base game experience system is that a high end hero like legolas is only worth ~1,5 times the xp of a lowend hero like arwen/wormtongue. With my changes all heroes give experience scaled to their power/buildcost) Enabled monster healing;all trolls heal 15 every second after they have been out of combat for 30 seconds; mumakils 40; mountain giants 20; firedrakes 20. Enabled healing for all factions infantry/cavalry, if they have a banner carrier: 10 for elves every 2 seconds(as in base game); 25 every 20 seconds for all other units; even less for low hp units like orcs/goblins with healing starting after 30 seconds(I didn´t want to nerf the elven advantage, so all the other races get rather slow healing, the main reason for this change was that it´s silly that bannercarriers can respawn lost units, but can´t heal their horde members) (thanks go to someone named Troll buddy; whose banner and monster healing mod showed me how it´s done) Mounted heroes: Now start mounted when recruited(theoden, eomer, eowyn, arwen, glorfindel) Treasurechests: can now be picked up after 1 sec down from 3( was annoying to run over them and not picking them up) Cirdan´s shipwork: Now heals the ship even when in combat.(was essentially a very expensive banner upgrade, needed to be a bit better) Stances: Armor/damage boni for stances have been toned down, defensive now gives 25% armor/-25% damage, aggressive gives +25% damage/-25% armor. (It´s no longer a nobrainer choice to have them in defensive all the time, except when you are destroying a building.) Armor boni for units have been reduced from generally 50% to 25% e. g. leadership or rallying call boni.(makes it so that reaching the 75 percent cap and gaining 4times the normal hp is no longer trivial, should help with early rushing problems and high unit durability in general) Archer damage vs swordsmen units: reduced from 150% to 125% (To make the archer/pike combo more counterable with the swordsmen/cavalry combo. That one got nerfed due to the lessened impact of stances/armor boni.) Cavalry armor vs crush decreased from 1% to 100%( enables getting damaged from a mumakil crush attack; also gives the dwarves a good anticavalryweapon with the flaming barrels from wagon/catapult) Structures: Structures now start repairing themselves after 180 seconds, down from 300 seconds.Poison no longer damages structures.(bugfix) Fortress: Increased armor vs slashing, cavalry and pikes to 20% from 25%, increased armor vs heroes to 40% from 50% (addresses clumping and blademaster heroes) Decreased armor vs flame from 1% to 10% (logic: a flaming boulder should do more damage than a normal one) Fortress expansion armors: Increased armor vs slashing from 200% to 100% and vs crush from 150% to 100% (logic: why are swords a lot better than pikes and why are fortress expansions so much worse than regular buildings?) Decrease armor vs heroes from 50% to 100% ( logic: hero damage is usually better than normal damage, not worse) Increased default armor from 75% to 50% ( addresses clumping, structures are far too fragile compared to units) Increased armor vs flame from 100% to 75% (makes firearrow archers a bit less effective at taking down buildings) Decreased armor vs heroes from 50% to 75% (consistency with farm buildings) Wallgates and postern gates: buildcost reduced to 200 from 500 and 300 (maybe someone will use these if they are cheap) Archer bombard has now a wider area: increased to 40 from 30. Battleship: Price reduced to 250 from 750 (might actually make seabattles interesting) Bombardement ship: Price reduced to 2000 from 3000(was overpriced);Now damages allies, neutrals and enemies, from only enemies( is basically a catpult and not a friend or foe tracking missile) (bugfix) Spells: Warchant is now a spell and stacks with everything, same as rallying call. Industry now has a radius of 100 like dwarven riches; both spells had their economy boost reduced to 250% Balrog: decreased armor vs ranged heroes from 1% to 50%(if heroes can hurt him in melee, then why not with bows?) increased crush damage from 200 to 1000( regular troops shouldn´t survive getting trampled by a balrog) Watcher: Decreased armor vs ranged heroes from 1% to 50%(if heroes can hurt him in melee, then why not with bows?) Decreased recharge time from 540 to 480 has 60 seconds lifetime, up from 30 seconds( he is stationary, small buff and more fun) ; appear damage changed from crush to force, so that he can damage pikes. (He needs a small buff) Summoned Dragon:death and appear damage type changed to force from crush; damage increased from 200 to 400( so he can damage pikes) Wyrm: decreased recharge time from 540 seconds to 420 seconds. Tombombadil: Restored sound when casting sonic song(BOMBADILLO! sounds great); now correctly shows his leadership ability.