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Battlefield 1942

DC AV8B Typhoon


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\____/ AV8B "Typhoon" Harrier United States Marine Corps themed Camo Green I Finally finished it. My first (submitted) skin. And a damn fine one it is! This harrier is beutifully tailored for jungle combat (not much jungle in the game but you get what I mean beotch.) The actual paint job is simply a photoshop plugin with several modifications to make it more "camoflagious." The top is obviously a beautiful shade of matted green patches like you'd find on any set of BDUs (except w/o any brown) the bottom is a brighter shade of the previous skin to make it like sky camo (you know dark on top bright on bottom.) The Decals are all custom made (not much merit there, except they're pretty, do you like all the successful bomb runs? and the two won dogfights with iraqui adversaries?) the cockpit is pretty sweet if I do say so myself...I made a sweet targeting "screen" with a T-72 in there to make it seem like you're in the real war (for a second or so) I put inspirational messages all over the cockpit as well. The tail features the Marine Corps Emblem (eagle globe and anchor) with the Hawaiian Islands (Kane'ohe bay Marine Corps base is where I'm at) and the HM-15 CH53D squadron logo is on the fusilage behind the wings. The MK83 bombs have been mysteriously graffitied all over by punk soldiers who snuk into the hangars at night and placed their patriotic messages on these weapons of medium destruction. As you will notice the original fusilage details from the AV8B have not been lost, I was more careful than you probably thought, I'm not that big of a n00b, and honestly I think I did a good job, I hope you like my skin. I worked on it for about a week or so, and I released it at the right time I think with .35e just recently out, It looks damn good I tell ya. FIGHT WITH STYLE!! To Install: you must (or should) have the DC textures pack (you can get it at and place it in the proper directory. For example: If you want it in the Iwo_Jima map, unzip this to: C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/DCTextures/Iwo_Jima I'm not an artist...But I think I did a good-ass job (considering how i'm a skinnin-n00b) I have in the works an A-10 Thunderbolt night camo skin, and perhaps I will make the effort to make a new Apache Skin...and I'm still working on the new Camos for the MARINES for DC (the dotted pattern ones), and I'll be attempting to make new faces for the new camos (maybe a black marine, there are none in the game, you know, and bearded dudes, and mustachioed dudes). In any case I've learned a whole lot by making this skin...both on the area of Photoshop use, and all around modding. Special Thank Yous go to: Pork 'N Beans: His skinning guide made it Uber easy for me to do this PlanetBattlefield USMC (dont sue me!) DICE/EA PCGAMER >:P If you want to send comments compliments or tips you can E-mail me at, hope you enjoy my skin, and if you wish to change it or some crap like that...just put my name in somewhere I'll appreciate it. Semper Fi, Titusss Lieutenant Colonel United States Marine Corps [/quote]

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