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FFA Rage


Perseus\' latest creation is quite the mixed bag. A small lobby greets visitors who enter from the large pad outside. Walk through another door and you\'ll find yourself in a larger lobby with a few
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paths to take. Turn one way and you\'ll find yourself in a dark, low-ceilinged council room. Take another direction and you\'ll enter a low-lit bar with pictures of Sith galore and a few Jedi thrown in too. Upstairs is a teleporter that will toss you into a pool, but swim over to the elevator nearby and you\'ll be lifted out of the water and onto the edge. There\'s a very large, industrial looking slide and three diving boards. Another teleporter upstairs will take you to a very dark dueling arena of sorts. There are two levels to the platforms and the large room glows by firelight. Walk into the fire at the side and you\'ll be transported to a boxing ring, complete with stands for the spectators. Compared to his last map, Perseus\' second attempt is much more balanced when it comes to the lighting. And the whole map has a very Bespin-esque feel to it, though some areas don\'t seem to fit well. Yes, Cloud City did have some industrial areas to it (carbon chamber), and so this map is consistant with that design concept. But there are other areas that remind me of the Jedi Academy maps, for instance. Stone and wood textures. That just doesn\'t seem to gel with the look of the rest of the map. There are some clan elements here and there, which makes it seem like a clan map, but minimally so. Will I be adding this map to any of my server\'s rotations? I dunno. The pad would be great for FFA\'s and those who just wanted to play around have the pool. Duelists would make their way to the boxing ring and the glass platforms. So, I suppose this is a balanced map for gameplay, but it is a tad small too. I\'d say it\'s a great improvement from your last map. Good job! :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee

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