(bugfix) Men longshot ability/arrow volley PP: now hurts both allied and enemy units.(bugfix) Unique hobbits: Restored appropriate deathsounds from campsoldier. Hobbit summon: Now summons frodo, sam, pippin and merry permanently. They are also able to gain levels like normal heroes and you can´t get more than one from a hobbit summon. If one of them dies, he can be resummoned, but starts again at lvl 1. So take care of the little hobbits. (special thanks to Khe who made this first and told me how to do it) Heal: Now restores only half of a units maxhp, but restores three horde members. (It was too powerful on heroes, effectively doubling their hp) Creeps: Spiderlings from spider lair xp award: changed from 5 to 3( too much xp for a harmless critter); buildcost reduced to 5 from 50;buildtime reduced to 5 secs from 15; commandpoints reduced to 2 from 10( to make untamed allegiance more worthwile on something else than fire drake lairs) Barrow wight: experience gain halved from 30 to 15(fixes sending orcs/goblins to gather PP and makes more sense since they are rather weak) ; buildcost reduced to 25 from 200; buildtime to 20 from 30;commandpoints to 5 from 10( to make untamed allegiance more worthwile on something else than fire drake lairs) Warg from warg lair:buildcost reduced to 10 from 100;buildtime reduced to 10 secs from 15; commandpoints reduced to 5 from 10.(same reason as for the other creeps) Men: Heroes: All hero speeds increased to 50 from 40. Theoden: respawncost increased to 900 from 600.Mounted damage increased to 150 from 35 (bugfix) Eowyn: Buildcost reduced to 800 from 1200; gets mount at lvl 1, smite at lvl 3.Now deals 4times the normal damage when fighting the witchking;smite deals double damage vs mounted nazguls and the witchking on foot. Eomer: Buildcost increased to 1200 from 1000;respawncost increased from 500 to 900 ; spear throw damage increased to 800 from 400 Faramir: Wounding arrow damage increased to 800, removed scalar boni vs trolls and ents, so the wounding arrow is now useful vs most stuff and not only vs trolls/ents/fellbeasts.; respawncost increased to 900 from 600 Aragorn: Respawn cost increased to 1500 from 1000 Boromir: Horn of gondor recharge time increased to 150 seconds from 60; respawncost increased to 900 from 650. Frodo: Sting now does 400% damage vs Shelob.(movie again) Gandalf: Damage increased to 150; speed on shadowfax increased to 110;respawncost increased to 2250 from 1500.Now gets 500 health; +25% spelldamage and 25% faster spellrecharge when levelling to white(from 0)(thematic, he should become stronger as white, also buffs him a little to make him more worthy of his 3k cost). Restored spellvoice when casting word of power.(bugfix);Istari light: removed the damage scalar vs the witchking and drogoth, so that one shot now deals only 7500 damage to them and doesn´t kill them instantly from full health.(heroes that cost 5k shouldn´t be shot down in one shot) Units: Rohirrim: Health reduced to 600 ( they are fast, have great support and do great trample damage, this demotes them somewhat from unkillable demigod status) Gondor archer: Hp increased to 150 from 100, cost decreased to 200 from 250.movement speed increased to 45 from 40. (utterly useless before, shouldn´t be slower than dwarves) Tower Guard: movement speed increased to 45 from 40. (shouldn´t be slower than dwarves) Knights: Increased crush damage from 80 to 110.( needed a small buff) Ranger: Hp decreased to 300; upgrades to 75 pierce 50 flame damage from 100 pierce 50 flame.(a fast high dps archer unit shouldn´t be a tank as well) longshot damage decreased to 100; reloadtime decreased to 120 seconds(more weaker longshots) Dunedain: Same nerfs as the ithielien Rangers; Cost 400 from the inn.. Trebuchet: Cost decreased to 700 from 1000 (was too expensive compared to other races siege) Structures: Fortress: Palantir vision and boiling oil release now available from the radial menu once researched. Heroic statue Leadership: Now gives a 25% armor bonus, up from 0.(bugfix) Banner upgrade: techcost reduced to 250 from 1000, equip cost reduced to 150 from 300 Wallhub: cost reduced to 50 from 200 Archery range: upgrade cost to lvl 3 reduced to 300 from 1000(1000 was far too expensive for no new units/upgrades) Stables: upgrade cost reduced to 300 from 1000(same as archery range) Workshop: lvl 2 and 3 upgrade cost reduced to 250 from 500(overpriced) Ivory tower fortress upgrade: cost reduced to 1000 from 2500 Grandharvest tech: cost reduced to 500 from 1500 (might actually make marketplace useful) Ironore tech: cost reduced to 500 from 1500 (might actually make marketplace useful) Spells: Lone tower recharge time reduced from 180 seconds to 120(very bad 10 PP spell) Oathbreakers: Now deal only 1% damage to aragorn; (10% killed him still too fast). Elves: Heroes: Elven heroes: Now heal 45 per second, up from 30.