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Jedi Animation Updated


Jedi Animation Updated Well folks the name says it all :) The updated version to the Jedi animation moves modification. The author, N3G1@ explains that this isn’t anything more than a simple moves
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modification, which basically is completely correct! Excited yet? Well it gets better! LoL alright, so we’ve seen a hundred and one moves modifications sent in and submitted. So you’re asking yourself “Why should I download this, I bet it’s the same old stuff I’ve seen before.” To some extent that’s correct, but there are some nice new changes. First let’s take a look at what isn’t new to you if you’ve tried a few moves modifications. First off the side flips are aerials, which I’ve always thought was cool. (For those who don’t know, and aerial is a flip to the side where you kinda do a cartwheel in the air…sorta :P)The back roll is the butterfly roll, always a flashy addition to any moves mod. Now for some new and interesting things. First of the back flip animation has been changed into a different sort of back layout flip twist deal. Really cool, save the way the body contorts the legs near the end of the animation. It’s really actually quite forgivable given the flip it self is sweet. Here’s something, probably the most obvious part of the moves mod. The saber stances and how they have been modified. First, blue has been altered to a sort of ready stance where the saber is being held in front of and slightly over the top of the players head. The animation moves slightly so that the stance isn’t stagnant. On the contrary it’s a fluid back and forth motion, the only thing that bothers me with this is its reminiscence to robotic like motions. Any who, that’s just a little nitpicking :D Yellow stance holds the saber close to the characters body, and really if the stance has been changed you can’t tell too much. Red is probably the most drastic of changes. The saber is held out semi perpendicular to the ground, kinda looks like a halted stabbing motion. This sounds like it would be really awkward, but it’s actually very interesting from some of the moves modifications I’ve run into.(some of which I wish I really hadn’t run into :P) This moves modification is packed with some sweet and stylish techniques for all you mini-mod enthusiasts, with just enough new in it to make it a worthwhile download. N3G1@, this is awesome :) Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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