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Masters of the Force (R3)


Allow me to quote Spectrum\'s original review: [quote] Masters of the Force, release 2, brings out the greatness in JK2. It contains features such as dodging, improved hitzones, changes to
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damage/explosions, weapon hitting, TrueView mode (explained in readme). All weapon damages are all LETHAL. I like the ideas behind this mod as it gives you more versatility and closeness to the actualy movies. I think Razor Ace has covered a large amount of ground in making this game better for part of the Jk2 Community, just as I have for a different part of it with my own work. I look forward to seeing more from him. [/quote] Version 3 also includes the following fixes and updates: [quote] - Saber-on-Saber AutoBlocking Disabled We turned it off of because it\'s lame in its current form. We will be implimenting a involved form of saber blocking soon. - Using the dedicated server executable no longer crashes the mod. - Proto Ghoul2 Saber Collisions VASTLY improves the saber collision detection. Your blade is now an actual ingame model instead of a square nonrotating cube. This means that you sabers have to actually \"touch\" to count as a impact. - Saber Damage Passthru Sabers now do passthru damage. This means that the saber can cause damage to multiple targets at once. This also improved the saber body collisions a bit. (A saber used to total block saber even when the attacker\'s blade was in the defender\'s gut.) - Ghoul2 Error Bug General problem with Ghoul2 hit detection fixed. There was problem with attack traces starting inside an object. This also fixed the problem of the fragments from the frag gun sticking to the saber. - Turned on animation blending for saberlocks. No real gameplay effect but it looks better. - Many of the debug messenges now reports time in addition to the other data. - Personal duelers now autododge disruptor shots from people out side the duel. - Saber Hit Detection Bug Fix Fixed major saber hit detection bug I caused in R2. There wasn\'t a in game effect but it doubled the workload per hit detection per frame. I didn\'t realize that you can\'t have multiple saber scans (with the old technique) because you end up hitting your own saber entity once the ignore changes to the next missed entity. [/quote] Astyanax

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