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Coleman Trebor Model


As I sit here and type this review for the updated version I think to myself what should I write? Well this is an update that adds caps to the great model that 382 of you reading this have already
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downloaded as of 2:55 PM Eastern time. Less then 24 hours we get an update to fix the caps, I should’ve noticed they were missing during testing (but I wouldn’t let the bot get close enough to kill me) Any way great job and what a fast update, please finish the Saesee Tiin and you will be my GOD :). If this is your last JK2 model I hope you will make some cool ones for Jedi Academy or port the old ones over. Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes Maddog Below is my review of the original file: [quote]Psyk0Sith brings us another great model for JK2; some of his past works are Ki-Adi-Mundi and Yarael Poof for all of you who have been asleep for the last few months. This great model of an episode two character comes with skins from Inbredyokel and NeoMarz1. There are three default skins included. The Darkside version comes with a mostly black outfit with gray shadows and a pale colored skin. The main default skin comes with the same colored head with your traditional Jedi clothing. The last default version has more of a teal blue colored head with a lighter and slightly different outfit. The team versions change the color of the torso red and blue for each respective team, and the pants change to a purple toned pair for the blue version. This is a great model with awesome skins and great sounds; all of this was compiled with a lot of help and great work from the JK2 community. If I didn’t mention your name in the review it is in the readme. I really can’t pick a favorite version of this skin, they are all so great. If you haven’t hit the download now button yet continue to do so, you will not be upset. Great job, good luck in your future endeavors (even if they aren’t for JK2 !) Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes Maddog One last note here. I am begging the author to please finish the Saesee Tiin model. Please[/quote]

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