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White Electro-Repeater


blue.dl touts this downloadable as a weapon modification, when, in my opinion, it\'s really just a weapon skin with new fire effects. No gameplay elements have been altered; firing rate, damage, and
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even the look and feel of the projectiles themselves are identical to their base JK2 counterparts. However, as I\'m not the one that makes the rules, I\'ll just nod my head along and say \"okay\" and load this into the database as a weapon mod. At any rate, as far as weapons skins -- I mean, mods -- go, this one doesn\'t seem all that bad. For some reason, both the Bryar Pistol and the Heavy Repeater are modified, as supposed to just the heavy repeater; I assume this is because both look to the same file for their muzzle flash, which is unfortunate, but isn\'t the author\'s fault, so I won\'t call him on it. The effect itself is sort of cool, although I couldn\'t help but be distracted by the bright electricity. The problem with it all is that I keep expecting for there to be some sort of new sound to go along with the muzzle flash, and I keep getting disappointed, every single time I squeeze the trigger. The file SCREAMS for new sound effects. So, when it comes down to it, this is really just a skin for the Heavy Repeater, and in that regard, it really doesn\'t do all that well. There appears to be no fine detail overlaid on the white segments of the rifle. Put simply, it\'s as though someone ripped a piece out of a plastic bathtub and molded it over the frame of the Repeater. The details that ARE there are leftover from the original skin, and even then are blurry and choppy and fuzzed out. I think it\'s time we all stepped back and thanked the Lord of the Files for that great addition to game skinning -- everyone say it with me now -- antialising. The Electro-Repeater is in desperate need of some loving. The Bottom Line: It\'s a nice change from the standard, but the electricity is simply a little too distracting to be of serious enjoyment. I\'d suggest, to anyone that downloads the file, that they head into the .pk3 and remove the weapon flash effects and just keep the white skin. As basic as it is, it does give you a really clean feeling, and there\'s nothing more important when you\'re fragging your buds then making sure your rifle barrel stays clean and polished. And yes, I\'m kidding. The most important things to keep polished are your shin guards. New Fire Effects: YES New Weapon Skins: YES New Weapon Sounds: NO Affects Gameplay: NO - Dan \"ViperEye\" Tennant

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