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Smaug\'s Lair


Description: In the land of Middle Earth there lived a dragon, Smaug. Long ago Smaug claimed the Lonely Mountain for himself and stole the dwarves\' gold along with it. Ages later a group of
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dwarves, a hobbit, and a wizard went on a grand adventure to reclaim the treasure. Their journey ended in this lair of darkness. \"Far over the Misty Mountains cold To dungeons deep and caverns old We must away ere break of day To seek the pale enchanted gold.\" * Cracks knuckles * Let\'s get down to it shall we? Cazor brings us a nice rendition of a dungeon (Smaug\'s Lair) complete with torches, piles of gold, and wonderful ambience set by the sound of crackling flames. He proudly presents it as both a Free-For-All and Dueling map, and the architecture supports both rather well. He shows excellent use of patch meshes (especially with barrels and pots of gold) and brush use throughout the entire level. Every inch of detail is consistent with the theme he is aiming for and I found myself hoping that I could skid down the mounds of gold. Alas, I wasn\'t able to do so. The map in itself is far too small to support Free-For-Alls larger than 6 people. Even the largest area of the map would get too crowded at 8. There\'s a few aesthetic errors in the z-fighting (that can only be found in one small remote place). One of the most frustrating things I had discovered in this map were the constricting hallways. Folks, this is by far the most awkward place to partake in battles, as the hallways are barely large enough for one player to fit through. The turns are sudden and very player-unfriendly. All in all, this map is excellent as far as theming and architecture go. I would have liked to have seen a larger area, perhaps with larger mounds of gold and other treasures to support the grand story as told above. If I were you, I would download this map simply for dueling only - as you will find the more people you cram into the tight spaces found throughout the map, the less fun it will be. New Music : No New Textures : Yes New Objects : No Bot Support: No - Chrono

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