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Die by the Saber


Intense Saber Battles \"Die by the Saber\" After playing through this Single Player Modification a few times, the name itself kind of really didn’t ring to true with me. You would think that the
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battles in the game and saber combat would indeed be much more intense, keeping you on the edge of your seat and jam packed with action. Really, I didn’t find this to hold true very long. While the damage to the Light Saber has been revamped so really even an idle Light Saber can down a foe simply by touching him. Kind of takes away from the more challenging part of the game play if you ask me. Something else you’ll notice right off the bat. When you block blaster fire with your Light Saber, your character automatically performs a swing or an attack. Now this really doesn’t bother me all that much, except that there’s no distance differential. If someone’s across a chasm taking pot shots at you, you’ll still do the swing which kind of makes the idea redundant. This aspect of the mod was obviously intended for close up battles. Unfortunately there it’s as redundant as before, I found myself swinging into mid air with no target on the receiving end, and when I would occasionally get the jump on enemies, all I would have to do was simply walk into them and they would burst in half some way or another. That is one thing I can appreciate, good old fashioned mutilation! :D You’ve got to love dismemberment modifications no matter where they come from. (Okay so you really don’t have to, just a quirk of mine. ;)) That’s really the technical aspect of what’s going on in this Single Player mod. As for the bells and whistles to it, here’s a run down of what you’ll get. A few Keyboard commands that you’ll find here will basically make life easier. With the touch of the ‘T’ key as set by defaults in the pk3, you’ll activate the isb.cfg. From here, most of the keys on your number pad will switch around your saber colors. That’s actually a nice little addition to the package seeing as how it’s a wonderful alternative from changing your saber color from the console. (Never liked that much ;P) After pressing ‘T’ and activating the isb.cfg, all the cheats are now available to you as well, so think of it as a shortcut to activating the cheats in the Single Player game. Aside from loading your player up with all the Jedi force powers, nothing else very significant takes place. The rundown on “Die by the Saber” goes something like this…While the author intended a more challenging game and all around more intense experience, I found this only makes the game easier from beginning to end. The keyboard shortcuts themselves are handy, but the game play itself while modified, basically remains the same. Give this a shot if you like to access cheats with ease and not have to basically swing your Light Saber much at all, but don’t expect the game to be more challenging after slapping this pk3 in the base folder. Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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