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[b]* WARNING * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Half-Life addon is rated "R" restricted.[/b] Contains scenes of nudity, sex, violence,
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killing and language of an adult nature. You must be of legal age in your country to play or view this add-on. If you are not of legal age, then you do not have the author's permission to play this add-on. Grey Dog Productions or Half-Lifefiles takes no responsibility for under age players, viewers or anyone who may become offended by this addon. [quote]PREFACE: (Who are you and where do you come from) You are Adam from the planet Esidarap. This planet is prestine with no violence, weapons or pollution of any kind. The members of this society have never been exposed to the evil ways of other primitive planets and Esidarap's world council want to keep it that way. The people of Esidarap are born with genetics that are pre-programmed toward the persuit of peace, love, liberty and freedom. There are no governments, police, religions or military. They do not have or use; money, status symbols or class. In fact, everything on Esidarap is FREE. Esidaraps are geneticly motivated to be the best they can be and spend their time in the persuit of arts, science and humanity. People only do what they love to do and everyone is happy on Esidarap. They believe that everyone is created equal and that society is only as strong as it's weakest link. They take pride in insuring that there are no weak links for anyone! This may at first seem ridiculous and non-functional, but it is working and working well. Only those who love growing things become farmers, only those who truely love healing become doctors etc. As, everything on Esidarap is free and there is no money, all motivations toward profit has been eliminated. There is no one earning $60 million a year while others only earn $10k a year. There is no such thing as the "haves and have nots". Everyone lives in the same style of shelters. Diamonds are used for drill tool bits and are not worn by people. To prevent cliche's or isolated groups of people from forming, Esidaraps use only one language. Creating new words not known by others is frowned upon. No one owns anything but rather, everyone owns everything. They believe that acts of kindness and love are to be shared and expressed with all people. Anything that has the potential of separating people or causing dis-harmony in any way, has long since been abandoned a thousand years ago. There are no unpleasant functions or "jobs" on Esidarap. There are no garbagemen, waitress, butlers, servants, taxi or chauffers. There isn't any cars on Esidarap. Any activity that could produce waste has either been eliminated or a new method has been devised that does not produce pollution or waste products. There is no need for marketing, so products are not packaged. Need a factory built? Those who love to build things will help you, free. Don't want to work? Only want to play tennis all day? No problem, people will come and watch you do what you love to do. Do you only want to sit and play computer games all day? Great, beta-testers are needed all the time. Get the picture? As Adam, you are motivated to protect your society and Esidarap from all outside influences and invaders. [/quote]

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