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Duel Palace


Initial Analysis: A new duel map set in a palace hall environment. Plenty of duel room, and a good place for spectators. Architecture I must say that while the architecture in [fk]myth’s
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"Duel Palace" was relatively simple, it’s very attractive. Here we have a good duel setting on the ground level. There are nice platforms for spectators to watch with windows looking out to the bespin sky. (Good use of skyboxing) [fk]myth sealed em up with a transparent shader I believe so you can’t jump out the windows. One of the first things I always try .. lol. Anyways, there are mounted statues on the walls that add a nice effect. I would describe them as gargoyles of some sort. None the less they look great. I noticed no stray brushes while playing. Good job myth! Texture & Lighting Really a mix of Bespin and yavin texture sets, this level looks good with the cracked floor and stone walls. . Some of the textures high in detail, some are not; this will only look good if your architecture compliments them, and in this case it certainly does. I would still have liked to have seen some more textures used with more going on, extra detail. Maybe I’m greedy. There were a lot of great contrasts between lighter and darker areas, and the architecture cast some dramatic shadows. Fun Factor A great look to the level does up the fun factor. The layout really calls for non stop combat without being too restricting. Bottom line .. fun to be had! Extras Nothing I like better than getting my butt kicked to a soundtrack! Custom music is used, but it’s actually the climactic last level tune from JO called yavfinal_explore. That tune is one of my favorites and is very emotive, but perhaps a little off for the level. And Next time please don't try to pass a file like this off as custom. Naughty! Regardless, good choice but maybe next time just reference the music file already in the assets0 in order to save space on your pk3 overall. Total map size is 1.93 mb, however that file alone is 1.6 mb. Seems unnecessary to me. High FPS on this one due to size. Download Factor: Good duel map. It gets the job done and is worth a look. I say download it and see for yourself! Nice job [fk]myth! New Music : No New Skins : No New Objects : No New Textures: No Bot Support: No Happy gaming - Prom

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