(fast healing is a racial trait of the elves, as seen from the units; should apply to the heroes too) Arwen: xp needed for lvl 10 decreased to 800 from 1100,flood recharge time decreased to 240 seconds from 300. Thranduil: bow damage increased to 150 from 100.Thranduil: Thorn of vengeance fire damage is now actually fire damage and not magic.(bugfix) Haldir: buildcost reduced to 1200; goldenarrow damage increased to 1200;respawn cost decreased to 900. Legolas: Removed soundfile where he calls aragorn and gimli for aid.(bugfix) Units: Mirkwood archers: cost decreased to 500 from 800, health increased to 200 from 150, upgrades to 90 pierce 30 magic from 120 pierce, 30 magic;attackspeed no longer drops when upgraded. (needed a buff desperately, are now similar to rangers) Lorien warriors and mirkwood sentries: Can no longer fire out of towers.(doesn´t really make sense, why should they suddenly find bows in there?. wildman of dunland can still throw rocks though;bugfix) Mithlond sentries: hp increased to 150 from 125 (small buff, because they died too fast to archer cav) Ent: Can now crush cavalry(He is pretty big, should be able to trample things much smaller); hp increased to 2500 from 2000(should be sturdier than cave trolls). Eagle Health increased to 2500 from 2000; movement speed increased to 105;attackmovement speed to 150(since he is weak and as an elven unit he should at least be as fast/faster than fellbeasts) Banner upgrade: techcost reduced to 250 from 1000, equip cost reduced to 150 from 300 Structures: Entmoot: Cost reduced to 500 Barracks: upgrade cost decreased to 250(lvl 2) and 500(lvl 3), from 500 and 1000. (So teching to mirkwoods is a bit more viable) Mystic fountains fortress upgrade: cost reduced to 700 from 1500(houses of healing was better and cheaper) Enchanted anvil fortress upgrade: cost reduced to 300 from 500( now pays off after 10th upgrade) Crystal moat: cost reduced to 500 from 1000(pretty useless upgrade) Eagle: cost reduced to 500 (might actually make the monument useful) Floodgate expansion: cost reduced to 1000 from 1500( can be dodged and gets killed easily) Wallhub expansion: cost reduced to 50 from 150 (maybe someone will build a wall someday ) Eagle´s nest: now grants a vision bonus like isens/goblins fortress bats upgrade. Spells: Farsight: recharge time decreased to 60 seconds from 180. Elven wood: recharge time decreased to 180 seconds from 360. Dwarves: Heroes: Gimli: price reduced to 3500 from 4000 Gloin: bountyvalue increased to 625 from 30;Removed the crush damage from gloin´s slam ability, now \"only\" deals 500 siege damage(was too strong for a lvl 1 ability; I don´t want him to kill all HA units in one hit) units: Men of Dale: black arrows damage increased to 150 from 75 speed increased to 50 from 45; cost reduced to 300 from 500; now cost 200 from the inn. Axethrowers: buildtime increased to 25 seconds from 20, damage reduced from 50 to 40; scalar vs buildings reduced from 5000% to 2500%. (powerful unit, less spammability) Guardian: buildtime increased to 25 seconds from 20 (powerful unit, less spammability) siegehammer damage vs units increased to 50, damage vs structures increased from 110 to 200( since this is an expensive tier 3 upgrade that benefits only a single type of unit vs structures only, it should better be good at it´s job), forgedblades upgrade damage decreased to 100 from 150(bugfix) Battlewagon: Oilbarrel damage increased to 400 from 200(deals crush damage, makes it less powerful);men of dale upgrade cost reduced to 100 from 200;axethrower upgrade cost reduced to 50 from 200.Battlewagon pikes: Now deal specialist(pike) damage instead of slash.(bugfix);Can now capture buildings(like all other cavalry); give now twice the experience(base game a lvl 5 battlewagon is worth only 4 lvl 1 gondor knights) Demolisher: Cost reduced to 400 from 600 (never used);now gives twice the experience.