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New Tech Mod


Changes since previous version: [b]Scaling[/b] The 'infantry units' (including civilians) have been scaled down to a more releastic size [b]A10 Thunderbolt[/b] The 'Tank Killer' missiles
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have had there Damage increased by 50% (to make them more like 'Tank Killer' missiles. To balance this the reload time has increased from 30s to 40s making the A10 rely more on the Vulcan cannon during long skirmishes, otherwise the A10 can be used for short sharp attacks on ground units. Further the missile has been changed from the Raptor variaty to a Dark green A10 variety [b]Battleships[/b] The cost has gone down by $5,000 and there health has gone down by 25%. However the Battleships can now use 2 new upgrades: Sea Armour & Sea Auto-Repair [b]Hovercrafts[/b] The Hovercraft can now carry 1 more unit (so either 9 infantry units or 3 vehicals in total). Its health has gone up from 300 to 1000 and has also gained (along with the Battleships) 2 new upgrades: Sea Armour & Sea Auto-Repair [b]Nuke Truck[/b] Reduced Damage and increased its health. Your more likly to get a Nuke Truck in now but it won't be as devestating as before. But note it still is very devastating [b]PT Boat[/b] The price has gone down by about $200 while its health has gone up 100. However it seems impossible to upgrade the PT Boat so it has not gained the upgrades along with the other sea vessels. [b]The new upgrades[/b] Sea Armour: This improves the health of all sea vessels (bar the PT Boat) by 25% Sea Auto-Repair: Gives all sea vessels (bar the PT Boat) auto-repair Both cost $3,000 and are researched in either the, Strategy Center (U.S.), Propganda Center (China) or Black Market (GLA) [b]Rank points[/b] You now recieve 9 Rank Points rather than 7. You recieve 1 Point for achiving 1st Rank & another for the 2nd Rank. Then 2 points for achiving the 3rd Rank and another 2 Points for the 4th. The Final 5th Rank awards 3 Points [b]Armageddon weapons[/b] Such as Nukes, Particle Cannons etc have had there recharge time increased by 50% (so now the Nuke takes 9 minutes to reload instead of 6 minutes) [b]Colour changes[/b] New 'military' colours have been added to the Multiplayer menu and the default colours for the races have been set to military colours [b]Camera[/b] Max Zoom extended slightly If you want to see screenshots, please check out the previous version here

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