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Kurono Mountain Tournament


Kurono Mountain Tournament is what it claims to be and more. This map serves the purpose of a tournament map, with four very different areas for dueling. The most traditional looking arena is a
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small, well-lit platform in the center and a ledge surrounding it, which would be perfect for viewing the duel taking place. Another arena includes a ship in deep, dark water and an island off in a corner. I love that the lanterns on the masts actually swing in the \"wind\", which you can hear the higher up you go on the masts. A dilapidated structure with busts that breathe fire greet you in an adjacent arena. The fallen columns, broken and splintered door and haphazard stairs here could make for some very interesting duels. And finally, the last arena has some large, floating rocks that form the shape of a dragon. The rocks do move slowly, but one wrong move and you could find yourself plummeting to your death in the pit below which houses what, I think, are dragon eggs afire. In the center of this map is a building with a sake bar and if you take the three flights of stairs up, there is a restaurant with a patio outside. While the building does seem a bit far from all four arenas, it still can serve as a viewing area. If you take the back door out the bar, you\'ll enter the \"Garden of Peace\" where there is a fountain and a memorial dedicated to President Scroob. And if you happen upon the right area, you\'ll be transported to the locker room where you\'ll find a very interesting piece of art on the wall and benches in the middle of the room, flanked by large lockers. Also, you\'ll notice, the last few screens there show the swamp canyon. Great little part of the map which is located ... well, have fun finding it. ;) The textures used in this map are gorgeous, the music is surprisingly appropriate (FF7 fans will recognize the track), the layout makes sense and it was all constructed well. Each arena is like it\'s own miniature duel map all connected with a viewing area and a little garden to make this a great tournament map. I believe my only complaint would be the FPS issue I have with this map. I averaged about 15-20 on most of the map. :/ Then again, you may have a better puter than me and your system could handle this. I think either way, this map is at least worth a gander. Great job, Chrono! :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel ~AmosMagee

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