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EF Kill Tracker


[quote]This version of the kill tracker has many many new features over the two previous versions (made by Phenix and TiM - independently). It Features a disintegration counter, assimilation
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counter (as seen in Phenix's original version), ef minimizer, a ton of completely new Customizable messages. And this version uses less system resources than the old versions would have. The kill tracker can run in silent mode, where only you see the messages, or in public mode (by default) where everyone can see the messages. It also allows you to turn the kill tracker on and off (as well as quitting the program itself) from in game. Now the UberGames team who developed this version (TiM and Phenix) had been listening to those people who don’t like the kill tracker, and We’ve added a brand new feature just for them. Its call "Shutup Kill Tracker" (or "Silence Kill Tracker" :p ) and what you have to do is in game type "!skt " replacing with the guy’s, who is using the kill tracker, name. This said by 5 different people will force the kill tracker, in question, to start running in silent mode. The only way the player can get it back into public mode is by closing the kill tracker and restarting it (so having to quit ef). - So don’t say it's just spamming software, we have given you the ability t o stop the spamming! There is a ton of other features in this version, but even I can’t remember them all. Thanks goes to MauDae' as always for giving us the source code of his kill tracker for Jedi Knight 2 (version 2), and for allowing us to use it as a basis and improve it a lot - the only bad thing is we can’t share our improvements because he rewrote his kill tracker completely for version 5 (I think). This version of the kill tracker has an automatic update checker, when we release a new version of the kill tracker we will say this on our site ( The kill tracker will check the site each time you start it, if it detected a higher version out then it will alert you and give you the link to download it. The automatic updates can be disabled in the options screen. [/quote] This is version 2 of the EF Kill Tracker made by UberGames (a group of programmers who create apications for games, started by TiM and Phenix. The converter will convert your kill deaths, assims other stats fine. It just sometimes doesnt convert the varibles in the messages right so it sometimes screws up doing that. But apart from that this is an awsome program which i recommend everyone to download!

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