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Battlefield 1942

Battlefield Grand Prix Mod


[quote]Battlefield: Grand Prix is a Total Conversion mod that I myself Col Mugworth have developed by myself as I thought it would be an interesting and fun type of mod to do since there are no other
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mods like it. The Mod is primarly focused on F1 Grand Prix style racing with very fast cars, pace cars, pit lanes and a new Grand Prix game mode. This is the first game I have modded and I am the only person who has worked on this mod and I have had no help in terms of coding, skinning, mapping and basic BF1942 modding techniques. So this mod may not be up to the same standards as Desert Combat but I believe it is a fun mod and that is the reason I decided to make it for fun :)[/quote][b]Gameplay[/b] The basic premise of BFGP is that you can play a variety of roles all centering around the main event of a Grand Prix style race. You could be a driver participating in the race or you may choose to be pit crew with your tools and spanner ready. You could go for a marshall and be responsible for starting the race or driving the pace car in the car of a rolling start. Or alternatively be a cameraman flying the chopper and filming the race. One for those with the hardware and the likes of Fraps installed to record the video footage. The Mod has a new game mode called Grand Prix where there are 2 pits, one for International Drivers and one for British drivers. When racing around the circuits theres a lap counter that records your laps. Your completed laps are shown where your score would normally appear. Each round of the game will be on a timelimit and the winner is the person with the most laps in that time, i.e they were the fastest round the track. To control the start lights you just need to walk up to it and press e to enter it. Then press 1 to goto positon 1. Using the up and down arrow keys turns the lights on and off and basically you go from position 1 to 6 turning each set of lights on to start the race. The camera view for the startline is set so you can see what the lights are doing. Check out the official site for additional info if you aren´t curious enough yet. The carmodels need some work but the idea of this mod and the content of this first version are very good, not to mention the fact that this is a one-man job, and most of all, this is an original mod idea (yeah well it´s based on excisting sports / games but you get my point eh)? It should be noted that tickets may need to be set to at least 200% in order to keep the server from restarting, or to cause an instant draw when entering the game! Also the following servers should be running this mod: 1313-Evil-Homers Deathtrap server (USA) IP: Port: 14567 Bigglesworth #1 (UK) IP: Port: 14567

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