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LetGo map pack 1


LetGo map pack 1 Man Lego’s are one thing I’ll always love. Building up cool towers and castles, then putting all the energy I got into bashing them to bits. Ah, Lego’s :).Now first off as you can
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see in the read-me, these are remakes. BerneyBoy brings us 2 maps, each with a little bit of what I like to call…Lego flare. Yeah, Hmmm you say… Lego flare what could that be. Well, let’s start by taking a look at “Letgo1-Spyglass.” That’s the first map in this 2 map submission. I started off being spawned in a big blue room with multiple tiers. Crowding has been avoided due to the multiple spawn points, namely a room adjacent to the blue room, a red room. Right off the bat you can tell this map is pretty interesting, given the whole Lego look and all. (I’m a sucker for my Lego’s! Yes, yes I still whip those jokers out from time to time and build :P) Apparently, the textures were made by BerneyBoy as well, given the big texture pack sign on the wall ;D. The weapon placement in there is great, multiple munitions are located on the different levels in key areas making the pick ups an easy painless experience. I like not having to run for ten minutes trying to find a decent weapon, always a plus :P. The red room itself seems to be a duplicate of the blue room with the same tiers and what not, the only difference being the red Lego theme as opposed to the blue in the adjoining room. These rooms are separated by a see through wall with a brick texture you find on the other walls around, and lead to each other near the bottom of the map, allowing access to either side blue to red and visa-versa. Unfortunately there’s no music to be found, might have really been a good thing. The second map is titled as “Letgo2-WTF-Q3A-08.” Yeah…your guess is as good as mine in regards to the name choice ;D. Yet another fun filled Lego-esque map with the red and blue thing going on again. Instead of this time having vertical progression, this map focuses more on the back and forth ducking and dodging you can find in a good CTF map. All the textures remain the same as you can see in the screenies, and still sadly…no music. The blue side if you start there, is broken up into a series of halls and corridors with a central room that leads to the outsides of this medium sized map. The same goes for the red side as once again, they are virtually identical. There’s a little moat in between the sides as they join in the middle of the map. Not sure why but from my experiences, water and Lego’s never really mixed ;). The weapons placement in this map is great, rockets a plenty to be found, and that’s never a bad thing. One good thing about both of these maps is that they’re both available for multiple game modes, while they might not be ideal for dueling so to speak, these work great for all kinds of FFA madness. Music would have been wonderful, thankfully there is Bot support for both of these maps. *yay* The new textures are great, but if Lego’s aren’t your thing, then you wont want to go anywhere near these maps. Over all, these are both quality maps which can be fun if you’re looking for a little something new to do in Jedi Outcast, and…Lego’s! Yay! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds/Music: No Game Types: All Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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