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Colosseum Version 1.0


[i]Munera[/i], or gladitorial games, as you\'ll learn if you play this single player game, was the most common and probably most loved event in ancient Rome. Most gladiators were theives, prisoners
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of war or slaves and would fight to the death for the entertainment of the Romans. In Jake Keating\'s \"Colosseum\", you play a gladiator, never before been in battle. A fellow prisoner takes her time to explain to you what you can expect and even the guard allows you to witness the bloody fate of two gladiators before you. Without even a few moments to really let what you just saw sink in, it\'s your turn to enter the enormous arena, packed tight with up to 45,000 Romans - all cheering for your death. Having played quite a few SP mods now, I have to say that this is definitely my favorite one. The map, the characters, the scripting, the music - everything is just wonderful. And you can learn so much about everything around you. From what weapons were used by whom, to what duties were expected from the Roman Legionnaires. Unfortunately, the prison guard was Mon Mothma and my prison-mate who later helped me kill the Legionnaires, was Tavion. =/ I don\'t know if that was intentional or if skins were missing or something, but that did kind of pull me back out of the era and put me back into JK2. I would\'ve loved to have had more of a story. Like maybe some background on some of the characters, especially my own. Like why I was in there, did I have family? Do that for other characters too - create a certain poignancy when you befriend them, go into battle, knowing they have a family waiting for them, hoping he\'ll win just one more fight so he can win his freedom and go home, only to be killed, fighting alongside you - er, I\'m getting a bit carried away here, aren\'t I? Yes, well ... just a thought. *giggle* The only other thing I can say about this is - it\'s just too darn short! I want more! I didn\'t want it to end. I want to play more, learn more, see more. \"Ave Jake Keating, morituri te salutant.\" ~AmosMagee

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