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Instability This has got to be one of the most interestingly...strange maps I\'ve played in a while. Aptly named instability, this map will have you dancing around from platform to platform only
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to find that ground you might have called refuge is nothing more than a Death Trap. Oh\'ll see what I mean shortly. First off, you\'re stuck in this HUGE box with see through walls with a nice view of some nasty looking mountain range. Spawn points...I just have to make a point of this, if I\'m spawned somewhere where I have to take damage in order to get anywhere else, that\'s no good. I mean the jumps you have to make in this map are forgivable, but be sure you\'re going to be hurting after almost every one. If you somehow lose your footing and manage to slip through a crack in the floor, you\'re in for a long drop into some yummy mossy green stuff that magically keeps you from making the bone shattering crunch you get when you fall along way, but still ends up killing you. At least I can land on my feet though! So let\'s say you make it all the way to what seems to be the ground. Now you can relax right? Wrong. The ground breaks up into multiple ascending pieces and rises to the ceiling at different rates of travel depending on which piece you stepped on, some fast, some not so fast, some downright slow. The idea is cool, and granted I can see some people having fun ducking and dodging around trying to avoid getting squashed...oh yes. That\'s something else; you can be sure that when your selected piece of floor rises high enough, you\'ll die if you don\'t find another piece or a pillar to move to. (Nothing like being crushed...:P) There really aren\'t that many great places to duel...actually there are no good places to duel. There\'s some alright weapons placement, and frankly you\'re going to need a weapon to experience any decent combat in this map, but like I said you\'re taking damage if you decide to make a jump for one :P Ok support...Kinda. Yes the bots don\'t go all jumpy and nuts, and if you manage to get to one you can have a decent battle. No, there\'s no where to fight them that\'s worth getting to, so it kinda makes it redundant. Well as far as fresh ideas go, this is a winner. As far as playability goes...there\'s much left to be desired. If you\'re in the mood for a map that offers Instability in everyway, well you\'re in for a treat. If you\'re looking for a map that offers dueling capability or just regular FFA, look elsewhere. New Textures : No New Music/Sounds : No Game Types : FFA, TFFA, Jedi Master, HFFA Bot Support : Yes Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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