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New NPCs Mod


This is a NPC (non-playable characters) mod by James Walkden. He has added several of the more popular skins to the list of SP NPCs. I'll let him speak for himself: [quote]New npcs that are
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spawnable Heres what this release is capable of hansolo=shows up fine wookiee=shows up fine dooku=shows up fine macewindu=some problems with textures showing up ingame Jawa= shows up fine and is scaled down to the right size! :) MorganKatarn now follows you and assists you in battle instead of just running on the spot Bartender now follows you and assists you in battle instead of just running on the spot R2D2, R5D2 and C3PO(Protocol npc name) now follow you and assist you in battle Yoda shows up fine and is scaled to the right size! :) JarJar=shows up fine Gungan=shows up fine Gamorrean=shows up fine Hutt=shows up fine I still think I need to scale him to the right size though Watto=Shows up fine and is scaled to the right size! :) Sebulba=Shows up fine and is scaled to the right size! :) Battledroid=Shows up fine KitFisto=shows up fine Clonetrooper=Shows up fine More to be added in next version:)[/quote] I wish there were more of these kind of mods. It'd be nice to have a team add coding whenever a popular skin comes out. IMO, the SP game gets ragged on far too much. I've had just as much playing SP as I have MP; the graphics are a whole lot better and I've never lagged there. :D P.S. It took me about 30 minutes to get all the links to the files and html code it. If you people don't appreciate this, I'll start singing :o until this gets downloaded 2000 times. And believe me...You reeeeeeealy don't want that. ;) Technical Data: Pros: 1. 20 new or updated NPCs! Woot! Killing spree! }> Cons: 1. Too many downloads if you haven't done so already. 2. Several bugs: all of the saber-wielding NPCs use E-11s instead and it sometimes appears in a painful spot. :eek: Rating: 6/10 JEDIofONE :mepimp: P.S. [quote]if you want darth vader to show ingame just download the appropriate mod that replaces tavion with it. JoO's Edit: Click here for the mod's web page[/quote]

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