(had to do that because of the battlewagon change, won´t affect the game much) Dwarven catapult: Now takes 10%damage from hero´s special ranged attacks, like hawkstrike/wounding arrow. (consistency with other catapults) (thanks to Khe for finding this one) (bugfix) Banner upgrade: Techcost reduced to 500 from 1000, equip cost reduced to 200 from 300 (more useful than for other races due to bullrush) Structures: Mighty catapult fortress upgrade: reloadtime decreased from 300 to 180 seconds. (does only 1/3rd of the damage of the gogoroth spire and has a smaller radius) Dwarven fortress: Oil cask release now available from the radial menu once researched. Wallhub expansion: Cost reduced to 50 from 150 (maybe someone will build a wall someday ) Dwarven Hearth: Now heals heroes, like all other healing structures.(bugfix) Barracks: Build speed increased to 30 seconds from 20, upgrade cost reduced to 200 from 500(lvl 2) and 400 from 1000(lvl 3) (no upgrades and no new units, but lots of health) Archery range: Build speed decreased to 30 seconds from 45, price decreased to 500 from 600; upgrade cost for lvl 3 decreased to 300 from 1000 (Nerf to axethrowers makes the longer buildtime unnecessary, lvl 3 upgrade was overpriced) Spells: Dwarven citadel: Recharge time decreased to 540 seconds from 720. Lone tower: Recharge time decreased to 120 seconds from 180 GOBLINS: Heroes: Goblinking: Price reduced from 3000 to 2000(was definitely overpriced); speed increased to 60 from 50(can almost keep up with goblins now) Shelob: Increased armor vs pikes from 125% to 75% (overnerfed) Drogoth: hp increased to 8000 from 6000 (makes him equal to the witchking in hp); Wingblast damage type changed from crush to force( so he can damage pikes). Got a bountyvale of 1000; previously 0 .(bugfix) Lumbermill: cost reduced from 450 to 300(should make them at least somewhat buildable) Firedrake: cost reduced to 1000; buildtime increased to 60 seconds from 30 (should make the dragon´s nest a viable upgrade) Razorspines: cost reduced to 500, damage increased to 200(was pretty useless before, one time specialist damage of 150 isn´t much) Fissure: upgradecost for lvl 2 reduced to 250, for lvl 3 to 500 (halftrolls are already the best unit from the fissure, making upgrades rather pointless) Spider pit: upgradecost for lvl 3 reduced to 300 (1000 was far too much for a weak upgrade) sentry tower: hp increased to 3000 from 1500 Burrows fortress expansion: Cost decreased to 100 from 700(tunnel serves same purpose and has lots of other benefits) Mountain giant: Better armor agains flames(100% from 300%) and slash(50% from 100%) (more entlike, not so sucky) Stomp radius increased from 50 to 70 (couldn´t even stomp pikemen next to him);Can now crush cavalry(He is pretty big, should be able to trample things much smaller);changed damage type when dying from crush to Force; increased damage when dying from 100 to 300( so that it damages pikes/cav/heroes and kills most regular troops) CaveTroll: Cost reduced to 400;now buildable from lvl 1 fissure; can now trample infantry with the same damage as mordor trolls.( so goblins have access to an early archer counter, no trampling seems to have been an oversight); crush damage increased to 50 from 10.Throw goblin now does 400 force damage from 200 siege damage( was useless before, same effect as rockthrowing, but you lose an extra goblin; siege damage made no sense either, the only effect a thrown goblin should have on a structure is that it will need a new paint job) Spiderlings from spiderling holes: Health decreased to 100 from 300(those small spiders had more health than a dwarven axethrower) Banner upgrade cost: tech cost reduced to 250, upgrade cost reduced to 150. Venom sacks: techcost reduced to 250; upgrade cost reduced to 100. MORDOR: Heroes: Mouth of Sauron: Hp decreased to 3500 from 5000 ( had more hp than gimli?);Evil eye: removed the damage scalar vs the witchking and drogoth, so that one shot now deals only 6000 damage to them and doesn´t kill them instantly from full health.(heroes that cost 5k shouldn´t be shot down in one shot) Witchking: Heal amount increased from 20 to 60; hour of the witchking recharge time decreased from 300 seconds to 180 seconds.Got bountyvalue of 1000( previously 0). Screeching on foot now works correctly(thanks to KHE for fixing this)(bugfix); armor on fellbeast vs piercing increased to 75%;(His fellbeast form was underpowered, since he doesn´t have any noticeable benefit compared to a regular fellbeast); reduced speed on foot from 65 to 55( same as other nazgul now). nazguls on horse: 6 are now recruitable; commandpointcost increased to 50; die message can now play every 15 seconds(it´s nice to have the nine complete; increased commandpoints so that his change is not overpowered in mordors lategame); Now do hero damage when trampling(dealt gondor cavalry damage before; bugfix) Units: Battering Ram: cost reduced to 200 from 400( should be cheaper than the better and more versatile