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Generals Game Voice Profiles


[quote] About the Sidewinder Game Voice System: The sidewinder Game Voice system consist of headset with microphone, a control unit, and software to interface the hardware with the game; this
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allows a player to not only chat in a game with there friends, but also issue voice commands that have already been mapped in a profile such as the ones I have submitted. Example, I can select a set of unit(s), such as a (group) of Comanche helicopter(s) and say in a series \"Select Identical Units\", \"Set Team 1\", and \"Guard\". The compute will in response select all of the Commanche Helicopters on the map, set them to team 1, and bring up the cursor to allow the user to select the area for the units to guard. One does not have to buy the hardware to use the profile, they download Game Voice Share 1.5 (this is free of charge, and can be downloaded from ) and use any microphone and a set of speakers/headsets, and take advantage of the profiles; however, only 3 users running game voice share 1.5 can be on the same server, (any person not using it can still join) for another Game Voice share user to join, a user of game voice retail (they own a the hardware and software) must first join. So for every 4 Game Voice share users 1 Game Voice Retail user must also be included. Game Voice uses MSN Messenger 4.x or Windows Messenger version 4.7 to connect users, users can also connect by entering the IP address of the host computer/server, instead of the Messenger. Description: The file contains this \"CnC_Generals_Profiles\" and three profiles: CnCGeneralsChina.swv CnCGeneralsGLA.swv CnCGeneralsUSA.swv These profiles are for the Sidewinder Game Voice version 1.5. If you do not have version 1.5 you can download it from Profiles contain mappings for all of the keyboard commands and the building hot keys. Any text in parentheses is not part of the spoken command; it is only to distinguish that command from the rest to the user. The commands are not in a completely uniform order; if you know how to sort/rearrange them please tell me. Also, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or problems.[/quote]

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