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Battlefield 1942

DC USMC Desert Fatigues


[quote]LtColTitus Desert Combat United States Marine Corps \"Digital Pattern\" Desert Fatigues ----------------------------- I\'ve finished another one. This time I worked all night at it
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instead of throughout the week. It is friday, may 16th, at 1:54 AM in Kane\'ohe, Hawa\'ii. And I JUST finished taking screenshots of my new masterpiece. And yes it is as good as my previous one (if not better). These Cammies are almost exactly like the ones you\'ve probably seen on TV (the new ones with the dotted pattern) well I have them and I love them (and i\'ve mentioned before that i\'d make them). There\'s not much to explain about them...they come with new boots and new insignia (Corporal...looks nice, Even though I\'m no corporal I doubt there are many LtCol. anti tank guys...unfortunately) and I added little details like the USMC emblem that in real life shows up in the BDUS every 2 feet or so (you\'ll notice it in the sleeves although they are tiny like in the actual thing). So other than that it\'s pretty normal (yet beutiful). HOWEVER: ----------- I HAVE BROKEN NEW GROUND: by introducing to battlefield, the very first, THATS RIGHT, THE VERY FIRST, black man into the battlefield world!!!! Now you can engage in 21st century non-segraggated warfare by installing this skin on your hard-drive!!! How much of a genius am I? A BIG FRIGGIN GENIUS. IT\'S NOT OVER YET, BITCH! If you\'re a racist assmaster and you dont like black people in your frontlines I have included modified face skins for the caucasian Marines :P. Now you can play in the sun all day without having your retinas fried (thanks to me and my skills as a skinner). Personally I like a mix of the two, some maps black some maps white...unfortunately you cant mix them in one level because there is only one file for the HUD hands skin. INSTALLATION: DCTextures set HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Unzip file to any folder. Then open folder and make your pick; the black Marine (inside the Desert Camo folder) or the white/hispanic Marine (inside the White people folder). If you want the white Marines you\'ll have to copy it (the faces) along with the USSoldier, Amerun, Amerov, sleeve, bacpac, and ammobag skins, you\'ll have to leave the hands because those go only for the black Marines. After that copy the selected race of soldier into any level you wish to place it in. For Example: C:\\Program files\\EA GAMES\\Battlefield 1942\\DCTextures\\Iwo_Jima I honestly hope you enjoy this skin. Even though I only worked on it for 10 hours or so It\'s still a damn fine piece of work...and I really think it\'s another hit. And one that\'s worth uploading... So enjoy with all of my blessings for this is truly a file worth downloading. My next release will be the woodland version of these BDUS, maybe I\'ll add beards to everyone :D Special thanks: PorkN\'Beans (his easy tutorial got me into this mess EA/DICE USMC (Don\'t sue me!) PCGAMER :P Again thank you, and enjoy the skin, Semper Fi, Titus Lieutenant Colonel United States Marine Corps If you would like to send compliments, coments, or tips, please mail them to, or sometimes you will find me on the forums (or the forums). [/quote]

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