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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Gold Temple


Map Name: Goldtemple (^3Goldtemple) *^3=Yellow MAP IS FOR GOLDRUSH GAMTYPE ONLY (CP) IF YOU DON'T PLAY/LIKE GOLDRUSH DON'T DOWNLOAD IT! Author: Hity ---------------- Website:
Show All e-mail: Installation: ---------------- Unzip the zip file and place the ^3Goldtemple.pk3 in your rtcw/main To load the map do this: Toggle console ingame and type: /callvote map ^3Goldtemple Toggle console ingame and type: /map ^3Goldtemple *the bsp is: ^3Goldtemple.bsp Stats: ---------------- New Textures: yes New Sounds: yes Map Description: ---------------- This map is specialy designed for goldrush (banimod gametype that uses cp) The map has some new stuff the rtcw community has never seen before here are some examples: - Cow Spots: The cow spots are special places for cow to hide the axis cow spot is hidden in their basement the allied cowspot is hidden in the allied upper deployment - Cashing Sound (at all 4 cheackpoints) Every time you cash you will here a cash sound - Audio Equipment Both Sides have some audio equipment near there spawm area only the cow button has a special task the rest it just for fun And Lots of more new stuff that makes the goldrush gameplay even better. *Map forces to Cp-mode Objectives: ---------------- 1. Kill the enemy, Collect the gold, Bring it to your cow Special Thanks: ----------------- I'd like to really thank these guys for the time they spent testing the map, finding bugs and giving me ideas of improvements: - Everyone On =FF=InstaGIB (goldrush server) - =FF= Clan - =FF= H o s t - =TEF= Sweetjosh - Marko *If I forgot anyone please don't get mad I am a human to. Copyright notice: ----------------- sheep.wav, salk.wav, tingee.wav, booby.wav, and long-oie.wav are original artistic works of Johan "Hity" Hendrickx ,Copyright 2003. the rest of the sound were found with google. "Cow spots" are the original artistic idea's of Johan "Hity" Hendrickx. All costum textures are original artistic works of Johan "Hity" Hendrickx, Copyright 2003. The files in this package are intended for use with the Return To CastleWolfenstein(tm) map known as "][KoD][Goldtemple", and may not be copied,reproduced, manipulated or used in any way, for personal or commercial use, without express written permission from the author. Unauthorized use or reproduction constitutes copyright infringement and is a violation of federal copyright law. Return to Castle Wolfenstein(tm) is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. in the United States. Feedback: ----------------- All feedback, comments, questions and suggestions are welcome on my website: THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!

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