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Mista Kyle MK2


This is a SP-mod by MistaMM. Kyle is reskinned in SP and MP (MistaKyle) to look like a biker, with the traditional leather jacket and shades. Included in this mod are the Blood Mod, the Blade Mark 1,
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and a red transparent saberhilt shader. Here's Prom's original review: [quote]Imagine if Kyle Katarn, after completely ridding the galaxy of the dark forces, and finally "finding himself", decides to join the local Mos Eisley chapter of the "Hell's Angels". Well imagine no more! MistaMM gives us "MistaKyle." This re-skin of Kyle attempts to give him that "bad to the bone" look. He's suited up in full leather, and sports some wicked sunglasses. This outfit looks good ... however I think that Kyle’s physical appearance in general makes him look a little too much like a pretty boy. The feathered hair, and perfectly trimmed beard makes me question him. In my opinion he needs the full beard and maybe a scar or some cuts. Something to say, this is "post bar fight Kyle" and not "Kyle goes to Wilson’s Leather" week. But i do commend MistaMM on the outfit. Jacket looks great and matches his pants and boots nicely enough to make big momma Katarn proud. I am curious about the "things" on the front of his jacket. They resemble flowers to me. Now don’t get me wrong I have my own delicate sensibilities, but once again I ask .. what are we going for here? Let's get away from pretty boy Kyle and slap some flaming womprats on the front! Personally, nothing makes me happier. Download Factor: A clean looking skin that sticks to the Star Wars genre is always going to win points with me. But to improve I think the addition of a "tougher" taunt would improve this skin overall. The included taunt cuts off a bit too early. Also adding team support is always a plus. If you're one of those jedi that’s into leather wearing bots ... well you're in luck! Here’s one to add to your collection. The file size is not large and that is a plus. Overall this skin is good, but it's definitely not a "must download." Best of luck to you in future skinning MistaMM.[/quote] This was a fun little mod, although the Mark 1 didn't do much for me. Also, when you play the SP version, enable cheats and chage your sabercolor to red, because it looks better with the saber hilt. Keep up the good work, and bring us a Jan mod to go with it. :) Technical Data: Pros: 1. Great looking skin! Now all we need is a Harley hog! :D Cons: 1. Don't really like the Mark 1, and it didn't really go with the idea. Try using one of Lord Hatrus's weapon mods, like the CKC .357 Magnum. Rating: 7/10 JEDIofONE :mepimp:

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