catapult) Mordor archer: Cost reduced to 250 from 300(was a bit too expensive) Corsairs: Cost reduced to 300 from 400 (come from a pretty useless building, low health) Troll: Cost reduced to 400 health increased to 2000 from 1500;crush damage increased to 50 from 10 (underpowered, due to single unit and bad armor) Drummertroll: Buildtime reduced to 30, cost reduced to 600 (slow unit, easy to kill);Changed damage type from crush to siege (crush makes no sense for a normal attack and leads to silly things like 0 damage to structures;bugfix) Attacktroll: Now gives twice the amount of xp as a normal troll(from same amount) Soldier of rhun: Fixed heavy armor bug Haradrim archers: got bountyvalue of 12, from 0(bugfix) Mumakil: Increased armor vs pikes from 175% to 125%. Mordor catapults: Are now able to inflict damage on each other.(bugfix) Structures: Mordorfortress: magma cauldron release now available from the radial menu once researched. Lavamoat: Cost decreased to 500 from 1000(same as elven moat) Orc pit: Upgrade cost reduced to 100(lvl2) and 200(lvl3) from 500/1000. Banner upgrade cost: Tech cost reduced to 250, upgrade cost reduced to 100. Lumbermill: Cost reduced from 450 to 300(should make them at least somewhat buildable) Mumakil pen: Upgrade costs reduced to 200(lvl 2) and 400(lvl 3) from 250 and 500. Siegeworks: Upgrade cost to lvl3 reduced to 300 from 1000. Haradrim palace: Upgradecost for lvl 3 reduced to 300 from 1000.No longer gains arrow tower at lvl 2 upgrade.(bugfix) Spells: Barricade: Recharge time reduced to 150 seconds from 180 (worse than the other lvl 10 powers, but better than the other tower summons) Isengard: Heroes: Lurtz: Buildcost increased to 1500;ressurect cost increased to 1125(He is far too good for a 1200 hero); bow damage type in melee changed to hero from Crush(crush makes no sense;bugfix);Deals three time the normal damage to boromir with his crossbow, but takes double damage from aragorn. (another nod to the movie) Sharku: Damage increased to 250 (makes him a good cavalry counter);got bountyvalue 250;previously 0. Saruman: Cost decreased to 2500;respawncost decreased to 1875; damage increased to 150;wormtongue ability recharge time reduced to 180 seconds from 300.( slight buffs) Now deals AoE damage, previously only one of the units he knocked back received damage.(bugfix) Wormtongue: Backstab damage now deals 1000 Hero damage to Saruman and Theoden; Poison duration increased to 60 seconds from 20 (small nod to the movie/book) Units: Battering Ram: cost reduced to 200 from 400( should be cheaper than the better and more versatile catapult) Crossbows: Base damage increased by 5. They deal +25% damage now vs flying units(Isengard needs this, since they have no elite archer unit and the firearrowupgrade comes very late) Warg riders: Warg howl no longer gives an armor bonus, they just gain a +50% damage buff. Explosive mine: Buildcost reduced to 300 from 500( hard to use well) Banner upgrade cost: Tech cost reduced to 250, upgrade cost reduced to 150. Structures: Burning forges fortress upgrade: Cost reduced to 300 from 500(like elven forge) Excavations fortress upgrade: Buildcost reduced to 700 from 1000 ( similar to the forge this upgrade pays off far too late) Siege works: Upgrade cost for lvl 3 reduced to 500 from 1000 (so that isen can get ballistas faster) Lumbermill: Cost reduced from 450 to 300(should make them at least somewhat buildable) Urukpit: lvl 3 upgrade cost reduced to 300 from 1000. Isengard minelauncher fortress expansion: reduced price from 1500 to 750( was overpriced). Warg sentry: Building cost reduced to 150 from 400;warg sentry replacement cost reduced to 50 from 100;damage to buildings now 50% (utterly useless, might serve now as a scout building) Wallhub expansion: Cost reduced to 50 from 150 (maybe someone will build a wall someday ) Spells: Palantir vision: Recharge time decreased to 60 seconds from 180. Tainted land: Recharge time decreased to 180 seconds from 360 Dragonstrike: Dragon now moves with a speed of 200 (might make him useful vs armies);damage vs fort reduced to 10% (forts aren´t immune to fire anymore, he deals the same damage as premod to them);increased armor vs piercing from 100% to 25% (shouldn´t be shot down so easily and give tons of PP) Devastation: Damage vs ents increased to 3000 from 800( now takes 3/4th of their hp) Fuelthe fires: Now increases resource gain from lumbermills by 400% up from 200%(should be powerful as a tier3 power) Rain: Now removes both buffs and leadership.(many types of leadership are classified as buffs, so this is mostly a bugfix and makes rain more worthy of a 15PP power)(bugfix)




