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Battlefield 1942

Kharkov Winter


[quote]a 1ss tigergruppe consisting of three tiger 1 and a rebarrelled captured t34..takes on the wave of t34 over two bridgeheads in the classic pincer in an attempt to capture ridgetop aa
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emplacements on the russian bank.. you will depend mainly on the strength of the tiger div operating out of the main base..there are a few sstk panzer 1v ...but the allies will spawn kv2 at the base and kv1 ..kv1 s at the outposts\'s ...if they are allowed to advance have to rely on the tanks as once over the bridges ..capturing the ridgetop aa is important and ultimately you want to be in control of the hilltop 88 use the supply vehicles to repair your equipment and men..[to rearm soldiers you must still enter the vehicle ].. NB:this version has: there were no t34-85 at this stage of the war.. you want the kv1 ..kvs1 and kv2 superheavy tanks ..panzer 1v_F special and the F_h..and the awesome 88 to kill planes and tanks..that were there ..well here they are.. supported modes ..conquest. ..and coop bot support: thanks to \"ghurki\" who recoded the bots to be much more aggresive..they will use all spawn points and equipment ..including the far bridge and will attack your home base...its up to you to break back out.. some vehicle spawns had to be moved from dice original as the bots do not use them otherwise.. known bug: i once observed a line of axis standing in the big shed ..just toss a couple of grenades in and kill those loafers.. and theyll be away again.. the bots do run over the odd object as they try to do battle all over the map..usually they\'ll extricate themselves.. i tested the map witha 64 bot coop and it ran fine for me..[ my systems L337 tho :p] vehicle values and damage systems: i owe all this to panzamans 1/3rd historic muzzle velocitys..of course the red twilight who originally made this map conversion and the BattleGroup 42 have combined..they also have incoperated \"weapons of war [wow] and the mod \"real plane\" youll love the bg42 version the russians can counter the tigers with the superheavy kv2 and have the oppourtunity to capture the 88 on the hilltop and use it against the ..also russians can spawn kv1..kv1s..andas well as the base t34\'s[/quote]

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