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RJ Sublime2


Y\'know, there are some maps out there that we just can\'t explain why we like them. They\'re just ... fun. :) And then there are maps that are just awe-inspiring ... visually stunning. Sometimes you
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get maps that successfully combine eye candy, fun gameplay and great FPS, but those are rare. RJ Sublime2 falls into the first category. Most of the textures used here are monotonous, not many are custom and it\'s just not one of those maps that when you first spawn you hear yourself \"Oooh\" and \"Aaahh\". Don\'t get me wrong though, there are a few interesting things to look at here and there. I especially like the room with the columns. And the door used on the floor there. I love that texture. If you allow yourself to explore the map a bit, you\'ll see that this map has great potential for a fun FFA map. Especially with weapons. :D But even saber only, you have a lot to work with. There are two very interesting rooms to duel in. One with rocks haphazardly thrown about the room, where you can duck behind a rock to avoid a swinging saber, or crouch down, with your saber off, then spring from a dark corner from behind a different rock and catch your opponent off guard. The other room of interest includes those bouncy trigger thingys all over the freakin\' room. If you don\'t get a headache from all the jumping or puke first ... this could be fun for duels. :) There are some hidden areas all over. Trust your instinct and go into the light. ;) You\'ll find yourself, in some cases, high above the rest of the map, with conveinent access to a Disrupter rifle and ammo. Sometimes there isn\'t a light to guide you and you have to just, explore a bit to find a new area. Some glass is breakable, but seems to incur about 10,000 points of damage before shattering. ;) And for the record, I think all glass needs to be breakable. :P Some rooms make no sense to me. This map was designed for a clan. The Reborn Jedi Clan. But they seem to be a front for like, a Rodian worshipping cult or something. You\'ll see what I mean. Through a door and down an elevator and through another door and you\'ll find yourself at an indoor pool with a huge window to space. Hmmm. Doesn\'t quite fit here with the other rooms and the theme of this map, but hey, use your imagination. Something I noticed about this map is that it seems to have taken ideas from other maps that set the standard for this type of map. Did that make sense? No, I\'m not saying the author stole anything here. It\'s definitely a unique map. But there\'s nothing innovative here. It\'s all been done before. Oh wait. Except the glass thing. It doesn\'t respawn, per se. But according to the readme, there is a way of getting the glass back! Read it, follow it\'s instructions and let me know if it works. I didn\'t test that part. :) Bottom line here, this is a fun map with great FPS everywhere. Not visually stunning, but some of my favoritest maps ever are far from eye candy. And some of my least favorite maps to play on look incredible, but aren\'t nearly as fun to play on. So, keep an open mind when trying this map, I think many of you will like it. :) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel ~AmosMagee

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