Super Ranger mod | 2.46 MB

reasources and level 3 for 100. Galadriel costs very little and has a very little build time. And a few other small things.




Low Cost High Fun Mod | 2.4 MB

prices and build times around for units. -Factions should be able to build their basic soldiers at little cost and near instant build -Siege weapons have had prices and build times VASTLY increased, in an effort for you not to use them :) -Trolls prices and build times increased so they aren\'t used as much This is my first file submission and mod creation, i just made this as a personal work but I thought I\'d share it with the community, hopefully somebody else enjoys it!




CyclinDKCP Mod | 2.33 MB

command points have been raised to 6,000, but the total command points that you may be alloted can exceed this figure (6,000 is not the maximum). The minimum command points (starting command points) have been raised as well. *Note, with increased numbers of units gameplay may suffer from lags dependign upon your particular computer\'s setup. With higher possible command points, I\'ve also increased the amount of command points awarded for building resource structures, i.e., farms, furnaces, lumber mills, slaughter houses, waffle houses, and houses of ill repute, from 50 to 500. That means a five hundred command point increase for every farm built. It is necessary, otherwise it would take too long to raise your command points high enough to be useful as well as too coslty in cash and space. I have not altered the number of command points awarded by dormitories or statues and the like. Fortresses also provide 500 Cpts. *Note: I am running a Pentium 4 HT, with an ATI Radeon 9550 256MB graphics card, with 2 Gigabytes of RAM. I have the game\'s visual effects set at a variety of levels. I find medium-to-low levels work best (obviously), but my settings range from high, to medium, to low. Depending on the capabilities of your computer you may want to adjust the graphics setting accordingly. Things like the appearance of water don\'t really matter to me so I set those lower, just whatever you like. I suggest getting more RAM regardless of whether or not this mod works, it is cheap compared to the benefits. Way faster load times (games and other software), and more crap on screen at once. I can minimize a game and go surf the net with half a dozen web pages open and jump right back into the game without any problem. Also, when exiting the game when you\'re done playing the computer sometimes takes a minute or two before it really starts working smoothly again, but with more memory everything works smoothly all the time. More RAM is a really great buy. And the ATI Radeon 9550 is a great card for the price, but don\'t pay more than 80.00 for it these days if you can even find it. It plays F. E. A. R. on medim settings without a hitch. Strategy: I only play against the computer on Medium difficulty to avoid its use of spell abilities, they just wipe out all your work too fast. I like long, many hour games with vast expansive fortress and wall complexes and battlements (see Future Mods). The computer will take full advantage of the increased command points. If you\'re playing against a faction like the Goblins, you will be immediately bombarded by hordes upon hordes of infantry, archers, and a few trolls. Which ever faction/s you play against and which ever you choose for yourself, I suggest building only two or three resource structures at the maximum at first, and in as close proximity to your base as possible. Build up your base (fortress) defenses as well as possible while building a number of good ranged attack units, and protect them all as well as possible. No matter what happens the first few time you play, don\'t worry, you\'ll get the hang of it. Balance between maybe one or two medium heros in the beginning has well. Once you\'re certain that you\'re base is safe from the waves of infantry, you can start to expand. Build garrisonable towers wherever possible to gaurd any unprotected structures away from your base, I reccomend at least on for every farm outside your base, garrisoned with archers of some kind. This eats up some command points, but you should have plenty to spare now. That\'s about it for strategy. Online Play: In order to play using this mod for online multiplayer games, all of your opponents must be equipped with an identical INI.big file in their BFME 2 folders. I don\'t play online so I\'m not sure if it will crash, but I think the effects of the mod might just not work. I don\'t know. Future Mods: I have always hated how weak walls and defensive structures are, so I\'ve begun workin on a mod that will include increased command points just as with this mod (I don\'t play any other way now), unit modifications as far as cost, offensive/definsive strength, build times, et cetera. One specific example would be my alterations to the elven archer types. I always figured they should have greater range, attack power, and an increased rate of fire than other factions\' archers. So now they\'ll be worth the money. I will aslo fiddle with the build times, cost, and health of many structures, especially garrisonable towers, walls, and fortresses. Costs of heros and their build times and strengths will be modified to my like or to yours should any of you actually read this and care to email me. Specifics: Although I have not settled on anything, the elven archer types will have significantly raised rates of fire and range. Legolas\' rate of fire and other elven heros will have very great range and firing rates as well. I plan also to make a few tweaks to the spell book effects as well. Minor things like increasing the duration of say, tainted land and its counterpart. How large an area gets tainted, much larger area. Possibly adjust the spell book timers. I\'m still trying to work on a way to get Gandalf to be able to summon eagles as as a personal spell, or create a Radagast the Brown character that does it. Heal times may be altered for certain units. The radius of affect for wells, hearths and statues will likely be increased. Upgrade costs will likely be reduced across the board (speeding up the boring parts of the game). Costs of upgrades reduced. I still don\'t know how to change how fast a unit or units runs or moves. Attack speed or frequency of attack is easy, but I can\'t get them to run faster. Elves need to be swift. Well that\'s all I can think of for now, though I\'m sure I\'ve forgotten some things. Most of this if really easy to do. For those of you who want to try modding BFME 1, 2, and probably RotWK files yourself download a file called \"Final Big Editor,\" or email me and I\'ll send it to you. Use the editor to open INI.big files. Most of the moddifaction I do occur in a directory called gamedata.ini, which is inside the INI.big file. Always remember to make a backup.




Peter\'s Mod | 3.05 MB

Heros avaliable for all good factions(I don\'t know how to allow them to revive so they are unrevivable) -Damrod Avaliable! -6 Nazguls now avaliable. Don\'t Be too harsh because it is my first mod.




