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Jedi Temple


Joseph Del Rio brings us a map based off of a scene in Episode 2. It is the part if the part where yoda, obi-wan, and windu walking down this temple of the Jedi council. There is not too much detail
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on the map and the floors aren’t just as shiny as in the movie. The map is perfect for dueling because you can play on the bridge or on the lower part. There is bot support that’s good news. There are new textures that are used just to make the map look like that scene. Of course the game type is going to be duel for all you duel enthusiasts then you should say ‘woo hoo!’ because this is one of those maps that are good. One thing is the detail isn\'t incredibly good all there really is are Columns, a bridge, and doors. Almost everywhere I went I had great fps it was beautiful. I couldn\'t find any problems throughout the map, which impressed me because most maps have one or two glitches. I wish he would have made a bit more things in the map, but not too much that would cause your FPS to get killed. There was no new music and the music he used didn\'t really go along for a Jedi temple. It’s a good map if you just want to duel it wouldn’t be good if you want to try turning it into an ffa map because of the limit of space in the map. The map looks like that scene in the movie one problem was that the map looks a bit smaller. The maps columns look almost just like the ones in the movie. *Knocks on someone’s door and runs* Lets see this map has pretty good factors in it and a few bad ones included. One thing I really liked seeing in this map was the space on the bridge that you were able to have because a lot of bridges are really narrow so only like half a person can stand on it. I still think he could have included better music that matches the map more than the one he has on already. I am glad he made this a duel map instead of turning it into an FFA or TFFA because it’s just way too small for one of those two. I wish he could have made the floors a bit shinier, but then it would probably have fps lag. So overall this is a really close imitation of the Episode 2 scene, which is really good. Maybe next time you can put a bit more detail on the map and then put some more rooms so you can have a big dueling arena :). Good Job Joseph keep up the good work and now lets see an FFA map! -XgamerX New Music: No Game Type: Duel New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes

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