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Shadow Mansion v2


Maddog\'s review of the first version of Shadow Mansion: [quote] Shadow Mansion is a medium sized FFA map brought to us by Shadow_Lord. This map consists of a mansion of sorts with a few secret
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areas, an enclosed dueling area, a room with water in it (I don’t know why) and a few other rooms. The top of the mansion has a steeple and there is a crazy waterfall thing that doesn’t have much purpose either except maybe for hiding. Granted this is the authors first map there are a ton of errors that should’ve been caught, not to mention missing textures. The map has no theme and lacks any kind of natural flow making this kid of useless as well as an eye sore. This map has lots of problems like z-fighting, missing textures and a secret room that is a black box, so in my opinion this is not worth the download unless you want to give constructive criticism to the author. Nice try, better luck on your second map. [/quote] After thoroughly exploring Shadow_Lord\'s second attempt, I have to say he did improve it a bit compared to the first. Maybe just adding the missing textures is enough to say that there\'s an improvement though. I really like the idea of the map. The steeple is a nice touch, in my opinion, though I was hoping for more of a reward when I got inside it. I also have to wonder what Maddog is wondering. What\'s the point of the room of water? There are a few interesting secret areas here and there and some of the rooms are great - conceptually. The execution is what needs a bit of work. A lot of textures are overused, or used together with another texture that just seems awkward. And the overall use of certain textures just makes the map seem very bland. Unfortunately, there just isn\'t enough here in this map to keep me interested. New music was included, but I got an error when the map loaded. :/ There\'s still some z-fighting and I saw a few gaps in between walls and an HOM effect in another area. For a new mapper, maybe Shadow_Lord took on too much too quickly. This is a decent sized map and not enough attention was paid to details. But as I said before, compared to his first submission, this is definitely an improvement. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee

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