Monster Auto Heal mod | 2.42 MB

Mountain Giants just seemed too 'disposable'. This mod corrects that. Mountain Troll, Drummer Troll, Attack Troll, Mumakil, Cave Troll, Mountain Giant, Fire Drake, Berserker and Ent now auto-heal. Also, I added the auto-heal to Berserkers and Ents. Note: 1. The above units start with this feature at level 1. I didn't know how to make it work at level 2 and quite honestly units gain rank so quickly that it doesn't make that much difference. I prefer it this way anyway. 2. There is a delay and like heroes, these guys heal only when not in battle. 3. Wild monsters do not auto-heal. I may add that sometime.




Colored-Dwarf-Beards Mod v1.0 | 1.77 MB





Special Power Mini Mod | 1.68 MB

extra graphic effects so it improves gameplay with stunning graphics shown on the screenshots. The rangers look totally buffed up which they should be and the longshot looks very good. Current Changes: 1) Mirkwood Elves - Equipped with Arrow Volley. - Arrow Volley has Silverthorn Arrow effect when the upgrade has been purchased. 2) Gondor Rangers - Arrow Volley now sets things on fire and has fire hit effect when the rangers are upgraded with fire arrows. 3) Dunedain (spell and inn) - Added Weapon Toggle - Added High Lineage Passive Ability - 50% Armor increase 80% resistance fear for Dunedain and surrounding Allies - Removed Long shot and fire arrow upgrade (For balance) - Increased weapon damage (For balance) Planned Changes: 1) Shelob - Shelob web - Cover an area in web to turn everything in it into webbed things - Eat - Shelob can eat webbed things to recover heath 2) Arwen - Mount Eagle - Pretty Self Explanitory just trying to find the right skeleton to base it off Future Changes: I want to add a mount eagle for the elf archer CaH but am not sure how yet thats what I have planned after Arwens mount as that should make it a bit easier. Known Bugs: None Installation Instructions: 1) Place SpecialPowerMM.big into: X:\\Documents and Settings\\\\Application Data\\ My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files where X is the drive BFME2 is installed on and is your windows user name 2) Right click on your desktop and click create shortcut the location is: X:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts\\ The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\lotrbfme2.exe where X is the drive BFME2 is installed on Press ok and then input a name for your shortcut e.g. BFME 2 Special Powers Mini-Mod Press ok again and you should have an new icon on your desktop. 3) Right click the new shortcut In the target box right after lotrbfme2.exe\" add: [ -mod SpecialPowerMM.big] without the square brackets this must come after the \" marks 4) You can move this shortcut to where ever you want it. 5) Double Click it to play the mod. Credits: Coding - Me Models and Skins - EA Special thanks to Solinx and the other people at forums who helped greatly when I was stuck. If you wish to contact me about this mod or any other information about my mods here is my email address:




BodiesStayModII(1.04 patch version) | 2.29 MB;63509 to play the mod




Isengard Superiority | 3.23 MB

value. When in Create-A-Hero, the Easterling corrupted man has 99 attribute points. All structures are near invincible. Actual health value is 9,999,999. Note this is a beta. The mod works perfectly. Each of the above effects are true. This is only a beta so I can make some fine-tuning to the official release. Also so I can read your comments and make changes where need be.




CJ\'s Balance Mod

cjwisemod.rar | 2.64 MB

points are at 40. Upgrade times for weapons and fortress improvements have been decreased by about 10 secs. And units like the towerguard now cost 600 resources but are much they should be.) *These are the more interesting and important changes in the mod...... *I have disabled the housecolor, so you no longer have a fellbeast with red wings or soldiers with blue shields. *Gandalfs mounted speed has been increased, so shadowfax is now the fastest horse in the game. Sharkus mounted speed has also been increased.(he was really slow before) *Create a Hero buildcost has been increased to 3000. (because they are overpowered). *All hero buildtime has been changed to 30secs. except for Arwen, Wormtongue, and Eowyn who are 20.(because if you pay 5000 resources for the witchking you dont wanna wait ages to get him.) *Most heroes experience needed to level up has been made the same. except for gandalf, saruman, fellbeasts, witchking, drogoth. (i think). because there abilities help them level up much faster anyway. *Wall health has been increased, aswell as fortess and building health. *The building radius for walls has also been increased. *The last important thing is that I have sped up the attack rate of most of the heroes. (As before it looked like a granny weilding a sword in slowmotion.) It is now more realistic. *To install the mod, just extract this ini folder into the data folder. Then remove the original ini.big file to somewhere outside the bfme2 folder. Enjoy.




BodiesStayMod II | 2.29 MB

time. That basically it have fun!!!!!!!




