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Rival Nations Pro


The original Rival Nations for those who like the stock heros more than the custom ones in the SE version. Heres a list of changes from 3.5 to 3.6: v3.6 Pro Balance Changes: - Anti-Magic potions
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now have 1 charge - Anti-Magic potions have a max stock of 2 - Anti-Magic potions have decreased cooldown - Anti-Magic potion are now 150 gold (down from 300) - Wand of Negation sold in town (replaced manastone) - Wand of Negation now has 2 charges - Sorceress damage and initial mana decreased slightly - Mana potions are slightly more expensive - Each additional hero that you purchase will gain exp a little slower (off by default) - More trainers have been added - Killing buildings now gives more wood. - Mortar Teams and Gunships now benefit from the Long Rifles upgrade (War Technology lvl 2) - Guard Tower range has been increaed by 100 - Mortar Team range has been decreased by 100 - Added Spell Caster\'s Upgrade, improves effectiveness of magic and medical trainers. - Golem cost increased to 1500 gold 500 wood - Golems deal 85 avg dmg down from 95 - Sorceress aquisition range increased to 800 - Trainers now restock much slower and have a lower maximum stock - Building Armor Upgrade price increased by 50% - Barracks now have a garison that is released when it is severly damaged, similar to castles. - Keeper of the Grove: Devotion Aura replaced by Thorns Aura. - Mass Teleport cooldown increased to 50 seconds. Exp Rates: exp rates are calculated using this formula: 5400 / ( 5400 * ( 1.1 - 0.1 * 2 ^ (1 - NUMBER OF HEROS) ) ) * 100% two heros will need 105% of the normal experience to level three heros need 107.5%, four 108.75% etc. Bug Fixes and Improvements/Additions: - Optimized code and reduced lag - Fixed dropping issues - Removed numerous exploits - Fixed rare scoreboard and -take bugs - Fixed incorrect \'Cheater\' message - Improved Anti-cheater system to warn users before punishing - New Upgrades Interface - Team 2 center barracks pathing improved - Added \'random tips.\' can be turned off by typing -notips - Trainers no longer are affected by townportals and mass teleport - Fixed minor supply related bug - Fixed a bug that would \'eat\' heros when tring to revive them without enough food - Added Game Summary and Credits - Added -taunt command. ex: type \"-taunt red\" - The InfoBoard now shows the map version number - Added Anti-Ally Attack system - Center Dragons have been named - Added Max Unit Limits for each town to prevent laggy motionless units. - Changed -take command to check for supply and hero types. - Added -take functionality to work on single units only. You must first select a unit to take then type -take. - Added info tip for buying extra heros indicating price and a warning if you don\'t have enough supply - Added info tip for buying upgrades indicating what they do and time left on the current research - Added info tip for buying trainers indicating how to use them. - New Gamble item added to center shop - Added new gold/lumber transfer commands - Type -gold to give of gold - Type -wood to give of lumber - Added Anti-buildup system which will prevent units from cloging pathways - Added low level bounty adjustment for players with more than 1 hero. Bounty for killing heros is adjusted by -40% for heros level 1-3 and -20% for heros level 4-6. This applies to both gold gained and bounty drop. - Allies now recieve a warning message when one of their teammates kills an enemy. - Added -give command if you want to give an ally a hero. You cannot -give unless you have more than 1 hero and you cannot give an ally a hero of a type that they already have. - Added Custom Rules option. Bring up menu by typing -options within 6 seconds of game start. - Added -up and -down commands to change the order of your hero portraits. To use: select a hero to move, and type -up or -down - Added User Commands section to quest log that lists all the commands and what they do. Basically this is a more traditional and mabye a little easier version of Rival Nations than the SE version, but its still really good.

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