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Dynamic Stances V.2.0


Paradox1 brings us the newest version of his Dynamic Stance mod. The most important part of this version is the users ability to use one of the four pk3s included to change all or some of the
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options. There is one file in here that will be very use full for all of you who use sword mods, the mod removes the yellow saber blade so it doesn’t show through the sword. There is plenty more I didn’t list here check out the readme for full details. This is a good update, the author is trying to please all of those who download this file. My only real complaint was that the saber stances could be a little different or cooler. (The red one likes kind of weird when you’re standing still) Overall a very good update can’t wait to se more of your work. Maddog Below is my review of the original file: [quote] Paradox1 brings us his mod entitled Dynamic Stance. This mod is very simple but does some very interesting things and makes the saber stances and some moves different. With the new versions of the saber stances my least favorite is red because he looks like he is typing into something. The yellow is my favorite he looks like he wants to take on the world and isn’t afraid of anything, the blue is ok as well. The forward roll was replaced with a very cool forward flip. This mod also replaces the saber blocking bullets with a dodge animation, which is very reminiscent of bullet time but not as slow. The animations are changed for changing between weapons and you now walk with your hands behind your back. The only known bugs are if this is used with a mod that allows the use of two sabers the blue stance is a bit dodgy as the author says. All you omni users will see a better barf emote now. This in my opinion is a very cool mode reminiscent of the Saberist mod with regards to changing the saber stance but this does much more. All I can say is download this now if you want to change these things. I am going to use this mod, this will make for some cool screenshots as well. Maddog[/quote]

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