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Yavin Twilight v1.5


Here\'s the original review of Yavin Twilight, by, um ... someone. [quote]An amazing depiction of Yavin in this map in the what seems to be the middle of a very picturesque evening sky. I did find
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the map a bit dark at first so you might have to increase you brightness to see properly but brilliant atmosphere! There are yellow fireflies that fly up from the ground and circle around the little bushes. Some shallow ponds and large boulders. A very good design of the map as well, the bases look like stonehenges (though the red base seems to have been destroyed to ruins). You might miss some passageways and such so keep a look out![/quote] Silverwest claims this is an update to his map and it is bigger than his first version, so, I\'ll trust him on that, though I see no differences really. The sky is still incredible, the fireflies still flit about and fog hugs the ground all around in the swampy marshes of this map. The map is a bit dark still, but it\'s a beautiful map and fun to play. There are a few passageways that still might be difficult to find. A small lift takes you up to a sniper\'s spot above the middle area where flag carriers will be running through to get back to safety at their base. It\'s difficult to review an update of a map that never really needed an update and I can\'t quite tell what was updated. :) This is such a complete map. Not only does it have bot support, but it includes new textures and new sounds and music. The skybox is most impressive. And this map supports almost every game type. What more could one ask for in a map? Oh, and my FPS was great. Yes, with all of the effects and detail in this map, it was done well so my FPS remains decent. YAY! Really, my only complaint about this map is how dark it is. When I think of \"twilight\", I imagine a lighter nighttime, a sun-has-just-set kind of nighttime. But I shall complain no more. I adore this map in spite of my issue with the darkness. I\'ll simply turn up my gamma. :) I\'m glad the author updated this map, even though I can\'t figure out what was updated. At the very least, it\'s a nice revival for an old map. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: CTF, CTY, FFA, Team FFA, Holocron FFA, and Jedi Master ~AmosMagee

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