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Movie Battles mod v1.2


Here is Maddog\'s review of Movie Battles Mod v1.1: [quote]RenegadeOfPhunk brings us the newest version of Movie Battles. In version 1.1 of Movie battles the author has enabled a way to search
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through online servers to find servers using this mod. There is a new flag for CTF, the author refers to it as a drone. The flags are pretty cool with no poll and it kind of hovers over you. Holocron, Jedi master and Duel game types are not affected by this mod as of this time. The main reason the author created this mod was to try and recreate the battles from the movies, and to try and broaden the game play experience for all of us. With easy installation this mod is worth the download, just be sure to read the readme included. Be sure to visit their site to find out which models can be downloaded for use with this mod. You can play in Original Trilogy or the Prequel film characters.[/quote] In v1.2, RenegadeOfPhunk has fixed a few bugs including TFFA games that would end before they should\'ve been, or not ending when they were supposed to. Also, there was a bug that allowed incorrect team and class models to be used - now fixed so that can\'t happen. And now, non-Jedi have a way to protect themselves from being knocked over by push or pull, by simply standing still, walking or crouching. Force Block works the way Absorb would, except that it\'s a neutral power and it does not feed the person using it more force. Force Regeneration works constantly, meaning, if you have this force power, there is no need to activate it - it simply speeds up your force regen time as you play. Mind trick has been changed so that you cannot use it as an offensive power, but rather more for simply slipping by your enemies. When using this force power now, it forces you to walk, have your saber off and if you activate your saber, mind trick will immediately wear off. It also now uses 75 points of force, rather than the previous 50. A cvar has been added for saber vs. saber combat so you can choose to play without the saber damage changed at all so duels are shorter, or you can go with a setting that will reduce saber damage dramatically for longer duels and there\'s even a setting for in between those two. :) Heroes can no longer dodge close range shots, but they also can no longer be shot in the back. There are a few other updates to this mod, so you might want to read about them yourself in the file provided in the zip. This mod is extensive and complex and just ... amazing. The only real competitor I see Movie Battles mod having is ForceMod II. Great job, RenegadeOfPhunk! :D ~AmosMagee

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