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Battlefield 1942

Battle of Kasserine Pass


[quote]Kasserine is a map in which the Americans defend a mountain ridge and pass from the advancing German army. -This map requires only the original BF 1942 game. RtR is not needed. A few
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details: 1. Only the Germans have a permanent base 2. The game starts with 5 flags under American control, 1 neutral flag, and 1 uncapturable German flag. 3. There is a Gazala-style neutral airfield in the SW corner of the map, accessible by both sides. 4. The Americans begin with a ticket advantage over the Germans of (about) 1.15:1, something like that. 5. The German ticket bleed will begin when the Americans control ALL 6 capturable flags. 6. The American ticket bleed will begin when the Germans control 5 of 6 flags. A few hints (Americans): 1. Use the many defguns early in the game to prevent capture of the most strategic bases. 2. Mine the many choke points before the Germans arrive. 3. AA is located in only 3 of the 6 bases, but it can be devastating. 4. Try to contain the Germans in the city if they make it that far. They will lose if they don\'t take more flags. 5. Use jeeps to your advantage, moving quickly between bases to fill in the gaps. 6. Take a jeep to the neutral airfield at the begining of the game. A few hints (Germans): 1. A coordinated attack is much more effective, as the bases are heavily defended 2. While you have far more armor than the allies, tanks will NOT reign supreme if used unwisely. 3. Use tanks in conjunction with air or infantry support. That is a must. 4. Kubelwagons can be more effective than tanks on this map. Use them wisely. 5. Take you fighter and bomber and bomb the neutral airfield at the start of the game to prevent an initial air battle. 6. Use aircover to support infantry and tanks, not for freelance bombing. Misc.: 1. This map is excellent for Jeep/Kubelwagon races. Have at it! 2. There are plenty of bridges and valleys to fly through. 3. There are plenty of approaches to each base. The shortest route is rarely the most effective.[/quote]

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