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MP Office


The Axis have subdued the employees and forced them to work unholy hours. The Allies must infiltrate the server room to retrieve the passcodes to the employee holding tubes. Only then can they
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destroy the generator in the passcode protected sector. Remember, there is no spoon. -Allied Objectives- Primary Objective: Retrieve the Secret Passcodes from the Server Room. Primary Objective: Enter the Passcodes into the Basement Terminal to gain access to the Generator. Primary Objective: Destroy the Generator in the Passcode Protected Sector. Secondary Objective: Destroy the 2nd floor Fire Doors. Secondary Objective: Destroy the 1st floor Training Room Wall. Secondary Objective: Destroy the Vending Machines to gain access to the air ducts. -Axis Objectives- Primary Objective: Prevent the Allies from obtaining the Secret Passcodes. Primary Objective: Stop the Allies from unlocking the Basement Terminal. Primary Objective: Defend the Generator in the Passcode Protected Sector at all costs. Secondary Objective: Defend the 2nd floor Fire Doors. Secondary Objective: Defend the 1st floor Training Room Wall. Secondary Objective: Defend the Vending Machines. NOTES ======== * Dual objective for Allies...must first get the passcodes to the terminal before the doors to the generator will open. * Three hatches to the basement floor...located in the far corner offices of the 1st floor. * Hatch and Stairwell doors have special signs to distinguish themselves from other more normal doors. * Exit signs in spawn areas to help spawning players get their bearings quickly. * Electronic message boards that give the status of the map objectives. BACK HISTORY ============ This map is as close to a 1:1 representation of my workplace office as possible in the rtcw engine. Notice the roq movie for a quick comparison to reality. When challenged by a co-worker to map our office building, I decided to go for it, even though I had never created a map for any game before. I originally intended to allow the players to explode every window in the building, as I thought it would be really cool to hear glass explosions all around you as you got into fire fights. Unfortunately, the rtcw engine wasn\'t designed to allow that many explosive objects in a map. :( This map is intended to have a small, claustrophobic feel to it. You\'re fighting in an office building for goodness sake!

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