Awe\'s AI Improvements + more! | 2.46 MB

have no need to download this mod because the AI\'s rush is reduced. But, if you dont rush and want a good game, THIS MOD IS FOR YOU! This mod makes these improvements: -Slower rush -Greater troop diversity -Larger waves of troops -Ai captures neutral buildings -Ai builds heros -Ai cavelry wont attack pikemen -Ai will attack heros more often -Ai will attack structures less and prefer units. -Ai designed to build ships, but not guarenteed. -Fortress health doubled -Fortress and fortress expansion armor increased signifagantly for melee units. -Fortress and fortress expansion armor lowered slightly against Seige. -Wall cost Halfed -Wall build time doubled -Mighty Catipult range increased slightly -Mighty Catipult recharge time decreased Slightly -Mighty Catipult damage slightly reduced. Not long before the release, but worth the time to download. To install, replace this INI with the one in the demo. To uninstall, put back the origional INI.




Maximum War | 2.42 MB

Dependent on archers dwarves = some items cheaper, dependent on Siege Isengard = like men, More expensive though Mordor = weak faction to begin, cheap units, dependent on monsters and siege Wild = Cheaper Units and Structures, Dependent on monsters and Heroes known bugs: you cannot purchase the summon balrog spell, this hopefully will be fixed. there is still more to be done and make sure to read the readme P.S this is my first attempt at a balance mod so please be kind




Battletest2 Director\'s Cut | 4.67 MB

and Dark Island. It even includes a new Conquest Mode developed by MaDDoX. [/quote] This is a very good mod/maps from Maddox, and is extremely enjoyable to play. You\'ll have fun with this one!




Marks bfme2 full gameplay mod | 4.49 MB

troll weapon fix and firebrand mod Bfme2 gollum skirmish evasion mod This mod has been tested with the current official patch Any changes to the 'individual stand alone mods' above will be already added to this full mod All files and folders included with this mod are taken away from my game as I play it now and will not affect affect the game stability or speed in any way.




Shelob\'s BFME2 Siege Mod | 15.49 MB

get cp reductions for some units.




BFME2 remade (Fixes) | 1.42 MB

patches he has made some changes and modifications which I will state in the readme.




Boromir\'s small mod

boromirs_small_mod.rar | 2.61 MB




Ex Traxx Mod | 2.4 MB

Patch 1.05. Fortress costs 10000 All players begin with 10000. The AI Rush in most cases immediately. The AI builds fast Upgrades (building and units). The AI attacks in large groups. The AI uses many heroes and the perminenent charm fast. Main charms are likewise faster used. Fortress Upgrades of the AI, also without that to be only attacked must, the mines etc. As built as in the normal play to bring however 50 instead of 25 gold . Each player begins with 500 CP. Greeting ExTraxx Can anyone correct me on my german?




Clords AI MOD | 2.91 MB




Lotr Digz Beta Mod Final | 3.54 MB

the command points and the prices of the units to make it more reasonable to have a major war just like patch 1.04 and the ability to rush more easily. This is a no campers mod, do not download this mod if you are a camper. This mod may not go into its 1.1,1.2 stage, it may be transformed into the lotrfiles mod which will change some of the generic abilites of units and just cahnge much more of the game to make it like a EA patch. List of changes (Much smaller): Isengard Buildings prices dropped Isengard Units Prices now dropped Thedoen Health increased to 2000 instead of 1600 Mostly generic changes i.e. building health, siege weapons attack strength, unit attack strength Thanks for Downloading Digz If you need to contact me or host this mod on your site or want to make changes you must contact me: Thankyou Digz




Chachalon\'s AI Mod | 3.1 MB

AI uses upgrades much more (not only fire arrows - AI upgrades fortress - AI no longer considers Guardians cavalry (in a bunch of games I did it always tried to counter my guardians with phalanxes/marauders) v 1.00 - AI builds more farms on any level of difficulty, virtually unlimited number on hard/brutal - Target priority & unit build order slightly changed - AI upgrades units - captures outposts, inns & shipyards - builds ships... most likely inn-units, too, but haven\'t seen that so far - builds walls




Clord\'s Balance MOD | 2.91 MB

folder and unzip INI folder to under game\'s DATA folder.




Defence Fix | 2.46 MB

halved, armor for walls against non siege doubled. Goblin Stand alone towers cost reduced by 50%, +33% build time. Dwarven Stand alone towers -60% health, double build time and has wall armor.(Makes them really strong v meele attacks) Lonetower attack upgrade cost reduced by 50%. Fortress extensions now has fortress armor but takes 4 times longer to build. All non-defensive structures have 50% extra baseHP. Fortress armor now takes 25% damage from heroes compared to 50% before. Fortress expansion wall hubs now have wall armor. Install: Navigate to the B4ME2 Demo Folder remove the original INI.big and store it in a safe place. Then place the ini included in this download into the same folder where you removed the original INI.big. If you want to revert back to the old changes, remove the INI.big you placed in the B4ME2 Demo Folder and replace it with the original you stored in a safe place.