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Tiki Hut


With all the duel maps out there, you might think it’s not possible for one to just come out and blow all the rest away. Well, this map by WRECKING CREW may not be the be all end all of maps, but
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it’s pretty darn close. A small tiki hut, tucked into the back wall of a beautiful enclave above a giant sea filled with rocky islands, sits beside a waterfall. Beautiful trees surround the area. A hazy mist covers the area, shrouding it in mystery. A light rain trickles down, like tears falling upon the beauty of the moment. Inside the small hut, a fire burns, ready to warm any who come seeking shelter from the rain and to watch the deadly duels that should take place in front of them. The setting is perfect. It may be pretty, but how does it stand up technically? First off, it has no music. While I don’t really mind that so much, since I don’t listen to the music anyway, I imagine some people would find the lack to be something of a turn-off. Music enhances a duel by providing an additional level to the experience. Heart-pounding beats or eerie music always seem to make the saber experience so much better. I feel maybe some kind of mysterious, yet upbeat, piece would have suited this map very well. Another very minor issue, and I stress minor because it really is of no importance, lies in the fact that fire in the hut does no damage. I know, it’s a duel, it probably shouldn’t do damage, but it would give something to avoid and add another element to the duel. Just my two cents. Visually, this map is astounding. It’s easy on the eyes and has plenty of room for a great duel. This is staying on my PC, even if I never get to use it. I honestly feel this should be added to the rotation of every duel server out there. Excellent job. Keep up the good work. - Daku New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes

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