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Matrix Reloaded


First, let me say, I don\'t think I\'ve ever taken so many screenshots of one map before. LOL There\'s just so much going on in this one map and I\'m sure I probably missed a few rooms. If you\'ve
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seen Matrix: Reloaded - wait, did I just say [i]if[/i]?! Of course you\'ve seen this movie - right?! Okay, so there\'s that scene with Neo and several dozen Agent Smiths. Yes, yes, how could you forget that scene? Well, that\'s the focus and main area of this map. And it was done very well. Once you find the right door to go through, you\'ll find yourself being thrown through a teleporter and into that long hallway of doors. Explore a little and you\'ll be in the same room where Neo fought the program Seraph. If you happen to turn the other direction, you\'ll find yourself headed for the Source. The phone booths in the park, upon closer inspection, you\'ll find are teleporters. One will take you to the scene where Trinity breaks into the power plant in order to shut down ... well ... yeah. I\'ll stop there, for those who haven\'t seen it. Oh, and another place one of the teleporters will take you is the castle where Neo fights those cronies of that French program guy. The buildings surrounding the cement park are tall and a few are scalable. To get to the top of a building, you can try to climb it, but the easiest way is to take one of the portals at the bottom of a fire escape. Once on the roof, you can, like, go duel on the helipad or go to the Matrix bar and ... oh ... surprise, surprise, there\'s a door. Go through it and you\'ll find yourself in a house, it seems. So yeah, tons here to explore. Many places to duel and FFA. I really like this map. I had a lot of fun on it and could see it quickly becoming a favourite and added to many map rotations. With bot support included and music from the movie soundtrack, this is a very complete map. Great job! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee

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