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Battlefield 1942

Jingo's Berlin Skin Pack


Please download the missing files zip with this file [quote] Jingo's Berlin skin pack Hi folks,I'm back
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with a big one!This time not only skins for soldiers and vehicles,I reworked most of the buildings including the inside.Less a paint job,more like "dimming the lights".Just my interpretation of dirt and smoke in a bomb raided city. Added some propaganda where possible.I changed the soviet uniforms to more realistic brown tone,dirt on hands and faces. The T-34 has a darker brown colour and some hit damages like my old "Stalinetz" T34-85,I still like the camo! The axis soldiers have "blurred edge"camo and patch of 33rd French SS-volunteer division "Charlemagne".The vehicles with camo and hit damage and patch of 11th Scandinavian SS-volunteer Panzergrenadierdivision "Nordland". The city In the end of January 1945 after the soviet winter offensive the red army was only 40 miles away from Berlin.It was Josef Stalin's declared will to conquer the city before the western allies.In February and March more than 2,5 million soldiers, 6000 tanks and 7500 planes assembled for the attack.The German "forces" had around a million soldiers,consisting of beat-up Wehrmacht units,SS-troops of all kinds,some 800 tanks lacking fuel and ammo,police and the last resort "Volkssturm",old men and teenage boys,who could barely hold their rifles.The attack began on April the 16th 1945 and under heavy casualties the first soviet troops reached the outskirts of Berlin on April 20th.While Hitler decorated 12-year old boys with iron crosses and Göring and Himmler preferred to leave town,the civilians hid in the cellars waitng for the end.Meanwhile a pityless house to house,door to door fight had begun.The resistance of the remaining SS-troops was fanatic.Most of them volunteers from France,Scandinavia and the Baltics who joined the SS to fight the communists,knew that most probably a firing squad was waiting for them.It's an irony of history that the last defenders of the Reichstag were the Frenchmen of the division "Charlemagne".On April 30th the red flag was raised over the Reichstag,while Hitler had committed suicide a few hours before.On May 2nd,the last troops in Berlin surrendered,on May 8th Generalfieldmarshal Keitel signed the conditionless surrender of all German forces.The nightmare was over. Casualties: Soviets 305000 dead Germans(incl.civilians)325000 dead These dds files(lots of them!)need to be reconverted with MakerRfa,if you don't have a texture folder or MC3.7 or4.0(soon!) Thx for enjoying my work or making suggestions,stay tuned there's more to come,Jingo. "Reason separates man from animals." [/quote]

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