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Metal Factory


Fans. Lots and lots of fans. Spinning, incessantly overhead. Ceaseless spinning. That would be the main focus of Metal Factory by Luuuke. This FFA map has plenty to do. Whether it be FFAing or
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attempting to get to the top of the giant, fan-filled tower, everyone who plays this map should have something to duel. The central point of the map is a giant silo-type tower. At your feet is a fan, underneath which is a special dueling room with a few surprises. Above are 80,000 giant fans, spinning in sync, ready to slice and dice anyone who comes near them. Well, maybe not 80,000, but there are a bunch of them. Circumventing the interior of this column are small platforms. These platforms lead to, guess where, the top. I can’t get to the top. The huge fans are much to crafty for me and they knock me off every time. But I feel this is a nice touch to what could be a rather bleak map. The dueling area below the main floor is actually some type of mold. In the center of this floating platform is a vat of lava or melted metal. Whatever it is, it burns if you touch it, so stay away. Since it’s right smack in the center of the platform and small streams of the vicious liquid run toward the edges of the floor, it really adds that extra bit of challenged that could either make or break anybody’s duel. I really like that. One nice touch in this room is the author’s creation of a viewing area through the use of an item that would normally be there. It makes more sense to incorporate part of a metal factory then to just randomly have some strange platform floating in the room. I can really see that some thought was put into this piece. Even though it’s a little small for a large FFA, I think the map has enough room to accommodate maybe 10 people or so. Any more than that and I think there may be some population issues, especially if people start spawning on top of each other. My only suggestion would be to perhaps make the map a little larger and add a couple more rooms. Having only two rooms and a giant tower of fans really isn’t sufficient for a good FFA map. It’s a good job, but I can’t wait to see more. - Daku New Sounds: No New Textures: No Bot Support: No

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