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Grand Theft Airborne


New in this version... Custom Textures Fixed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** Story *** Throughout the war, Allies have managed
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to steal several Axis vehicles. The Allies have made off with a truck or two, a tank here or there, and several planes. One Axis plane in particular was stolen from an airbase in Holland. It contained hidden away all of the details and locations of the German heavy-weapons factories. The pilot who stole the plane was one of two spies who infiltrated the German base and took the plane. One man escaped by truck, the other - the pilot - did not get away unharmed. He was shot several times by Nazi soldiers on his way out of the airfield. The pilot took the plane and landed it at a base on the island of Vis in Yugoslavia. The pilot died shortly after landing. He was unable to tell others at the base of what has hidden away in the plane. Shortly after the plane was stolen, a large Axis force was deployed to the island air base to destroy the plane at all costs and their orders were not to leave any survivors. The other spy who escaped by truck was able to get word to Allied command that the stolen plane contained important data and that thousands, if not millions of lives were at stake. Since the air base is in a valley on the island, radio communications are not so good, so Allied soldiers are being dispatched to protect the plane and use its hidden contents. In a short time, the Axis will either destroy the plane and many people\'s lives will be lost, or the Allies will hold off the attackers until reinforcements arrive to gather the vital data from the stolen plane. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** Map Details *** This map is the first of its kind (that I know of). The location of the final objective is not known to the attacking force. They must first locate the plane and then destroy it. The plane can be in one of three hangars at the base, and the location is different everytime the map is played. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** Allied Objectives *** Defend the stolen plane until reinforcements can arrive. Maintain control of the Warehouse -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** Axis Objectives *** Locate and Destroy the stolen plane Take control of the Warehouse to deploy reinforcements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** Map Features *** -Dynamic Objectives - Stolen plane is in one of three locations - Different every time -Doors above and below ground are only openable by the Allied team. The buttons do not work for the Axis team. -Large underground warehouse gives attacking team several ways to get to objective. -Anytime a door is blown up, the base alarm sounds and boats off-shore will fire on the island until the alarm is deactivated. -When either of the south entrances to the underground warehouse are blown open by Axis dynamite, the steam pipes will burst blowing painful steam down into the doorway. The valve has to be closed to stop the flow of steam.

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